Hinge Review [2023] – Is It The Best Dating App For You?

Whether you are a man or a woman…

…you heard about Hinge from friends or saw one of the million ads.

The dating app is blowing up and no one is safe from this new sensation.

It’s time for a Hinge Review from the world’s #1 online dating expert.

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What is the Hinge dating app?

Hinge is THE dating app for people who can’t stand online dating.


Its aim is to help you find a meaningful connection so that you can delete the app for good.

And it’s not just BS. Hinge actively looks to connect you with people that are good for you by paying attention to your activity and your date results.

Yup. Hinge even checks in on you after you go on a date with your match to see how things went.

How is Hinge different from Tinder?

Here are the 10 main reasons why Hinge is different from Tinder and its swipe-based cousins:

  1. You don’t need a match to message someone. In fact, you can LIKE and TEXT at the same time. Later in this article, I will tell you how to use this to get fun conversations straight from the start.
  2. You don’t need to spend a single cent to get access to Tinder Plus’ paid feature Passport.
  3. Sames goes for Tinder Gold’s See Who Likes You feature. Completely free on Hinge.
  4. Hinge brands itself as a relationship app. This means that the people on the app will usually be more interested in relationships than hookups. (Although hookups are currently very common on the app as well.)
  5. Just like Bumble, the Hinge app lets you filter on parameters like height, religion, ethnicity, etc. Tinder does not.
  6. Hinge suggests a most compatible match (almost) every day. These are 8 times more likely to become a match.
  7. Quality over quantity on Hinge. Swiping at the speed of light is done on Tinder. On Hinge, you slow down a bit trade speed for quality.
  8. After going on a date, Hinge will ask you how the date was. Then they’ll use this information to further improve your future match quality.
  9. EVERYONE has 6 photo slots on Hinge. You are not free to choose the numbers of uploads like on most apps. These 6 slots HAVE to be filled with photos or videos. But you are free to show other stuff than yourself. Clever ways to use this in a minute!
  10. Hinge makes smart use of prompts to make the most out of your profile. If you’re not the wittiest person in the world, then these prompts will help you bring out your fun side.

Who is on Hinge?

The biggest chunk of Hinge users are in their 20s and 30s.

Hinge is gaining popularity but still hasn’t cemented itself as one of the giants. This means that the current users are early-adopters.

These people are often more likely to actually go on a date than people who had to be convinced by their friends to try an app.

Why is Hinge gaining so much popularity?

Three reasons:

  • Hinge’s average profile is about equal to a good profile on Tinder. Because Hinge forces everyone to upload 6 photos and use a few prompts, you don’t have to worry about catfish or shitty profiles.
  • The algorithm helps find you good profiles. Hinge pays close attention to your preferences. Many apps do. But Hinge goes a step further and gives you a ‘Most Compatible’ match. Every. Day. And they’re often a pretty good match.
  • Hinge promotes better conversation. Thanks to its prompts, you get to find out far more about your matches than if they only had photos and a bio.

Here’s an example of a girl using Hinge’s If loving this is wrong, I don’t want to be right prompt:

What are the odds of a random person coming up with a profile text this funny?

Well, let me tell you.

After spending hours per day on dating apps, for years on end, I have gathered the numbers.

I have done the math.

The odds are about 6.9%.

But on Hinge?

Way higher.

Because they supply you with prompts that make you think in different ways.

Here’s how this lady’s Pizza comment kickstarted our fun conversation:

A microwave kind of girl? Blasphemy!

Compare this to Peasant Paul’s standard conversation starter:


Or your average Tinder bio:

I love traveling, friends, and good pizza!

Truth be told, not every profile on Hinge will crack you up.

This girl I just showed you, was spot-on for me. But Hinge also has someone who’s just your cup of tea.

She is your ‘Most Compatible’ match, and we will talk about her in the next tip.

Is Hinge Most Compatible match any good?

Maximum once per day, Hinge will give you this:

My ‘Most Compatible’ of the day.

So what is this Most Compatible thing exactly?

It’s the person that Hinge thinks is the best date for you at this time.

How do they know who is good for you?

Hinge reviews all the information you add to your profile.

Based on the stuff you write and the people you like, the app learns who is right for you and who is not.

But that’s not all. They also do this:

Creepy to some, interesting to others.

Hinge will ask you if you’ve already been on a date with your match. And if you did, how the date went.

Was this the type of person you like?

If you let them know they’lltry to find more of this type of person for you.

When Hinge was doing early tests on their Most Compatible feature, they found out that users were 8x more likely to go on a date with matches through the Most Compatible feature.

Sounds insanely impressive, doesn’t it?


This is compared to the other Hinge profiles you get to see.


They used an exchange of phone numbers as an indicator that a date was going to happen.

But exchanging phone numbers is just a step in the process. Many men and women still fugg up the meet-up after they score each other’s digits.

Once they move to WhatsApp or whatever texting platform of choice, they still fail to abide by the crucial texting rules (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE).

For me personally, my Most Compatible recommendations were only on target about one-third of the time. But for the guys in my mentoring program, they seemed good:

My NORMAL matches, however, have been great.

Do you need to pay for Hinge?

Hinge is free. But like all other dating apps, you can choose to spend your hard-earned dollaroos on some special privileges.

Hinge only offers one paid subscription.

What do you get?

  • Unlimited likes. Free only gives you 8 likes per day.
  • See who likes you.
  • More filter options. Such as height, political preference, and desire for kids.

Paying members also get to buy these special features:

  • (Super) Boost. Bring your profile to the top of the Discover Page for one or a whopping 24 hours. You can see who liked you during this period by looking for a lightning bolt icon on someone’s profile.
  • Extra roses. If you want to show you REALLY like someone.

Three reasons how Hinge makes your dating experience better

1. Prompts lead to better matches

Here’s how to create Hinge prompts that get you matches.

Firstly, let me give you an idea of what a prompt is.

It’s almost like the setup of a joke, delivered by Hinge. Your job is to add the punchline and run away with all the credits, and the matches.

Before I give you my hyper-effective prompt trick, let me show you what NOT to do:

This is how most men and women use prompts.

They give serious and predictable answers.

BOO! Boooooring!

If there’s one thing you take away from this Hinge review then let it be this:

Your prompt answers should be unpredictable.

Not only because it’ll get you MORE MATCHES but also get MORE FUN matches.

The ideal prompt is: unpredictable, funny, and slightly triggering.

Before you freak out because it sounds too difficult… you don’t need to use all elements at once.

If you use multiple prompts, you can give each prompt one distinct flavor. Rather than mixing all 3.

My first prompt is getting more comments than Kim Kardashian’s latest butt pic.

The prompt I use?

“Best travel story”

An easy prompt to mess up.

Here are the kind of sleep-inducing answers you’ll run into:

“Solo traveled through South America”
“Saw lions and elephants in the wild in Africa”
“Camped in the woods in France for 2 weeks”

All of them are probably amazing to experience.


Are they unpredictable?

Did they crack you up?

Did they trigger you to reach out to them?

I doubt it.

So what was my irresistible travel story?

Because I don’t want the whole internet to steal my stuff, I’m not going to say. Buttttt… I’ll tell you how to create an equally awesome answer of your own.

It involves clickbait.

By giving people a part of your story but not the big clue, they’ll go nuts to get the rest.

Click THIS LINK to get the secret to using clickbait for your prompts. You’ll get a video of me in your inbox going over my most successful copy paste opener of all time.

The rules of which also apply to your prompts.

2. Easy to break the ice

Hinge makes getting matches so MUCH EASIER than other dating apps.

Instead of just swiping, you can like something specific.

Like her photo or prompt.

Send her something good and you’ll make it 69 times more likely that she’ll match you.

As you can see, all it took to get this convo going, is making personalized comments about something in her profile.

I did the same to grab the attention of pizza girl.

Both these girls sent me long and interesting texts.

The perfect start of a fun conversation.

But they would have never done that if I hadn’t taken the time to look at their profile first… and then sent her a custom text.

“But Louis… Sometimes girls are the lame ones that don’t put in the work! What if she just likes your photo or ‘invites you to chat’”


Very true and I know… also very unfair.

But they can get away with it because men outnumber girls on dating apps. And because we have lower standards so women will always get plenty of men fighting for their attention.

Either way, in the next tip I will give you a simple mindset to have amazing conversations with every single one of those girls.

3. Filled out profiles lead to better conversations

As on any app, women can choose to match you without saying anything.

It’s like they’re saying:

“Hey boy, you now have the privilege to talk to me and put effort into this, because as you can see, I am not going to.”

And if it were Tinder, you might really need to put in some effort to break the ice.

But on Hinge, it’s easy.

She has a stacked profile with photos and prompts.

Lost for words?

  1. Check her profile.
  2. Pick something you like.
  3. Text her about it.

It’s THAT simple!

Here’s the profile of the girl who just liked my photo.

Oh hi there.

From all of her prompts, I chose to go with this one because I know exactly what she is talking about.

Chip Da Ripper’s song “Interior Crocodile Alligator”

So I let her know that I am onto her:

I later found out she wasn’t a rap connoisseur but this song was hyped on TikTok

And no, you don’t need to know all meme or rap songs to send engaging openers.

In the next screenshot, a girl had a short clip of her doing a snowboard trick:

Btw, if you want to be able to send openers like this on autopilot, then feel free to check out my Mentoring Program. Where in Part 2 I show you exactly how to do this on profile after profile after profile. Without pausing the video. Real time. Until you’ve seen it so many times that you can do it too.

Is Hinge a good dating app?

Are you in your 20s or early 30s and looking for something long-term? Then Hinge is your best bet.

The majority of the women on Hinge are active and looking to date. So your conversations will actually go somewhere fun.

Plus, the eight likes you get per day force you to be more selective. So once you get a match, it’s almost always a high-quality one.

I’m also a HUGE fan of being able to like a part of someone’s profile and directly leaving a comment. The right message can easily persuade someone who’s on the fence about you to match you anyway.

Not only am I big on Hinge, the app store and my clients from the Mentor Program are incredibly positive too.

So it’s more than worth a try.

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