5 Best Ways to Start a Conversation With a Girl on Snapchat

You got her on Snap. Score!

But you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat.

In this article you’ll learn exactly how to start snapping a girl.

In this article:More...

Important: Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

5 Great Snapchat conversation starters with a girl

I get it. You just got the Snap of a girl you like and you want to start a convo, but… you also don’t want to seem desperate and scare her off.

So here come some copy-pastable texts that make you seem confident and laid back. Although I do recommend you make them your own.

Now, I assume you know her from real life, Tinder, or some other online platform. Which means that you most likely already know each other a little.

In that case, the worst thing to do is to start a Snap convo as if you don’t. So pick up where you left off.

Here are 5 good first snaps to send to a girl:

1. Send her a tease

If she can take a joke, send her something like this:

That outfit you wore today…

What about it??

Did you get it on sale from the Salvation Army?

omg! You’re such an asshole!

I know it seems like bullying.

But if she knows you already, she’ll know you’re just playing around.

Plus, the text will trigger lots of emotion and get her to look forward to your next text.

2. Send her the clickbait opener (Also works if you don’t know her and want to approach her)

This is the Snapchat opener with the highest response rate of all time.

Maybe you barely know the girl who you just got on Snapchat. So you have no insight into her life and no idea about what she finds funny.

In that case, sending a good first text becomes difficult.

Unless you have my secret weapon. The best opener of the galaxy which almost guarantees a reply from your crush.

I discovered it years ago when I was on Tinder, looking for a copy-pasteable line to send to my matches who had generic profile photos and no bio.

What started as an experiment is now one of my most powerful techniques in our TextGod arsenal because it works on ANY dating or texting app.

Where does it get its power from? Clickbait.

You basically ask her a question she can’t resist. If you use the right phrasing, she’ll HAVE to know what you’re talking about.

And send you texts such as:

Hey 🙂 What?

No clue, haha

Which maybe doesn’t sound like it’ll set you up for great conversation, but…

If you grab my Clickbait Opener right now, you’ll also get 2 follow-up lines that’ll set you apart from the rest. And have her looking for your Snap notifications.

Plus, you’ll get a video of me going through several actual examples.

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3. Repeat an inside joke

Obviously, I know nothing about you or your crush. So I can’t give you a stealable text.

But I can give you the secret to a great text she’ll love to get:

Make it so that only she understands it.

I ran into eyepatch this morning, he said to tell you “honka honka”

Absolute gibberish.

Unless you know that Eyepatch is her deranged uncle who yells “Honka honka” every time he farts.

4. Send a Snap that spikes interest

You can obviously send her a Snap.

Of what? How about something cool or funny you’re doing.

Think: Instagram Story. Like so:

Maybe it doesn’t continue the conversation where you and your crush left off. Check this article for more examples on how to make a girl laugh over text.

But it does say something about what you’re up to. Which will probably make her think, “Damn, that’s pretty cool. I bet he’s fun to hang out with.”

5. Send her the opposite of the obvious

Most guys are so predictable she already knows what they’re going to say.

Let me give you an example. A girl I know is called Yane. Which is remarkably similar to Jane from… TARZAN!

Now, if I were to ask 100 average dudes to come up with an original opener for my friend Yane… I’d probably get at least 90 emails saying something along the lines of:

Me Tarzan, you Jane

Ick… And 10 almost above-average dudes saying:

How many dudes open you with a Tarzan line?

Which is already a million times better because it shows empathy. But it’s still too common to make a lasting impression.

So what’s the magical technique that’ll turn you into her favorite dude on Snapchat?

A thought experiment, where you ask yourself:

“What would the average guy say?”

And whatever he says, you avoid like the plague.

Important: You can ask yourself this question whenever she sends you a text. Not just when you’re coming up with the opener.

Let me give you an example:

You have a fantastic smile

Which will make most guys think, “OMG. I’m in! Now I can say all those thirsty thoughts I had.”

And reply:

And you have a gorgeous body 😍


Thx. So when are we gonna meet up for mojitos? 😉

So better would be to acknowledge the compliment and move on:

Aw… that’s sweet

Anyway, (bla bla bla)

5 Common Snap openers to avoid

Let me show you the 5 most common attraction-killing Snap texts.

1. Reminding her who you are

Hi Jen. It’s Tom from chem class 🙂

Which seems harmless enough.

Until you figure out the subtext:

Hi Jen. I’m so forgettable that I had to remind you who I am

Hardly the type of man that makes girls weak in the knees.

2. Being thankful

Hey, so cool to have you on Snap!

I get it, you’re happy you can text her outside of school.

But consider what that text says about you:

Hey, thanks for blessing me, a lowly pleb, with your divine presence

Even if you are grateful for being a step closer to wooing her, don’t lose sight of the end goal:

Getting intimate.

And women don’t want to get intimate with a puppy she can use as her footstool.

3. Being boring

Hey, what’s up?

Look, if she already knows you from real life.

It could work.

But if there are other guys that she’s interested in too, you’re taking yourself out of the running.

Especially if those other guys are more fun than you.

4. Being an eager beaver

Hey Jen, wanna to go the movies this weekend?

Even if she’s interested in you, doesn’t mean she’s ready to meet up.

So before you ask her out, make sure you’ve made her interested via Snap first.

Otherwise she’s likely to turn you down.

5. Being inappropriate


You should know better.

Close up Snaps of your finger are highly inappropriate.

Jokes aside, you know what I’m saying.

Even if you’re packing, women don’t want to see your King Dong unless she’s already dating you.

So keep it PG-13.

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When to text after getting her Snap

When it comes to text timing, please forget about the three-day rule.

The three-day rule started as a sitcom joke, but soon became mainstream gospel.

In case you don’t know it, here’s the rundown:

“After you get her number, wait three days before texting.”

The idea is that you don’t want to seem too interested in a girl you just met.

But in your case, I’m relatively confident you’ve already built some rapport.

So timing isn’t as much of an issue.

Let me tell you the two different timing windows that’ll make or break the deal with your crush:

  • Do you already know each other? Text her whenever you feel like, she’s already emotionally invested
  • Did you just meet? Text her within 24 hours or she’ll slowly lose all the attraction she feels for you

How to talk to a girl on Snapchat and keep the conversation going

1. Build emotional momentum

Lets talk about about emotional momentum.

A key element to seduction that most men fuark up.

Most men think they have to play hard to get:

“Better make her wait a few hours, or else I’ll come across as desperate.”

Which makes sense, but is also a HUGE mistake. Because it destroys emotional momentum.

Suppose you just broke the ice with my clickbait opener and got her excited.

She replies in almost an instant. But then you make her wait 2 hours for your text.

By which point she’s probably forgotten all about your exciting line. And isn’t really that interested anymore.

Shame. Because if you were quicker to reply at the start, you could have had a 10 minute fun back and forth with your crush.

That 10-minute chat could have built up a large amount of emotional momentum.

Which would have made her look forward to your next Snap notifications.

What does this all mean? One or two texts a day isn’t going to cut it.

At the start of a Snap convo, you want to text back quickly to build emotional momentum.

Once she’s emotionally invested, you can slow down and make her crave your next text.

2. Use assumptions instead of questions to talk to a girl on Snapchat

So many guys have Snap conversations that go nowhere.

I’ll sometimes read conversations from new TextGod mentees and see WEEKS worth of texts, and find out that they haven’t even been on a date.

“Ehh… Is that a bad thing, Louis?”

Look, I get it. Your Snap conversations go on and on because you don’t know how to take it to the next level.

So instead of flirting or asking her out, you probably ask a question.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?


Do you like playing sports?


Are you going to throw me in the
friendzone if I keep asking Yes and
No questions?


Sound familiar?

Well, you’re about to know how to have a fun Snap conversation that leads to major attraction using one of the easiest and most effective text techniques…


Let’s take one of the questions of the above example and turn it into an assumption.

Your love for pranks totally gives
me the idea that you have more
siblings than the Amish


Those tree trunks you call legs
tell me 1 of 2 things: you workout,
you’re actually an amazon

Isn’t that much more exciting than a question?

The beauty of assumptions is that you don’t even have to be right.

Assumptions usually lead to 1 of 3 reactions:

  • It’s wrong and she wants to know why you thought that
  • It’s wrong and she corrects you
  • It’s right and she thinks you’re crazy smart and wants your babies

So whatever happens, you’re moving the conversation forward.

And you’re making yourself stand out from all the other duderinos.

3. Stop being nice and needy

Even the hottest guys in the world don’t stand a chance if they make the next mistake: Being needy.

If a woman catches a whiff of neediness, you’ll be about as attractive as a half-licked lollipop that fell onto a shag carpet.


So what does ‘being needy’ exactly mean?

It means that you desperately crave her attention AND are willing to swallow your pride to get what you want.

Which sounds mega cringy, right? Who would let a girl walk all over him, just to get her attention?

Turns out… a lot of guys. Almost all of them.

The problem is, hardly any guy realizes it! Even YOU could be needy without knowing it.

And that’s because neediness can take many different forms.

Usually it takes the form of… Being nice.

How does being nice make you needy?

Because you turn yourself into a soft, fluffy-wuffy teddybear who just wants to shower girls in love.

Simply put: you’re hiding your true intentions behind a mask of kindness.

Which is a huge turn-off for girls, because:

  • It’s manipulative
  • A cute and harmless teddybear isn’t exactly masculine

How do you turn yourself into an attractive guy she’d love to meet?

For starters, by stopping all the emoji and “haha” spam.

But that’s only acting like an attractive man.

In the next tip, I’ll show you how to be an attractive man.

4. Speak your mind

What do men do when their crush says something they don’t like?

Most guys will keep their mouth shut… turn their head to the side… and transform himself into a smiling bobble head.

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking:

“Louis, were you never taught: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”

What I’m hinting at, however, is not to insult her and start a fight. But simply to speak your mind.

Which she’ll probably love, even if your opinion comes in conflict with hers.


Think about it. Who would you like and respect more?

The person who bends over backwards to keep you satisfied at all costs? Or the person who doesn’t flinch to tell you the truth?

If you’re like most of us, you prefer the person who speaks her mind with confidence.

What does all this mean for you?

Be a man with the guts to go against the flow.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you just sent her 3 hilarious (but non-clowny) texts and she replied:

Wow! Hahaha!

Bit of a bummer. Not only does she send you 1 text, but she doesn’t even help you come up with something new to say.

The average man’s gut reaction to a text like that is probably:

“Man, is that all I get?”

But the average man’s reaction to a text like that is probably:

(insert random text that cost hours of careful thought)

Which gives off needy vibes like we talked about earlier.

The man that all girls want a piece of would have reacted in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Silence to make her work for another reply
  • Playfully calling her out. “I bet you say that to all the guys, player.”

5. Borrow content if you can’t come up with a great reply

Sure it helps if you’re a magician with words, but being a word wizard costs effort.

And if you can’t instantly conjure up magical lines, it’s not always worth the effort.

Instead, you can open up your book of spells and use something tried and trusted.

Let’s do away with the abracadabra.

I’m of course talking about…

Borrowing content.

Like a funny YouTube video you recently saw.

I’m still a fan of this one:

Or maybe your bro just hit you up with a juicy meme.

Forward it to her.

My earliest drawing.

And if nothing comes to mind, send her one of my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Yes, that’s right.

Whether it’s a reply to a boring question. A tease. Or a joke… The 10 Texts have got just what you need.

Grab the 10 lifesavers here for free.


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