Tinder Screenshot Notification: Do they exist? And which alerts do you get?

We found out whether or not you can screenshot Tinder profiles and conversations without alerting the other person. Both on Android and iPhone.

Then we tested if Tinder shows when you’re typing.

And then we ran the same tests on WhatsApp.

Maybe you’ve got an exciting new Tinder match.

Or you came across a ridiculous profile you have to show your friends.

Maybe your conversation is going really well…

…or it’s terribly painful.

Whatever it is, you decide to screenshot it.

But what if the other person gets a Tinder screenshot notification?

That would be quite embarrassing… Possibly the end of the interaction!

Can you screenshot Tinder without the other person knowing?

Well, together with a kind and lovely lady, we put it to the test.

Tinder screenshot photos

Let’s cut to the chase.

Can you screenshot Tinder photos without the other person getting a notification?

Yes, you can.

Both on Android and iPhone, you are safe to screenshot any Tinder profile you like.

But what about the conversations?

Tinder screenshot conversation

Both on android and iPhone, when you make a screenshot of your Tinder conversation…

…the other person does not get a tinder screenshot alert.

So can you eternalize your conversations on the world’s best dating app?

Yes, you can.

Send them to all your friends, or keep them on your hard drive so you can re-read them when you’re 87 years old. Ahhh… the good old days.

Does Tinder show when you’re typing?

So what about when you’re typing a text?

Can your match see this?

Yes, they can.

Even if you just type one letter, the other person can see the infamous three dots for about 5 seconds.

Whether you type one letter or a whole sentence, the three dots will show on your match his/her screen.

As soon as you stop typing, the ‘typing dots’ will stay for another 5 seconds until they disappear again.

Holy Tip:

Even if you want to erase something you typed, she will see the three dots. That’s right, just hitting backspace is enough to make the logo appear.

Something similar happens on WhatsApp, but it’s slightly different.

WhatsApp screenshot notification

Can someone see if you screenshot a WhatsApp conversation?

No, they can’t.

You can freely screenshot anything you want on WhatsApp.

Text conversations and profile photos alike. The other person will never receive a screenshot notification or alert.

Now let’s see what happens when you type.

Does WhatsApp show when you’re typing?

Just like Tinder, WhatsApp does show when you’re typing.

With a slight difference.

Tinder is rather slow and has a 5-second delay whenever you type.

So after typing, your match sees the three dots for five seconds.

WhatsApp is faster and only lags behind for three seconds.

Besides, you don’t get to see the 3 dot chat bubble

Instead, WhatsApp will show “Typing…” under the person’s name.

Just like on Tinder, this “Typing…” also pops up whenever the person is hitting backspace.

Something you can do on WhatsApp but not on Tinder, is seeing who is typing in the chat overview.

In group chats, the name of the person typing will be added.

There, that should give you all info needed about WhatsApp and Tinder screenshot notifications. And typing alerts.

Now that you’re planning on using these tips to your advantage…

…how about I give you an extra WhatsApp tool that’s closely related 😉

#1: How to use WhatsApp’s blue ticks to your advantage

I know you’ve seen them before.

The notorious ‘ticks’ WhatsApp shows next to each and every message.

There’s grey ticks and blue ticks.

  • One single grey tick means you have sent your text. But the other person hasn’t received it (yet).

Her phone could be dead, on airplane mode, or she has no signal.

  • Two grey ticks means you have sent a text and the other person has received it. But they haven’t read it yet.

She didn’t open her WhatsApp in a while. Or she’s actually avoiding you.

  • Two blue ticks means you have sent your text and she has both received and read it.

This is where you start to worry if she doesn’t respond. And quite possibly start acting needy.

The double blue check marks remind me of this old Facebook-chat-meme:

Maybe you’ve been there.

And if you’re lucky enough not to, then just imagine the following:

You text something super vulnerable or embarrassing to your crush.

You’re expecting a text back. You’re HOPING for a text back.

But… she reads it and then…


Absolute silence.

So silent you can’t even hear the permanent noise the brain creates to fill up silences.


Luckily, I have two solutions for you, now that you know how these WhatsApp ticks work.

This tip is my WhatsApp tick trick. I also teach this tongue twister to my 5 year old adopted son.

Just kidding. I don’t teach him anything.

One of these tricks is right up your alley if you’re still learning how to swim in the ocean of feminine beauty.

The second one is for you if you’re confident you can outswim Michael Phelps.

And, as a bonus, I’ll teach you a little trick to bypass the blue ticks. One you should only use in really tricky situations.

#2: Do this to be less needy in your texts

We all know the feeling of liking someone just a bit too much.

Just enough to have you stressing over the text conversation you’re having.

Did she read my text already?

Has she already text back?

This little voice in the back of your head has you constantly checking the conversation.

And it is RUINING your chances with this lady.

You’re over-invested in this specific girl.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely fine to like someone that much. But if you want a shot at being with her, you need to stop obsessively checking if she’s already read your texts.

And here’s how you do that in 5 simple steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click ‘Privacy’
  4. Uncheck ‘read receipts’
  5. Congratulations, you’re one step closer to a calm mind.

There you go. No one can see whenever you read their message, and you can’t see when they read yours.

Except when you’re in group chats, where people can always tell who read their texts.

A couple of our coaches turn off these read receipts. They don’t like to deal with girls’ needy behavior whenever the coach doesn’t reply for a bit.

Do you not feel like dealing with needy people either? Feel free to turn off the read receipts.

Value your online privacy? Then you can select ‘Nobody’ at the ‘last seen’ function.

When people check their text conversation with you, they can’t see when you were last online.

Just like you can’t see theirs anymore.

This is exactly what you need if you’re the type that feels down whenever your crush is online, but she isn’t texting you.

Congratulations! It’s now impossible to know whether women read your texts or not. So you don’t have to go check up on her chat every free second of the day. It’s time to stop obsessing.

Bonus Benefit: No one knows when you read their text. They don’t even know when you were last online. That’s how mysterious you are. For all they know you are illegally paragliding around the empire state building. Or having an orgy in the Hollywood Hills.

That bowl of water right there?

That’s you.

Turning girls on left and right. All of them wondering what the hell you are doing and when you will finally be online to text her back.

#3: This is how you make her crave your texts

Time for the second solution.

The solution that doesn’t only prevent the ‘blue ticks’ from driving you crazy…

…it also HELPS you flirt on WhatsApp.

That’s two girls with one condom.

That’s two birds with one stone.

But before you go and mess around with this tip, let me remind you again that this one if for the rather advanced players.

Anyway, feel free to read it even if you never sent a single text on WhatsApp. Knowledge is power, right?

If you paid close attention, then you noticed that in the previous tip I told you to turn off the ‘read receipts’. But in the screenshot you can see that I actually have them turned on.

“Why is that?” you might ask.

And I will tell you right now, young padawan.

Because, sometimes, it can be very PoWeRfuL. Girls will see that you read their message. Yet you haven’t texted them back.

If you’ve snooped around this site before, then you might have had the good fortune to stumble upon my Online Dating Tips article. Where you saw this screenshot:

Look at those timestamps.

She wouldn’t have sent those texts if she didn’t get blue ticks next to them.

A girl won’t easily triple text you with just grey ticks.

In her first text she is laughing at my last text. She’s hoping I would take initiative and send another one.

But I didn’t. I saw her three laughing-crying-emojis and closed the conversation.

Leaving her with blue ticks.

Do you remember how you felt when you wanted to keep talking to a nice girl but she left YOU with blue check marks?

That’s a frustrating feeling, isn’t it.

Well right now, it’s her feeling it. Not us.

So what does she do?

She does what any man does when he feels needy for attention from the girl he likes.

She double texts.

And is left unanswered again.

She tries again a good hour later. With the same result: nothing but blue ticks.

And then a bit later I give her the most beautiful gift I could ever give her. The juicy taste of my unfiltered attention.


Now you know why I’m not opposed to keeping the read receipts on.

But I also understand if you’d prefer otherwise.

That’s up to you.

Now earlier I said I’d give you a little trick to bypass those damned blue ticks. How about we do that right now?

Bonus Tip: My sneaky ‘blue ticks trick’

You already know how annoying it is to be left with your texts read and unanswered.

I also showed you that it’s no different for women.

Now wouldn’t it be sweet if you could see her blue ticks but she couldn’t see yours?

Hohoho, Christmas must’ve come early this year because there is a way.

And here’s how you be doin’ it:

  1. Go to the Messages tab of WhatsApp. The overview of al conversations. Then minimize the app. You’re not allowed to have it open. It must be running in the background.
  2. When you see that she texted you, turn on airplane mode.
  3. Open WhatsApp and read her texts
  4. Done? Go back to the tab with all conversations.
  5. Now turn off airplane mode.

Bang bang.

Done deal.

You read her texts without turning the grey ticks into blue ones.

By going airplane mode and thereby cutting off the signal, your phone can’t connect to the internet and she won’t know that you’ve seen her texts.

When you turn off airplane mode, WhatsApp still doesn’t send the receipt as long as you don’t open her conversation.

Now, you’d turn into a madman if you go around using this technique 24/7. But I’ll forgive you using it if it’s just very occasional. For those super crucial moments.

There we go.

I hope some of the info here helped you.

For more WhatsApp tips and more specific tips to flirt over WhatsApp…

…check out my masterpiece of an article by the original title: How To Flirt With Girls on WhatsApp.

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