Tinder in Denver: A Local’s Guide

You’re most likely swiping ladies in Denver and having some trouble.

Maybe you’re not getting matches.

Maybe you’re not getting good convos that lead to dates.

No worries.

Because you’re about to find out how to get the best results with Tinder in Denver.

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Does Tinder work well in Denver?

Let’s skip the horseshit and go straight into the good stuff.

You’re not having the best time on Tinder in Denver and you want to know what’s going on.

Here’s the scoop:

Tinder in Denver is a bit of a struggle.


Because Denver is swarming with dudes.

And not just any dudes, the manliest of men.

Mountainous dudes with big bushy beards and forearms the size of my thigh.

Or so the legend goes.

Anyway, it’s not for nothing Denver is known as Menver.

With so many men flaunting their powerful pecs on Tinder, it’s challenging to get matches. Even if you’re no slouch yourself.

To get the best out of Tinder in Denver, you need to be seen.

Which means you need a spot at the top of the swipe stack.

Once the ladies can see your awesome profile, you’re in business.

How to get your profile seen by the hottest women

It might be the high altitude and lack of oxygen talking…

…but the girls in Denver are something else.

Thanks to the active outdoorsy Denver lifestyles, almost every Denverite has a gorgeous fit body.

I’m sure women of other shapes and sizes exist, but not on Tinder in Denver.

Anyway, to be matched with these desirable ladies your profile needs to be at the top of the swipe stack so you’ll be seen in only a couple of swipes.

Simple enough.

But how do you do it?

  1. Be a model with a professional portfolio. Just ask the big guy in the sky to change your genetic makeup to beastmode. (If only, right?)
  2. Use Tinder Boost. A specific feature that shows your profile to every girl in your area for 30 minutes. Check out this article for more details, including the best time to use Tinder Boost..
  3. Be average-looking with an attractive profile. (Yes, this is totally possible.) The better your profile, the more likes it gets and the higher Tinder’s robots place it in the swipe stack. To create an irresistible profile, use my free dating profile checklist.

Also, check out this video of mine where three gorgeous girls build my dating profile and explain what they really want to see in a man’s profile:

Dating app alternatives to Tinder

Yes, Tinder can get you matches, dates and hook-ups. Even a relationship if you find the right person.

But Tinder in Denver also has its downsides:

  • It offers women more wieners than a sausage factory
  • It has quite a number of women selling their Snap or OnlyFans. (Some are even in the escort business)
  • It’s not the most popular dating app in Denver

So while Tinder is worth using, I recommend you also play around with two other dating apps.


#1: Bumble

Bumble is EASILY the most popular with women in Denver.

And despite its reputation as a more relationship-focused app, you can still use Bumble for one night stands or casual dating.

So if you had to use one dating app in Denver, it’d be Bumble.

Alright. What else do you need to know about Bumble?

  1. It’s the ‘feminist’ dating app. No, it’s not about smashing the patriarchy or kicking every man in the balls. Women simply text first. Until that happens, you can’t start a convo even if it’s a match.
  2. If your match doesn’t text you within 24 hours, you lose the match. (Although you can extend the window by another 24 hours once per day for free and more if you have a premium account.)
  3. You can remove women you don’t like from the swipe stack by changing specific filters. Tinder only lets you change what you see based on age and distance, but Bumble gives you extra options such as ‘religion’ ‘astrological sign’ or ‘dating preferences’.
  4. You can add prompts (little snippets of information) to your profile that make it much easier for girls to reach out to you and text you first.
  5. It allows you to send voice notes. If you don’t already know, voice notes are the GOAT. They make it much easier to stimulate emotions and to set yourself apart from the rest
  6. It has far less bots and ‘professional’ women than Tinder, so most of your matches will be more invested in chatting and meeting up

Now for the next app I recommend you use.

#2: Hinge

Hinge is another Denver favorite.

While not as popular as Bumble, it’s probably a close second.

Tinder may have a slightly more active user base, but the women on Hinge are of far higher quality.

Not so much in terms of looks, Tinder has its fair share of bombshells, but mainly in terms of education, ambition and interest.

Girls on Hinge seem much more interested in choking on your big fat p—ersonality.

Makes sense. The app is designed to be deleted.

So what else do you need to know about Hinge?

  1. You can leave a comment when you like a profile, which HUGELY improves the odds of matching
  2. You get the same features on Hinge as Tinder Plus (a paid membership) for FREE
  3. You can see who likes you
  4. Hinge offers you 6 photo slots which must ALL be filled. So gone are the 2-photo profiles
  5. You can filter people out of your swipe stack based on height, religion, dating desires, and so on
  6. Hinge gives you several compatible matches per week (based on your swipe behavior) which are much more likely to turn into a match

In short, Hinge is goooooooooooooooood.

If you want to give it a go, check out my next article:

With the dating apps out of the way, let’s get into some dating advice.

Denver dating do’s and don’ts

The next tips can make or break your date night.

If you don’t know Denver dating etiquette there’s a big chance you’ll end up bawling your eyes out into your body pillow.

But if you stick to the guidelines, you may end up spooning a beautiful Denverite girl while you try not to suffocate in her freshly shampooed hair. #Bigspoonproblems

Let’s get started.

#1: Don’t be stingy

Women from Denver are spoiled.

They have more options than you have hair on your chest.

Which means most Denver girls want to have their cake and eat it:

They want to be treated as equals, but also that you pay the bill.

Can you blame ‘em?

Not really.

So if money is tight, keep your dates minimal rather than fancy.

#2: Do make reservations

Denver is changing.

Rich folks are moving in and pushing out the low earners to the suburbs.

What does that have to do with you and dating in general?

By 8 PM all the good Denver joints look like a tin of sardines.

Filled from wall to wall.

So for you spontaneous fellas out there, make reservations.

There’s no bigger buzzkill than being forced to wait for 1.5 hours to get a table.

That’s an instant date ender.

#3: Don’t make big plans

Rolling up to her house and taking her out for drinks and dinner is too much.

That’s what you do with a girlfriend, not a Tinder date.

It builds too much pressure.

All that effort will make her feel like she has to reciprocate in some way. And that feels pretty uncomfortable.

The simpler you keep a first date, the better.

Which brings me to my next point.

#4: Do use the region to your advantage

Denver is surrounded by a gorgeous mountain range.

Which stays beautiful no matter how much you’ve seen it.

So arrange your date around nature’s gifts.

Perhaps visit a rooftop bar where you can see the sun dip down behind the mountains.

It’s free and romantic as phuck.

Just don’t go out for a hike in the middle of nowhere on a first date.

That’s how people end up on missing posters.

So keep it safe and in public.

Denver dating ideas

Cheap but original first dates are the best.

It’s the same difference between buying your father a $100 giftcard for Home Depot and making him a Spotify playlist that shows how much he means to you.

Sure, the latter cost you zero dollars rather than 100. But I can guarantee that the ‘cheap’ playlist will hit him in the feels like a rocket ship flying at lightspeed.

Cheap and original dates have a similar effect.

So what does that type of date look like?

Here are some ideas:

  • Rooftop bars. Drinks are a little more pricey, but because most give you a gorgeous view of the mountains it’s well worth it. If you really want to keep it low budget and SUPER exciting, sneak your way onto a hotel roof (please do a test run with a buddy first before you and your date end up in jail).
  • Botanical gardens. Denver has plenty of ‘em and because they attract a lot of people, a botanical garden still counts as ‘public’. More importantly, if you open up your backpack and pull out some snacks and a bottle of vino, she’ll think you’re a romantic bad boy.
  • Watch some fireworks. The Colorado Rockies often launch fireworks at their games near Coors Field. (They usually list it on their website.) If you know the sky will be lighting up with pretty colors, it’s a smart idea to do drinks at a bar where you’ll have the perfect view.
  • Denverities are big on drinking, so there are quite a few speakeasies. They aren’t necessarily cheap, but they are secretive and exclusive. Meaning… it’s really exciting if you know how to get in, you sly dog.

That almost marks the end for Tinder in Denver.

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