Tinder Screenshot Notification: Do they exist? And which alerts do you get?

You found a Tinder cutie that you want to show to your friends.

But you’re afraid she might get a Tinder notification and freak out. Just like on Snap.

In today’s article, I’ll give you all the different circumstances where Tinder screenshot notifications are real or not.

In this article:More...

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Can you screenshot Tinder without the other person knowing?

Well, together with a kind and lovely lady, we put it to the test.

Tinder screenshot photos

Let’s cut to the chase.

Can you screenshot Tinder photos without the other person getting a notification?

Yes, you can.

Both on Android and iPhone, you are safe to screenshot any Tinder profile you like.

But what about the conversations?

Tinder screenshot conversation

Both on Android and iPhone, when you make a screenshot of your Tinder conversation…

…the other person does not get a Tinder screenshot alert.

So can you eternalize your conversations on the world’s best dating app?

Yes, you can.

Send them to all your friends, or keep them on your hard drive so you can re-read them when you’re 87 years old. Ahhh… the good old days.

Does Tinder show when you’re typing?

So what about when you’re typing a text?

Can your match see this?

Yes, they can.

Even if you just type one letter, the other person can see the infamous three dots for about 5 seconds.

Whether you type one letter or a whole sentence, the three dots will show on your match his/her screen.

As soon as you stop typing, the ‘typing dots’ will stay for another 5 seconds until they disappear again.

Holy Tip:

Even if you want to erase something you typed, she will see the three dots. That’s right, just hitting backspace is enough to make the logo appear.

Something similar happens on WhatsApp, but it’s slightly different.

WhatsApp screenshot notification

Can someone see if you screenshot a WhatsApp conversation?

No, they can’t.

You can freely screenshot anything you want on WhatsApp.

Text conversations and profile photos alike. The other person will never receive a screenshot notification or alert.

Now let’s see what happens when you type.

Does WhatsApp show when you’re typing?

Just like Tinder, WhatsApp does show when you’re typing.

With a slight difference.

Tinder is rather slow and has a 5-second delay whenever you type.

So after typing, your match sees the three dots for five seconds.

WhatsApp is faster and only lags behind for three seconds.

Besides, you don’t get to see the 3 dot chat bubble

Instead, WhatsApp will show “Typing…” under the person’s name.

Just like on Tinder, this “Typing…” also pops up whenever the person is hitting backspace.

Something you can do on WhatsApp but not on Tinder, is seeing who is typing in the chat overview.

In group chats, the name of the person typing will be added.

There, that should give you all info needed about WhatsApp and Tinder screenshot notifications. And typing alerts.

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