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24 Tips: How To Text Your Crush and Make Her Love You

You have your crush her number and are texting back and forth.

Although it started off well, she’s slowly losing interest.

And you don’t know how to win her over.

Until today.

Because now you’ll get exactly how to text your crush. And get texts like this:

Here’s what you get:

  • 24 Tips on how to text your crush
  • How to stimulate her brain’s g-spot and keep her interested
  • 4 Ways to be more masculine over text
  • 3 Copy pastable lines to casually flirt with your crush
  • An easy formula to raise attraction, trust and connection (+VIDEO)
  • 2 Irresistible texts for if she doesn’t reply
  • 13 Original questions that’ll make you stand out from the rest
  • Why your crush sometimes barely responds
  • And much, much more

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

#1: The brain’s g-spot

Every man has once wished for a love potion.

A special bubbling elixir that’ll make your crush fall madly in love with you after only one sip.

Sadly, I don’t have that potion. But I do have the next best thing.

Directions to…

The brain’s g-spot.

Given the right stimulus, that brain mechanism shoots delicious chemicals into your body.

That chemical cocktail not only feels incredibly good, but also suppresses your mind.

It’s as if somebody puts your mind on ‘mute’. Your mind is still present, but you can’t hear it because you’re tripping on brain juice.

Can someone feed you awesome chemical cocktails on command?

Then you’ll want more, regardless if that person fits your standards.

The million-dollar question is of course: how do I stimulate the g-spot in the brain of my crush?

The answer…

Unexpected rewards.

Several studies have shown that unexpected rewards trigger far more feel-good chemicals than expected rewards.

How do you put that piece of science into practice?

Find out in the next tip.

#2: The technique that gets her hooked on you

If you do it right, the notifications of your texts will make your crush’s heart beat faster.

And get her to answer you right away.

Problem is, most men do it wrong.

They already reward their crush for just texting with them.

And constantly shower her with compliments, ‘haahas’, and attention.

“Hey, here’s some dead weeds I thought you might like.”

Although the love and attention is fun at first.

She’ll eventually come to expect it and become bored with your affection.

What’s actually happening is that her brain is no longer releasing the chemical cocktail that made your attention feel so good.


Because the trigger (your attention) has become so constant, that her brain basically thinks, “Why would I motivate you to get more of that dude’s attention, if he’s going to give it to you anyway? Instead, I’ll use my awesome chemicals to motivate you to get something more rare and valuable.”


Your affection showers are actually hurting your chances with your crush.

To get her hooked on you, you only want to turn on the shower of affection on rare occasions. That way her brain will release more yummy chemicals to motivate her to earn more of your affection.

So how do we make that actionable?

By first realizing how you’re rewarding her.

What counts as rewards are:

  • Big emotional reactions, like ‘hahahs’ and emojis
  • Answering her questions
  • The length of your texts
  • The amount of your texts
  • Showing lots of interest by asking questions and following up on her texts
  • The speed of your replies

So what should you do to get her hooked?

  • Less ‘hahahs’ and no emojis
  • Shorter texts
  • Less texts
  • Sometimes ignoring her question, or making her work for it
  • Asking less questions
  • Make her wait longer for your replies than usual

If you do it right, you’ll get texts like this:


#3: Why your crush is barely responding

If you notice your conversation has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, this is for you.

Let’s go over the average conversation of Peasant Paul.

After sending her the first text, she’s happy to text with Peasant Paul.

She responds quickly, uses a lot of emojis, and writes long-ish answers.

Paul’s happy with her attention and enjoys the back and forth with his crush.

But then disaster strikes.

Her responses are getting shorter. She’s not saying as much. And she’s making him wait longer and longer.

Peasant Paul is watching his conversation take its last breath.

And he doesn’t know what to do.

So after some intense mental gymnastics, he hits her with his best lines, hoping he can revive the conversation.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?

A brother

Older or younger?


Do you get along well?


Every question is another nail in the coffin.

Do you also ask questions to resurrect dying conversation?

Then you may want to switch careers and become an undertaker.

Because you’re a professional convo killer.

Let me explain.

Out of all the options you have, asking questions is the most likely to scare your crush away.

Especially if you ask CLOSED questions.


  • It shows you aren’t creative enough to come up with a fun topic yourself (which also shows you’re inexperienced with women)
  • You’re asking her to carry the burden of the conversation
  • Closed questions almost always lead to short answers

And most important of all, closed questions aren’t fun to answer.

Here, let me give you the experience that repels women:

  • Do you live close to (blank)?
  • Do you enjoy it there?
  • Are you studying?
  • Are you excited about going to work soon?
  • Do you exercise?
  • Are you ready to skip ahead so you can stop this stupid game?

The point is clear.

Don’t ask yes/no questions unless you want to regrow your virginity.

So what do you do when the conversation dies down?

Find out in the next tip.

#4: What to ask your crush to get better answers

After this tip, you’ll be able to write questions that get her hooked on your texts.

As we saw in the previous tip, Yes/No questions suck donkeyballs.

Even if she likes you, she has to put in a lot of effort to give a fun reply.

And unless she already wants you, she’ll keep it brief.

Which makes sense.

But knowing you should avoid Yes/No questions isn’t enough.

You want to know how to ask your crush questions that keep her interest up, plus raise attraction.

Which is no easy feat.

Unless you know what I’m about to tell you.

IMPORTANT: Even the best question may not be able to get a reply if she’s been ignoring your texts. If she’s not replying, you want to use a different tactic. More on that later.

So how do you think of questions she enjoys to answer?


You want to make sure the question:

  • Is not a Yes/No question (obviously)
  • Is easily answerable
  • Is playful
  • Is something she barely gets asked

Let me give you some ideas:

Who is your celebrity look-a-like?

What’s one thing you’ve tried that you’ll never try again?

What’s the weirdest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Who was your first celebrity crush?

What’s the most useless talent you have?

What’s your best beauty tip?

What’s the worst habit you’ll never break?

What’s the song that always gets stuck in your head?

What’s the most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?

What’s your most irrational fear?

What’s the strangest thing you know too much about?

What’s the weirdest thing you ever did to impress a boy?

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

If you read them all, I’m sure you wanted to answer a couple and surprise yourself.

Which is the proof in the pudding: these playful open questions are great to sprinkle into your conversation to keep her interested.

Just don’t over-use them.

Because no matter how good the question, the most important factor for a good conversation is variety.

#5: The science behind the friendzone

Ending in the friendzone is more than a rejection by your crush, it’s a law of nature.

And in this tip you’ll see how that law can get you to sidestep the friendzone.

The term ‘friendzone’ got popular thanks to the series Friends.

Where Joey explains to Ross how Rachel likes him, but not like-likes him.

Enough friendzone lore.

Why does the friendzone even exist? And how do you sidestep it like a pro?

We can find both answers in our biology.

Because women have a limit on the amount of babies they can birth, women are naturally more picky about their sexual partners. They only want the best.

Us men, on the other hand, can fertilize an almost infinite number of eggs with our broghurt. Causing our standards to occasionally *ahem* fluctuate.

If you don’t want to end in the friendzone, she has to find you worthy of her precious eggs.

Put simply, she has to find you sexy.

That leaves you two options:

  • Meet her 1,001 ideas about the ideal partner
  • Meet the 1 biological need all women share

If you’re a man of simplicity like me, you’ll go for the biological option.

Which is…


We love all things rare.

Consider the most valuable things in the world.

Paintings of long deceased artists, gems that are hundreds of millions of years old, vintage cars, an autograph of the first man on the moon, an inch of land in NYC…

In short, everything scarce is expensive.

I can already hear you thinking, “Louis, I don’t how to make myself scarce. There’s already only one of me.”

Yep, but unless she’s blowing up your phone with texts, she sees you as no different from the rest.

So how do you make yourself different and scarce?

By using…

#6: The most powerful weapon in your texting arsenal

The best way to text a girl is to…

…not text her.


Texts miss all the subtleties you need to seduce your crush.

Eye contact, expressions, hand movements, tone of voice…

Frankly, trying to seduce your crush with texts is like seducing on hard mode.

No problem for a lyrical wordsmith motherf#$% genius.

Difficult for us mere mortals.

If you want to dial the difficulty down a notch, you can use a cheat code called…

Voice messages.

Which is good for two reasons:

  1. Almost no dude ever uses voice messages, making you that much more attractive in an ocean of mediocre
  2. She can hear the warmth and emotion in your voice, making you far more real

If you use your voice well, she’ll ignore all the other dudes in her inbox and focus her attention on you.

Just look at some of the responses I got after sending a voice message:

My voice is sexy.

My voice is cute… uhh… sexy.

My accent is super hot.

Now, you may get the idea I’m bragging about my deep, masculine voice that makes the ladies weak in the knees.

Truth is…

My voice is pretty average, bro.

Which you can find out if you check out my video on the 13 texting rules for men:

So you don’t need an epic voice.

The reason voice messages get such good responses, is just because they’re so rare to her.

And just like you enjoy the sound of a feminine voice, women enjoy the sound of a masculine voice.

Which you’ll 99,98987% have if you have something dangling between your legs.

So send her voice messages and talk your way to her heart.

#7: How to have more fun with your crush

Within the next 2 minutes, you’ll learn how to make any conversation fun.

A skill so rare that you’ll stand out from all the other men she’s dated.

Let’s begin with the issue most men suffer from.

Friendly conversations.

No man wants to only have friendly chit-chat with his crush.

And yet so many guys do.

Hola, how are you Sarah?



Great. A little hungover from yesterday


Was a rough night ☺️

We celebrated my friend’s birthday

What are you up to?



A girl would never actually send that last text. But you hopefully get my point:

Any conversation that looks like this is treading water.

Because the convo isn’t not going anywhere except down into the cold dark depths where it’ll be lost forever.

Sure, the girl is replying and laughing over text.

But despite the back and forth, the conversation is useless.

Let me remind you, a conversation is a means to an end.

And if you’re not getting closer to that end, you may as well not have a conversation in the first place.

What should your conversation be working towards?

Preferably the date.

But three other good alternatives are:

  • Building trust
  • Finding out commonalities
  • Raising attraction

Having a fun conversation could potentially check all three boxes.

So how do you do it?

Well, there are many ways.

Although my favorite is the next method.

Check out my next video where I explain exactly what I mean:

#8: The erotic fantasy of every woman

Can’t you seduce your crush? Then I have awful news for you…

You’ve been brainwashed.

Let me explain.

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel awkward if someone in a comedy film acts bizarrely?

That’s because the actor is breaking social norms.

The rules of etiquette and politeness.

Rules that change you into a chode.

And it becomes worse.

Do you know who really HATES men who are always polite?


Women get sick to their stomachs from men who don’t dare to show their teeth.

Which isn’t strange if you consider that men (biologically speaking) are the dangerous sex.

The opposite is also true.

Women love men who are dangerous.

I didn’t pull that fact out of my ass. That fact is supported by a superbly written book of non-fiction.

A book written by two researchers who have analyzed 1 billion Google searches to discover what type of pornography arouses women to most.

What was the conclusion of that book?

That the most prevalent sexual fantasy of women follows the formula of 50 Shades of Grey.

I can already hear you thinking, “That’s such a ridiculously stupid book…”

Fair enough.

But did you know this?

It’s the best selling novel of all time.

So what is the #1 erotic female fantasy that the book followed?

  • A wild man/monster who doesn’t care much about the needs of others (a boxer, sheriff, private eye, vampire, werewolf)
  • Who is of high status (a billionaire, doctor, boss, prince, knight, king)
  • Who is only sweet for one special lady, who eventually makes him a ‘better’ man

So if you want to seduce your crush, be a little more wild and mature.

If you do it right, you’ll get replies like this:

Holy Tip:

Does feeling ‘dangerous’ over text sound difficult?

It doesn’t have to be.

Especially not when you have my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Which has several non-douchey teases to playfully push her away.

And turn you into the sophisticated wildman she wants.

Plus, the 10 Texts also has:

– Fun answers for predictable questions
– A text you can send when you don’t know what to say
– How to ask her out in a smooth way
– And more

Grab the 10 Texts That Always Work for free here.

Read on and get…

#9: The biggest misconception on seduction

If you’re guilty of the following, you’ll ruin your chances with your crush.

I’m talking about…

Being too open about your intentions.

In short, constantly saying how much you like her.

Why is that a problem?

Because it shows too much interest, too fast.

Whereby you’re essentially kicking all ideas of romance into the grave.

She now knows that she can have you with a single snap of her fingers.

And that’s not interesting for her, unless she already desires you.

Have you only been flirting for a short while?

Then she almost certainly feels little for you.

How can I be so sure?

Because there’s no attraction without flirting, unless you happen to be precisely her type.

“But Louis, isn’t showing interest flirting?”

No, my dear reader.

This is where almost every guy on the planet gets it wrong.

Showing interest ≠ flirting.

Flirting is showing sexual interest in a way where it’s not clear to her whether your interest is an innocent game or sincere desire.

Like so:

If you leave a comment on your crush her latest Instagram photo saying, “You look gorgeous.”

That’s NOT flirting. Only showing interest.

So how do you flirt and raise attraction?

In 1,001 ways.

For now I’ll only discuss the best:

Being attractive.

Your eyes may have just rolled so far back that they flew out of your skull.

So I’ll make it more actionable:

  • Only laugh about her jokes when she’s actually being funny
  • Only answer questions of hers that you find interesting
  • Occasionally accuse her of flirting with you
  • If she ever does something unattractive, tell her. “If you were my girlfriend, you’d be living on the curb right now.”

How could you summarize the above points?

Have standards.

#10: Topics to talk about with your crush

After this tip, you can say goodbye to boring conversations forever.

Finding the right conversational topic for your crush can feel overwhelming.

Do you talk about your day?

Do you talk about your hobbies and passions?

Or do you talk about her?

With so many topics to choose from, you can easily overthink your texts.

“Will she enjoy talking about this? No, of course not.”

*moves onto idea #1,347*

Besides burning time, overthinking leads to something even worse.

Boring conversations.

How does one lead to the other?

Overthinking comes out of a fear of losing your crush.

If you can’t stand the idea of losing her, you won’t risk saying something potentially off-putting.

So you play it safe.

And you end up boring her to death.

So how do you make the conversation exciting for your crush?

If we lived in a fairy tale, I’d say: the perfect topic.

But that’s not the way it works in real seduction.

Without the right attitude, even the best topic will fail.

Not to get too dating coach guru on you, but:

As long as you’re afraid of losing her, you’ll eventually drive her away.


Because everything you’ll say will be said with the aim of taking something from her.

Whether that’s some sense of self-worth, or her most sensual gift.

Now you don’t have to worry that the karmic police will find out your egotistical reasons.

You’ll only have to worry about your crush and her 6th sense for bullshit.

If you’re bullshitting her for your own selfish reasons, she’ll find out eventually.

“Louis, does that mean I can’t be selfish at all?”

No, you’ll be fine…

…as long as you don’t see her as the One who will make everything right.

So what do you talk about once your attitude is right?

One of the following 101 Topics that I discuss in this article. Just click the link.

#11: Forget your idea of masculinity

If you ask every average dating coach for dating advice, the answer that rises to the top is…

Be more masculine.

And many women will agree, “I love real men.”

But what in heaven’s name IS masculinity?

To a large degree, a social construct.

Which is why we link masculinity to: beards, jawlines, muscles, cars, sports, DIY, tattoos, eating meat, making bonfires…

But what if you don’t enjoy/have one of those things?

Does that make you less of a man?

Of course not.

So what is real masculinity?

If we strip humans of all man made concepts of masculinity, we come to one of our forefathers…

The chimp.

And who among the chimps has the most females?

According to extensive research by renowned Dutch biologist and ethologist Frans de Waal, not the strongest but the…

Best leader.

In short, the chimp who has the best in mind for the entire tribe.

Does the chimp boss use his new powers selfishly?

Then the strongest males will eventually team up and tear the boss to pieces.

To summarize, women (and men) are attracted to leadership.

Do you enhance the lives of others you come in contact with?

If not, you’re not a leader and have work cut out for you.

#12: What to do if your crush leaves you on read

If she left you on read, do NOT text her back unless you never want to see her again.

Only text her back after you read this tip.

No, I don’t desperately desire that you read my lovely prose.

But I want to warn you against the biggest mistake imaginable.

The texting mistake almost every man makes, which permanently ends the conversation.

What’s that?

Sending her a second message on the same day.

In the biz we call that ‘double texting’.

When your double texts make her sick.

Why do you want to avoid double texting within 24 hours?

Because it SCREAMS neediness.

In other words, you have SO little going on in your life that all you want is a reply from some lady you probably barely know.

Pretty lame.

So what do you do instead?

You wait at least 3 days before sending your crush another text.

“But Louis, isn’t that still double texting?”

Correct, my astute reader.

But by taking your time, you’re showing that you have more going on in your life.

Plus, waiting often leads to a reply from your crush.

What is this sorcery?

Let me explain.

Most women don’t reply to texts when:

  • She read your text, but got distracted while thinking of an answer
  • She read your text, but she’s not in the mood to reply because her pet goldfish just died
  • She read your text, but couldn’t instantly think of a fun answer. So she’s hoping you’ll send her a text later that she can work with
  • She read your text, but forgot to reply. And now she feels too weird about texting you days later because it shows neediness (women are very aware of social dynamics)

So don’t stress.

Because most of the time, you’re making mountains out of molehills.

Just wait a minimum of 3 days before your next text. (I sometimes wait a week, depending on the circumstances).

And with a bit of luck, she’ll send you something first.

#13: Get her addicted to you

If we want to get her addicted to you, we need to look at the biggest addiction on earth.


Gambling is addictive for other reasons than you think.

If you’re like most, you think the biggest addictive factor is the potential money reward.

Although it plays a role, money is not why people  become gambling addicts.

You could easily destroy that hypothesis using the next example.

Imagine you’re standing in front of a slot machine.

You put a coin into the slot and pull the lever.

The machine lights up and 3 reels begin to spin.

The first reel stops on the jackpot and your eyes grow larger.

Then the second reel stops. Another jackpot. Your heart skips a beat.

With pupils as large as you fist, you stare at the third and final reel.

Tick, tick… tick…. tick. The reel is going slower and slower. Until it eventually lands on…


Lights go off, music begins to play, and hundreds of coins fall onto your shoes.

Your day couldn’t get any better.

But then you toss another coin into the machine and win again.

And again. And again. And AGAIN!

Although you’re happy with the money, you notice you no longer have the urge to play.

The fun is gone.

Because the fun was in the unpredictability.

What does any of this have to do with seducing your crush?

To her, you’re essentially a slot machine.

Does she win a prize every time she plays? Then she loses interest.

So slow down with your attention and affection.

Or else she may not want to have it.

Here’s an example where I make her earn my attention, plus get her number at the same time.

In case you’re wondering…

It worked like a charm.

#14: The magical ratio for success

A known professor called John Gottman has discovered the magical ratio of a successful relationship.

Dr. Gottman is a psychologist by profession, but has studied math at MIT. His papers on psychology are thus always meticulously supported by mathematical formulas.

Thanks to those formulas, dr. Gottman can watch a married couple for 15 minutes and predict the success of their marriage with 90% accuracy.

The magical ratio of success?

Five positive interactions for every negative interaction.

Despite that you don’t yet have a relationship, this ratio (in combination with the next insight) is of crucial importance to wooing your crush.

Scientists agree with professor Gottman… to a certain degree.

Add too much positivity into the mix, and Gottman’s magic ratio eventually breaks.

Does a couple have 12+ positive interactions for every negative, then the relationship is doomed to fail.

If you’re too sweet, you actually lose attraction.


You’re too happy. And on your way to becoming a psycho.

Only Disney characters are happy 24/7.

Are you always smiling and laughing with your crush?

Then you’ll lose her trust.

She’ll think you’re hiding something and are only putting your best self forward to win her over.

This is not an excuse to bitch and moan to your crush.

But it is a warning to be more disagreeable.

Just because she loves horses doesn’t mean you need to too.

In fact, you’ll become more attractive if you disagree.

As you can see from this screenshot from my buddy:

See how well she reacts to my bro’s disagreeing?

That’s because most men only give her positivity.

So sprinkle in at least 1 (playfully) negative comment for every 5 positive comments.

Your crush will love it.

#15: You’re a Scooby Doo villain

You probably have more in common with Scooby Doo than you think.

At least, the villains from Scooby Doo.

And if you don’t get rid of your villainy, you’ll never end up with your crush.

In case you don’t know, Scooby Doo is a cartoon about a group of teenagers who solve mysteries together with their talking dog.

Mysteries with supernatural monsters.

Although every episode starts with a monster, the monster eventually turns out to be nothing more than a man with a secret agenda.

Now you may already have an idea about what makes you similar to those villains…

…if you’re like most men, you also have a secret agenda:

Snuggling up on the coach with your crush.

Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Except you’re hiding that agenda by disguising yourself as a ‘friend’.

Somewhere, this behavior makes complete sense:

You’re afraid that if you make your romantic intentions clear, you’ll scare her off.

You also understand that you can probably smile your way into her life…

And potentially her panties.

Potentially is the key word.

Because sweet words alone will NEVER get your crush into your arms.

Why not?

Although she’s no Scooby, she can smell your true intentions from a mile away.

Almost nobody puts time and energy into talking to someone else for no reason.

And unless you want her advice on the latest fashion trend, she knows that you want to do nothing more than taste her sweet lucious lips.

So if you want your crush, you’re best of making your intentions known.

But unless you want to make a crucial mistake, you can’t be too explicit.

More on that in the next tip.

#16: Conversations that lead to sex

After this tip, you won’t ever be lost in a platonic conversation that goes nowhere.

Unless you want to.

Trouble is, for most men leading the conversation to Boresville isn’t a choice.

It’s inevitable.

And I understand why.

Most dudes are too scared of dropping the ‘sex’ or ‘fuck’ bomb.

So rather than juggling bombs and potentially scaring her off, your only aim is to keep the conversation going.

Because maybe by some divine TextGod miracle, the conversation leads to a date.
Which it probably never does.

Knowing that ‘keeping it nice’ gets you nowhere, what do you do?

You sneak in a sexual topic, without talking about ‘sex’ directly.

Which is easier than you think.

You see, the mind is an associative machine.

In the ‘80s, psychologists discovered that reading a word instantly triggers memories of related words.

Read the next word: SEX.

And complete this word fragment: BOO _ S.

You probably read BOOBS, although you just as easily could have thought BOOKS.

The opposite would happen if you had just seen WORDS.

This is called the priming effect.

And priming goes beyond just words. It can also be applied to sentences.

To bring priming back to seduction, we can look at a study done by dating site OkCupid.

OkCupid looked at which questions were most associated with having a one night stand, that had no mention of ‘sex’ or ‘hookup’.

Turns out that the question “Do you enjoy the taste of beer?” was most associated with liking casual sex.

Which makes sense.

People who like beer, probably drink it often. Where do you drink beer? In bars and clubs. Ahat do you do in bars and clubs? Meet women. What happens when you meet women? You make a fool of yourself and jerk off.

Just kidding, hopefully, but you get the idea.

So how do you have conversations with your crush that lead to sex?

By talking about topics that people link to sex.

Such as:

  • Tattoos and piercings
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Partying and staying out late
  • Traveling (you’re already out of your comfort zone)
  • Swimming and skinny dipping
  • Massages

#17: The text that always gets a reply

You’re about to get a valuable nugget that I normally only share with my clients.

Even the best of us, including me and my fellow TextGod coaches, don’t always get a reply.

In fact, being left on read is so common that it should be expected.

Which isn’t a problem.

As long as you don’t make it a problem.

Most men who don’t get a reply become more paranoid than Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.

These dudes just can’t fathom why a girl could go from texting to not-responding.

And so they send her an awful text, like:



Did I say something wrong?

Perhaps a sad emoji:


Or worst of all, an angry text:

Why would you even show so much interest if you’re going to ignore me?!

Maybe you’d never send your crush something like this.

In which case, my compliments.

But some of these examples are literally taken from screenshots I got from subscribers.

Where they ask me, “Louis, she stopped replying. How can I fix this?”

Which always honors me.

Because such conversations are so dead, not even Lazarus himself could come back after that.

So for someone to think I have that power is truly an honor.

Point is, you can’t come back from butthurt texts.

Instead, you give her a reasonable time to reply by herself.

And if she doesn’t reply, you send her a text that she can’t resist.

In short, a text that triggers her emotions, so that she can’t help but thank you.

What does that text look like?

Depends on the girl.

But whatever shape that feel-triggering-text takes, it’s NEVER a question.

I personally like to send memes.

It’s positive. Doesn’t demand any effort on her part. And is easy to find (although it’s more effective to make them yourself).

Like this one I made for a girl who had a good sense of humor:

For those who don’t know, Dumbo is a Disney character.

Because I’m all about going the extra mile, here’s another meme that works well for many women.

Plus, here it is in action so you know I’m not messing about.

With that meme in your arsenal, you almost want her to leave you on read, just so you can show her how cool and funny you are.

Holy Tip:

There’s obviously more than one way to get her to reply.

Any irresistible text will work.

The trick of course, is to know what’s irresistible.

Luckily, I already know what women can’t resist…


And using the power of clickbait, I’ve created the highest response rate opener of all time.

An opener even got me nominated for a Nobel prize. Ya rly.

The beauty of this opener, is that you can also use it in the middle of the conversation.

If you grab the clickbait opener now, you’ll also get:
– Two follow-up lines to reel her in even further
– Plus a video where I’ll go over several real examples

Grab the clickbait opener here.

#18: How to flirt with your crush

Before I give you the ultimate flirt tip, a much needed warning:

Pace yourself!

Most men have a reasonable understanding of flirting, but go too hard too quickly.

Words no woman has ever said in the history of time.

Anyway, if a dude is texting with a girl over text, the odds are 99.9995865% that he’s made up his mind about seeing her.

And perhaps for that reason, he believes the girl’s thinking the same.

Which is why he’s ready to pounce on any opening the girl gives him:

You’re so funny

Which leads our eager beaver to probably answer:

Thanks, you’re really cute 🙂

Or if he really has an itchy trigger he may go:

Thanks, I’m even funnier in person

Which wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t the 4th text he sent her.

What does this mean?

Your inner horndog is cockblocking you.

And if you just played it cool, you’d probably have a big chance of meeting up with your crush.

So before I give you any flirting advice, you need to put a muzzle on your manaconda.

Here’s how:

  • Don’t look at your messages more than 3 times a day. (Even better, only reply to your crush after work hours.)

Now your manhood is calmed down, we can begin to flirt just the way your crush likes it.

If you’re especially brainy, you may be thinking, “How would you know what my crush likes? You don’t even know her.”

Great point.

It’s true, I don’t know what your crush likes.

But I do intimately know what women like when it comes to seduction.

So let me tell you.

A high quality woman can be with any man she wants.

So what would make her want you more than a 10-minute all paid shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret?

A man who she can’t get.

Put simply, women love a man who is a challenge.

One of the most simple ways to be a challenge, is by accusing her of trying to seduce you.

I bet you say that to all the guys, player

Which is even funnier when she’s not being flirty at all.

Suppose she just sent you a super boring text.

Congratulations with your mom’s birthday!

You could hurt your brain coming up with something original.

Or you could be super sarcastic and say:

That’s the sexiest thing a girl has ever told me

Maybe your crush is a math geek and she’s talking to you about her favorite equation:

Hnnng, talk numbers to me you nerdy babe

Calling her a ‘babe’ may sound scary. But because nobody gets horny from numbers, she knows you’re kidding.

Which makes that text super flirtatious and fun.

#19: Should or shouldn’t you say you like your crush?

I’m going to spill the beans on this one right from the start:

Yes… and no.

Before I explain what I mean, I want to emphasize that showing romantic interest is a HUGE deal.

Since I started my Mentoring Program, I’ve noticed that 90% of my clients did it wrong.

I recognized 3 patterns:

  1. They never showed any interest and exchanged texts for days that went nowhere.
  2. They showed so much interest that the girl lost interest and didn’t reply.
  3. They showed no interest for days and then randomly declared their undying love.

All these ways of showing interest get you nowhere (unless she already wants you).

Let me tell you why.

Showing zero interest makes her think you just want to be buddies.

Showing you want her too badly kills the mystery.

What does mystery have anything to do with seduction?

Well, almost all women love mysteries.

No, not the fictional kind you read in books.

But the mystery of what will happen between the two of you.

Every woman loves to wonder, “Will we end up sleeping together?”
And once that wonder disappears too quickly…. She loses interest.

Imagine you’re reading a thick 300-page murder mystery novel.

And you find out who did it within the first 5 pages.

You’d probably lose all interest, put the book away, and get a new one.

That basically describes how women treat men who show too much interest.

“Does that mean we should show no interest?”

No, dear reader.

Because that would be like handing a woman a book without a cover.

Just hundreds of pages bound together.

If she starts the book, she’ll have no idea what it’s about or what to expect.

And if the first few pages don’t explain the basic plot, she’ll again lose interest.

Let’s return to the question, using what we know now:

Should you or shouldn’t you say you like her?

No, because that gives away the mystery.

But you do want to make clear why she’s talking to you, or else she may fall for someone else.

So why is she talking to you?

Because you’re attracted to her and want to potentially take her into the bedroom and test the springs in her mattress.

You should obviously never tell her that directly, or she’ll think you’re a creep.

So what do you say?

Find out in the next tip.

#20: How to show you like your crush

If your crush doesn’t know you like her, she may lose interest and fall for another guy.

How do you keep that from happening?

You make sure she understands why you’re talking to her.

In this case, she needs to know at least 2 things about you:

  • You find her attractive
  • You’re available

If she doesn’t know those 2 crucial facts, you’ll at best become her guy-pal.

But if you shove those 2 facts down her throat, you’ll just scare her off.

Are you casual about being a bachelor who likes her?

Then you’ve put yourself in the right position for some bedroom acrobatics.

So how do you set yourself up for a game of hiding the salami?


You casually mention you find her attractive.

Your latest Instagram photo is fire

Slightly more over the top (while being very aware of a female’s perspective):

I bet an army of dudes slid in your DMs after that bikini shot

Or a little more playful:

Your new photo is

WARNING: Don’t compliment her on an old photo. It’ll only make her wonder, “Why didn’t he just say so earlier?” Which will turn her off a little. But if you compliment her on a new photo, she’ll feel like she worked for your compliment.

Which brings me to the most important aspect of showing you like her.

And what almost every guy gets wrong.

Make her work for your compliments.

I know, I know, that sounds a little douchey.

But I’ve got the perfect analogy to prove my point.

Suppose you’re invited to a job interview.

You get to the office and walk inside where you meet the recruiter.

He walks up to you and says, “Congratulations. We didn’t have any other applicants, so you get the job… if you’re interested?”

You’re elated that you have the job, but you’re not sure what to say because you have another interview lined up.
So you thank the recruiter and head to the next interview across the street.

You again meet a recruiter, but things are different.

This time the recruiter makes you sit inside the lobby, where you wait with a bunch of other sharply dressed applicants.

And once you get called into the recruiter’s office, you’re grilled about your credentials and work experience.
After a 30-minute inquisition the recruiter says, “Thanks for your time. You’ll hear back from us soon.”

You receive a call from the ball-breaking recruiter 5 days later. He says, “It wasn’t easy. But we nailed it down to 3 people and picked you. What do you say?”
Who would you rather work for?

The company that handed you the job for nothing, or the company that made you prove your worth?

Unless you’re willing to work for a potential criminal organisation, you definitely want the challenging job.

So to summarize the point:

Giving away your compliments makes you less attractive. So make her work for it.

#21: How you’re cockblocking yourself

You may have one of the best jobs in the world, but that’s not worth a dime if you make the next mistake.

As men, we like to think that money attracts power.

To be fair, that’s not entirely false.

But for most women, riches are extra.

Or else any man with a fat bank account would have a harem of ladies.

So what do women value above all else?

Your mission.

Let me explain through a heartbreaking story of a friend of mine who got into a relationship.

It’s not all bad. The first few months of the relationship were idyllic.

The two were inseparable.

So much in fact, that I couldn’t see my friend without asking her over too.

Soon, she controlled all of his life.

He stopped going to the gym.

He stopped reading books.
He even changed his haircut for her.

By the end he was a shell of his former self.

Which is why she broke up with him.

And left him with nothing.

No girlfriend, no friends, no hobbies.

Not even an identity. All because he had no direction in life.

He still had an attractive job though. Just not an attractive life.

Which is precisely my point.

Women want a man with a balanced and complete life, so that she can be a guest in your awesome reality.

The last thing girls want is to be your everything (despite all the lovesongs).

*looks at Ariana Grande and every other R&B/soul musician*

So what’s potentially keeping you from being with your crush?
A lack of drive.

Being with a man who earns well from 9 to 5, but spends the rest of his time whispering sweet nothings into her ear while eating Cheese Puffs is… not sexy.

Want to be sexy?

Have cool friends.

Keep going out to parties and events.

And work on your hobbies.

#22: You’re too smooth

You’ve been bamboozled.

Hollywood has given you awful advice on what women want.

One of the biggest ladykillers of cinema is James Bond.

  • He’s confident
  • Doesn’t smile too much
  • Talks slowly and deliberately
  • Always knows the right thing to say
  • And he has the unflinching eye contact of a predator

So our guy brains go: “If I want more women, I need to be like James Bond.”

Which makes sense.

The secret agent has a perfect track record. He has literally got every woman he’s laid his eyes on.

Which should raise a couple of red flags.

Even the best seducer of the world has a couple of rejections.

But not James Bond, he’s better than the best. He’s perfect.

He can seduce the most beautiful woman on the planet while kicking every bad guy’s ass.

You know why?

Because James Bond isn’t real. And he COULDN’T be real.

Real people, like you and me, have imperfections.

And do you know what’s the most unattractive thing in the world to women?

Men who pretend to have no imperfections.

Because what does it mean when you hide your imperfections?

That you’re insecure.

So trying to be the perfect dude only scares women away.

But do you know what attracts women like bees to honey?

A man who is so cool with his imperfections, that he doesn’t care whether she knows or not.

That’s true confidence.

So if you’re going to model yourself after a Hollywood character, you’re better off imitating Superbad’s McLovin.

Because despite his ‘unattractive’ nerdy vibes, he doesn’t try to hide it.

Whenever he’s feeling anxious or nervous, he just owns it.

So be more like McLovin and be your unapologetic self.

#23: Your mindset is pushing away your crush

If you always find yourself chasing after your crush, this is for you.

Because if you’re always chasing her, you’ve fallen into a trap trap that leads to the friendzone…

Or worse.


Let me tell you the story of Rick and Morty.

Whenever Rick gets a crush on a girl, he’ll do anything it takes to get her.

Whether it’s:

  • Cancelling plans to meet her
  • Listening to her talk about topics he doesn’t care about
  • Agreeing with anything she says, even when she’s being irrational and untreating him unfairly, just so she won’t get mad

What ends up happening with the girls Rick has a crush on?

The girls lose all attraction and respect for Rick, because he lets himself be treated as a doormat.

So he gets rejected.

The worst of it all?

Rick doesn’t understand what he’s doing wrong, so he keeps getting rejected over and over again.

What exactly is Rick doing wrong?

He’s treating himself like a second hand Honda Civic that smells like grandpa’s coffin.

In short, he’s fixated on selling himself to every attractive woman he meets.

A strategy that’ll get him nowhere.

Morty is much more successful with women, because he’s not selling anything. Only buying.

Morty understands inviting a woman into his life costs lots of time and energy.

Time and energy he can spend on reliably improving his life. So he’s thrifty.

  • He’s slow to give a girl a lot of his time and attention, although any attention he gives is always great
  • He’s fast to respectfully reject her if she isn’t a fit

And he doesn’t care too much about being rejected himself, because he’s satisfied with himself and his life.

So why does Morty do well with the ladies?

He takes good care of himself.

Rick, on the other hand, is willing to destroy his life to date a woman he barely knows.

What’s a practical way to become more attractive like Morty?

Focus on what she can do for you, rather than what you can do for her.

Is she more than a cute body to snuggle up against?

If not, don’t try so hard.

#24: Become the man your crush wants you to be

Complete the next easy test and find out if you’re right for your crush.

You’re about to see a list of sentences.

For every sentence that describes you, give yourself one point.



  • You rarely tease her, because you’re afraid to scare her off
  • Whenever you do send a tease or a potentially conflicting text, you add emojis to soften the message
  • If she doesn’t like something you said, you instantly try to make things right
  • Your conversation is more PG than a speech by the Pope

Now add up all your points.

Do you have the maximum of 5 points?


I’m surprised she didn’t already block you!

Even 1 point is enough to lose major attraction.

Let me explain.

What we were measuring is puppy points.

Even 1 is enough to turn you into a harmless puppy.

And in case you didn’t know, women aren’t attracted to puppies.

What are women attracted to?

Bad boys.

Which is backed up by my inbox:

And science.

When women are ovulating, they’re more drawn to sexually attractive qualities: tall, big jawline, muscles, and dominant behaviors.

Some women can find these qualities so overwhelmingly attractive, that they’ll totally abandon reason and fall for murderers.

Yes, as awful as it may sound, some serial killers (who are often ugly) actually get hundreds of letters a year from female fans.

While those ladies may be a bit loopy, it does prove a powerful point:

Dominant behavior is attractive. Because that’s the only valuable quality many of these murders have going for them.

How do you show dominance over text?

  • By typing with perfect punctuation and without emojis
  • By cutting back on the “hahahs”
  • By daring to go against her opinion
  • By playfully teasing her

That was the last tip on how to text your crush.

Although I gave you an 8,000-word guide on how to win her over, I have one last gift to give.

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

Because no matter how ready you think you are, you’ll always have a moment where you’re staring at your screen thinking:

“What the heck do I answer back?”

That’s where the 10 Texts come in.

Whether you:

  • Don’t know what to answer
  • Don’t know how to playfully tease her
  • Don’t know how to make the conversation more fun
  • Don’t know how to ask her out

The 10 Texts have got the answer.

Grab ‘em here for free.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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