11 Texts to Send AFTER Your One Night Stand

You had an exciting night!

But what now?

Do you want to see them again? Not sure what to text afterwards?

Whatever the case, you’re about to get 11 texts to send to your one night stand.

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The most important thing to remember after a hookup

Let’s cut to the chase.

You don’t want to come on too strong and scare your one night stand off, but you also don’t want to seem uninterested.

So how do you strike that good middle ground?

By being honest about your intentions.

Don’t plan a romantic candle lit dinner if all you want is, *ahem*, test the springs of their mattress.

Remember, you’ve already been incredibly intimate together. So a naughty text won’t easily feel out of place.

Then again, people are wildly unpredictable. So being too honest may end up biting you in the ass. (And not in a good way.)

So whatever your intentions, consider one of my next texts to send after your one night stand.

#1-3: When you want to keep it casual

If all you want is more adult playtime, send one of these three texts:

Last night was fun. We should have some drinks again some time

I don’t want to be overly direct. But you really know how to make a guy feel good

What we did last night is the stuff of legends

As you can see, all the texts are complimentary but not needy or desperate.

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#4-6: Texts to turn a one night stand into a relationship

Sometimes a one night stand is about more than just getting laid.

Perhaps she made a good impression on you and you’re curious about seeing her again with her clothes on.

Great. That’s a beautiful thing.

But there’s probably one thing you’re worried about:

“What if she may not feel the same way about me?”

Valid point. She may not feel the same.

That’s why you don’t want to send her anything too romantic.

I recommend you send one of the texts below:

Had a blast last night. Good luck with…/Have fun doing… (activity they will be doing today)

A text like this is good for two reasons:

  1. You’re being warm and vulnerable
  2. You’re being personal which shows that you don’t mind getting a bit closer to them

Here come two more chill and personal texts:

Yesterday was fun :). Btw, just checked out that Netflix show you recommended and I already hate that blonde dude

If she didn’t recommend you a Netflix show, obviously bring up something else you talked about.

I feel so fuggin’ energized today. Just hit a PR in the gym!

A slightly more subtle compliment, but she’ll instantly know why you’re feeling so good.

Anyway, the part that makes this last text more ‘relationshippy’ is that you’re trying to start an actual conversation.

If she bites, you’ll know she’s interested and you can go for a real date.

In case you don’t know how to ask her out, check out my next article:

#7: Don’t feel pressured to meet up with your one night stand

Sharing an intimate evening can create a sense of guilt or obligation.

Because you got so close with someone, you might feel that you must reach out and text your one night stand.

Perhaps you even want to see them in person, just so that you don’t feel cheap and slutty.

There’s some sense to that.

But it’s also a terrible way to judge yourself.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a one night stand as long as everyone had a good time.

And if it was fun, you are under no obligation to turn your one night stand into something more.

If you have no interest in seeing them again, then don’t.

That’s totally fine.

What I do recommend, however, is that you say something nice.

Sleeping with someone else always makes you wonder about how you did, so reassure them that everything was fine.

Like so:

Thanks for the fun time last night

If the other person texts back with enthusiasm, leading towards another meetup, then be honest with them.

Think of something along the lines of

Hey I really had a good time but I don’t see this going anywhere. I hope you can understand

#8: When you feel like you made a bad impression

It happens to the best of us:

  • You said something dumb
  • You were visibly nervous and shy
  • You did something so awkward in bed that you can’t forget it
  • You lasted a few thrusts insteads of a few positions

If you really like her and want to see her again, you may feel the need to apologize or explain yourself.


Bottle up those kooky ideas and toss them in the trash.

She probably didn’t notice. And even if she did, she probably didn’t care.

She still slept with you, right?

So relax.

Explaining yourself over text will only make you seem insecure.

And that’s not sexy.

Holy Tip:

The only time I recommend explaining yourself is if disaster struck.

Like if her sister walked in on you going at it like monkeys.

Or if you accidentally left the window open and let her cat escape.

These are more delicate matters that need addressing.

Just assume she likes you and act like it. Heck, she probably does like you.

So text her something chill and confident:

That was the best adult sleepover ever

#9-11: If she likes you it doesn’t matter what you text

If she’s into you, you can get away with risky or bad texts.

And if she’s not into you, even the best text won’t change a woman’s mind.

The only time you need to stress about what to send is if she’s on the fence about you.

In that case, send one of the texts we talked about earlier. Because I’m about to share some risky texts that work when she’s already into you.

Starting with…

My peepee has some friction burns from last night

I think I need you to put on some special ointment

Pretty sexual. So it probably won’t lead to anything good unless she already likes you.

Next up, a meme.

Risky? Yes. Unless she already thinks you’re awesome.

(And in this article you’ll learn how to make a girl like you over text.)

And finally, text number 11:

I’m currently stretching and doing other preparations…

You ready for round 2?

When do you text someone after a one night stand

How long should you wait after a one night stand to send a text?

Even if you don’t necessarily plan to see her again… always text her.

Treat her with respect, show decency, make her feel appreciated and especially not used.

Making her wait for 2-3 days for a text after the one night stand is too long.

Send a text within 24 hours after saying goodbye.

When she doesn’t text you back after a ONS

Getting left on read really sucks.

But it does happen.

And if it was a one night stand, you almost should expect to be ignored.


As the name says, it’s one night!

If you see each other again, it’s not one night at all.

Anyway, what do you do if she leaves you on read?

Move on.

You know each other so little and yet so intimately that any further texts will just make you seem creepy and stalkerish.

Anyway, those were the 11 texts to send to your one night stand.

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