9 Video Call Date Ideas For a Romantic Quarantine

Whether you want to date during COVID-19…

…Or if you’re currently in a long-distance relationship.

You can keep the romance alive with video calls.

The problem for most of us is…

“How the heck do I make video calls fun and romantic?”

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to woo your crush or girlfriend with TextGod’s video call date ideas.

This is what you get:

  • 9 Unique video call date ideas to raise attraction
  • A long distance date that’s scientifically proven to make you both fall in love
  • The best way to ask for a video call and get a YES
  • A date idea that’ll make her crave the no-pants dance
  • How to turn your love for video games into a connection building date

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If you can’t meet up with your date in the flesh, video calls are how you keep the attraction and romance alive.

So it helps if you have some long-distance date ideas in your pocket.

But before we get to the ideas, a quick breakdown on video call dating.

Plus, a word of caution for video call daters. (Read: YOU!)

Why video calls are a great idea for dating

Work meetings may give Zoom a bad rep, but video calls are an excellent dating tool.

Firstly, it’s the perfect protection against catfish.

Not sure if your Tinder match is who she says she is?

Get her onto Facetime and see for yourself.

Gone are the days you have to meet up with Bella from Tinder in a café and politely finish your drink because you don’t want to offend Bob’s feelings.

Plus, a video call also gives you an idea of whether you have any chemistry.

Sure, your Bumble match may be cute. But maybe her personality is more stale than the lost popcorn hiding in the back of your sofa.

A video call is a great way to get a read on her personality.

You’ll see how funny she is in real-time, how she carries herself, what her voice sounds like. All factors that greatly impact how attracted you feel to someone.

It didn’t mesh?

Save yourself the time and forget the date.

Were you vibing?


Now you’ve built up some familiarity, making the real-life date more likely. Plus, you now also have the confidence that she’s already interested in you.

That’ll take the edge of the real date. Giving you the guts to truly be your unfiltered self.

That said, video calls aren’t all rainbows and sunshine.

You’re not the only one doing the rating. She’s silently judging you too.

Get off on the wrong foot and you’ll ruin the odds of meeting her.

So unless you’re a natural in front of the camera, it may be a good idea to prepare.

Your dating profile was basically the marketing campaign that led your match to you. And your video call will be where you seal the deal and go for the sale.

So you better be good at pitching.

How to set up the video call date

Unless you’re already dating, your date proposal may scare off your crush.


Most men tend to be way too polite and insecure when going for the date.

Yes, girls 169% can see the insecurity in your text messages.

Let me give you an example:

Hey, a little weird. But what do you think about doing a video call?

Can you sense the fear of rejection?

A man with confidence streaming out of his ears would never ask a girl out like that.

He’d probably be in a hospital having surgery.

Anyway, a much more confident way to say the same is:

I just got the best idea: You. Me. And a candle lit Zoom call

Exact same message, but way more powerful.

See how you don’t question whether she wants to accept your proposal?

And why would she?

The confident man already knows he can give her a good time.

“But Louis, I don’t feel that confident…”

That’ll come with experience and competence.

After all, competence breeds confidence.

So to you I say: Hang out with more women.

Before we move onto the date ideas, one last way to ask her out, that’s suited for men with all levels of confidence:

Hey let’s have a romantic digital video chat date so you can see I’m not a catfishing 79-year-old grandma named Jenny

#1: Netflix & Quarantine

The classic with an important twist.

Have you ever wanted to watch a series or film with someone remotely?

Then you probably ran into the following problem.

Syncing up.

Starting at the same time is easy.

With your date on the line, you just go: “Ready? On 3. 1… 2… 3! ”

But what if you have to go to the toilet, discuss something with your date, or open the door for the UPS delivery man?

Then you can start syncing all over again.


Fortunately, I have a solution for such interruptions.

A Chrome extension called Netflix Party.

Super simple.

You download the extension here.


Open Netflix via Chrome.

Now you should see the following icon in the top right of your screen:

Click on it and a URL will appear, which you can send to your date.

Of course, that person must also have the extension.

The beauty of Netflix Party?

Your film or series runs simultaneously.

Because if one of you presses pause, Netflix pauses for both of you!

How do you keep in touch while watching?

That’s up to you.

  • You can make a call (in case your camera is broken, or you’re in the dark)
  • Facetime/ Zoom
  • Send texts through the Netflix Party chat

Regardless of your choice, don’t forget to make occasional comments like:

“Omg! This is so exciting!”


“I hate that guy!”

Holy Tip:

We wrote an extensive guide on how to Tinder during the corona virus lockdown.

I highly recommend you check it out.

#2: Develop your brains together

One of the best ways to bond over a distance is to do the same activity together, from far away.

If you see your online crush as more than another notch in your belt, I definitely recommend the next date idea.

Reading the same book.

I won’t go into the details on how to set up the idea exactly.

But I’ll cover a few options that make the reading experience fun and connection building.

Obviously you don’t just want to recommend any book.

Like music, every book has its own flavor.

And you want to make sure the flavor appeals to her.

Because depending on the level of trust between the two of you, you don’t want to risk losing her interest with a bad date idea.

So here come a few pointers on picking the right book:

  • Does she have an interest in personal growth? Pick a kickass self-development book and make up your own calls to action.
  • Is your crush not particularly a bookworm? Read the light and magical book The Little Prince. WARNING: It’s a highly emotional book that will definitely trigger lots of feelings. And if she’s reading this book together with you, she may slowly fall in love with you. So please do not read The Little Prince unless you potentially see a future with your crush.
  • Does your online lady-friend set your loins on fire? Why not read an erotic novel? Recommending porn may scare her off, unless you send her, “Ever thought about reading 50 Shades Of Grey?” Almost every girl who hasn’t read it, is interested in giving it a shot. And if you read this novel together, she’ll definitely get turned on by its contents and subconsciously link those feelings of arousal to you.

Feel free to read whatever you like, the above bullet points simply serve as inspiration.

#3: Get your sweat on

As you well know, most dates are stressful!

Sometimes enough to break a sweat.

And it’s not attractive to host a video call with Niagara Falls streaming out of your armpits.

But not all sweat is equal.

As a matter of fact, women love an attractive male body covered in tiny beads of sweat if…

You just got done with a workout.

Which is precisely what I’m proposing:

A workout date!

Although probably not suited for a first date, it makes a super fun activity for a date if you’re more familiar.

So what do you do?

You can pick from a range of options:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates class
  • Bodypump
  • Boxing

There really is no wrong choice as long as it’s good exercise AND has a video that you can both watch together.

What I recommend is that you find a fun workout on YouTube. (Please watch the entire video before proposing the date, so you can match the workout to her fitness level).

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Once you’re set on the workout, you want to arrange your home “gym” so you have enough room to clunk about, without accidentally yeeting your laptop through your television.

Because your laptop will be on the floor or coffee table to film you during the call.

What are the benefits of the workout date?

  • It’s low stress, because you’ll be focused on exercising instead of talking
  • Any stress you do have will soon leave as you literally exercise it out your body
  • You can get your perv on and get a good impression of her body (yes, ladies. Men like to see your bodies move. Why else do you think the Guy in the sky gave you parts that jiggle?)

#4: Catch some of that lovely vitamin D

Just because you have to socially distance yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t go outside.

If the weather’s nice, go outdoors and find a quiet space of nature.

Perhaps a (national) park.

Once at your beautiful and peaceful destination, grab your phone and get Facetiming.

Holy Tip:

Don’t forget to make epic jokes:

“Hey. Why don’t you say something about my nice perfume? Don’t you like it? I put it on specially for you.” While you press your camera into your neck.

That said, Facetiming may be difficult if you’re hiking.

You don’t want to trip over a rock and fly into a ravine.

In that case, put the phone into your pocket and take out your miced earplugs.

Now simply call each other and do a walk and talk.

If you see a gorgeous view or a family of deer, snap a photo and send it to her.

In case it wasn’t clear, you want to both be hiking through nature.

Doing the same activity from afar is what builds connection and makes it seem like you’re on a real date.

So what makes the date is the casual (and perhaps deep) chit-chat with the interspersed, “Oh my god! You won’t believe what I’m seeing. A fox just popped out of the bushes!”

And all that jazz.

#5: Get classy and set up a sampling

No matter what, you can always make your date a success with your elegant pal…


You obviously don’t want to Facetime while chugging Jägerbombs. It’s a date, not a frat house.

You simply want to enjoy a confidence-boosting beverage. And add a little joy with a colorful drink.

And perhaps a charcuterie board.

Pronounced, shar-koo-tuh–ree. (Not being a dick, that’s a reminder for myself.)

Which is grownup talk for a tray piled with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, nuts, and other yummy goodness.

When do you start your cocktail date?

I think it’s the most fun to turn on the camera while you make the cocktails.

Yes, both your attention is mostly focused on cocktail making.

But that’s exactly why it’s good.

The first few minutes of the date is almost always a little awkward.

Your social muscles are stiff, and you don’t know each other yet.

But if you can slowly warm up to each other while making cocktails, you don’t have to force awkward small talk.

You can instead focus on your cocktail and casually describe what you’re doing.

No pressure for deep conversation makes for a light-hearted start.

After a few minutes of cocktail prep, you have the most challenging part of the date behind you.

All that’s left to do is take your yummy beverage and sip it down while you talk to a pretty lady.

And don’t forget to clink your glass against your camera.

#6: Fall in love

Over two decades ago, a psychologist successfully invented a love potion.

Although it’s less a potion and more of an experience.

But more importantly…

The love potion works!

What am I talking about?

Dr. Aron’s 36 questions.

The questions start off light with questions like, “Would you like to be famous?” and “If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be?”

But the questions increasingly become more intrusive.

Which means each question forces you to open up just a teensy bit more.

Not just about yourself, but also about your views of your partner.

I won’t spoil any more, but Aron’s love tonic creates a level of intimacy that normally takes weeks if not months to reach.

So what do you do on the date?

You set up a video date with your crush or girlfriend and go through the questions one by one.

You can find the questions here.

Also make sure you have a good camera.

The ending asks you to hold eye contact for four minutes.

So you want to be sure she can your eyes just like in person. Including that sexy moist shine of your eyeballs.

Before we move onto the next tip, a word of caution:

Once you go through the Q and A, one if not both of you may fall in love.

So do not start the love experiment without telling your partner exactly what she may be getting herself into.

#7: Tour museums around the world

Now this distance date is pretty dope but also TIME SENSITIVE.

So hurry before it’s too late.

What am I talking about exactly?

A virtual tour of world-class museums.

With no way to go outside during the Corona pandemic, many museums offer virtual tours.


What else can I say but…



#8: Find out your love language(s) together

This is a wonderful date to figure out more about yourself AND your crush or girlfriend.

In case you didn’t know, your love language is how you most like to receive love.

Which could be:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Receiving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch

What do you do?

You fire up your video call of choice, have a little chit-chat, and introduce the 5 Love Languages Quiz.

Which you can find here.

Whether you choose to do the couple’s quiz or singles quiz is up to you.

But if you’re still dating, be sure to do the couple’s quiz as a joke:

“We’ve already Zoom called twice. We’re practically married.”

Then you can read out the questions and go over them together.

It’ll be fun and useful to hear for her what type of love resonates with you most.

Enjoy your new level of trust and intimacy with your lady friend.

#9: Play video games together

Just because you can’t be together doesn’t mean your Zoom call has to be boring.

Want to add some excitement to your dates?

Try out Houseparty

A video chat app for iOS and Android that also lets you play games.

The app works as follows.

You host or join a houseparty (aka video chat) with up to eight people.

Private lobbies exist too. Just double-tap the padlock icon on your screen. Or hit the smiley face on your home screen and click on the cog button to open settings.

Once she has the app too, you can invite her to a video call and play one of four games.

  • Heads Up. Where one player has to act out a word or activity and the other has to guess the activity
  • Quick Draw. A virtual version of Pictionary
  • Trivia
  • Chips and Guac. Which is essentially Cards Against Humanity

Super fun.

And especially useful when you quickly run out of things to say.

Are you a video game nerd who plays REAL multiplayer games like Hearthstone, League of Legends and Call of Duty?

Find out if your lady friend is a gamer girl.

If so, fire up your favorite multiplayer game and REK some noobs.

That was 9 Video Call Date Ideas.

Plenty of inspiration to keep the romance going.

Before we call it quits, I have one last gift to give.

The holiest opener of all openers that even won a Nobel prize. (Don’t google that.)

So if you’re ever struggling to find a way to break the ice on Tinder on any other dating app.

Be sure to check it out.

It’s also free, so you’re practically robbing me.

Download the holiest opener down below by hitting the gold button.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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