How to Text an Old Hookup: 6 Texts to Send Right Now

Whatever the reason, you want to reconnect with someone from your past.

Maybe it’s someone you only had a one-night stand with. Perhaps it’s a person you actually had a bit of a crush on.

Whatever your deal, you’re in the right place. Because you’re about to get 3 examples to text an old hookup or flame.

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Fix past issues before texting an old hookup

Before you start hitting up an old hookup, you need to consider the following.

Maybe someone broke it off. Perhaps one of you moved away. Maybe you had an argument.

No matter the reason, if the ‘relationship’ was ended on purpose, you need to reconsider the reasons for not seeing each other anymore.

Did you stop seeing each other because you had some kind of issue? Issues of non-compatibility, stress, family matters, and so on?

Then it’s not smart to reconnect UNLESS you know the issues from the past have been resolved.

Which goes beyond just you being ready to start fresh. You BOTH need to be ready.

That’s why I need you to answer two questions:

  1. Do you feel confident that past issues have been fixed?
  2. What changed that makes you feel it’s okay to see each other again?

If you’ve got proof that things will be different this time around, go for it.

Make your old hookup want to see you by having the right mindset

Most people who want to revive an old ‘relationship’ with a crush or bed partner mess up the attempt.

What’s the big bad blunder? Putting all their focus on that person from the past.

Spending all your time focusing and ruminating on that someone halts progress in every other part of your life that makes you attractive.

So the vibe you give off is likely not good. You’re probably coming across as needy.

Don’t nurture a needy mindset where you NEED the person you’re thinking of.

Maintain and improve the important aspects of your life outside of this one girl.

  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your career
  • Your passions
  • Your hobbies
  • Your experiences

All these things are what make you attractive AND what gets your old flame to be interested in seeing you again.

The path to getting the woman you want is influenced greatly by the stuff you do when you’re not with her. Life is too short to waste your time obsessing over someone.

Get out and do what makes you happy first. The girls will come next.

Before you send the first text to the person you’re thinking of, I have something to GREATLY improve the odds of seeing her. Write down all the things that you’re excited about and that give your life meaning.

What will this do? It’ll remind you of how much there is in your life that has nothing to do with the old hookup you want to see, and bring out all kinds of positivity that’ll pull that special someone towards you.

How to text an old hookup the right way

Here comes a super easy text to rekindle an old relationship. A text that I’ve used plenty of times with great success. (Some girls have even used it on me.)

Here it comes.

Superrr random, but I just dreamed about you

The power of clickbait makes this text irresistible to women from your past.

Why? She doesn’t know what it’s about! What did you actually dream about? She MUST know.

What do you say after she sends you the unavoidable:

What was it about?

Don’t go super sexual.

Instead, you want to show you’re in control of your impulses and crack a flirty joke.

Preferably something that ties into an experience you shared, or at least matches her sense of humor.

If she’s an old hookup who has no reason to be upset with you, go:

I was going down on you and when I looked up you were reading Cosmo

A nice self-deprecating joke that also sets the tone for something naughty, but isn’t super sexual.

Holy Tip:

When using the above line, don’t blindly copy the part about Cosmo. Because what if she never reads Cosmo?

It shows her you don’t know her very well after all, and you’re confirming she was right for ‘breaking up’ with you.

So personalize the message! If she doesn’t read Cosmo, change it to another magazine she does enjoy.

Or edit the line even more and have her watching her favorite film.

However, there is a better way to reconnect than texting her.

More example texts to send to your old hookup

Here are some more great example texts you can send to your old flame:

[Meme] This totally reminded me of you

When you start texting her you always want to be fun and positive. A great way is to send her a funny meme you found that reminds you of her.

[photo of something you did together] Just found this old pic. You totally scared that duck away!

Send a picture of a memory you two share and add a little inside joke you had.

Hey, were you just walking by [bar/cafe where you’re at]? I swear I saw you.

An easy and spontaneous reason to text. Whatever she says, you can easily follow up with a little joke and a “How are you?”.

I just visited [place/shop] and it totally reminded me of you. How you [something funny]

Write about some shop, place or museum you went to together and link it up with a fun memory of what you did.

Hey, I remember you know everything about [subject]. I need some advice about [something related to subject] and I had to think of you right away.

An indirect way of reconnecting. The fact that you remember something about her and value her opinion are a great way to show your character.

How to reconnect with an old hookup by calling her

This is the best way to reach out to an ‘ex’, old flame, or someone you used to hook up with, no matter how long it’s been since you last spoke.

It’s a little bold, but it works wonders. Here it comes:

Give her a call when you’re somewhere that reminds you of a good time the two of you had together.

I know, that sounds like a lot of investment and maybe even scary.

It’ll only be a brief call. And I’m about to tell you EXACTLY what to say.

Here’s how you start. The second your ‘ex’ picks up the phone, you go:

“Hey, so good to hear your voice. I only have a minute because I have to go soon, but I’m with friends in that park where we hung out and fed goats. It reminded me of you and that memory instantly brought a smile to my face. ”

Let’s dissect that. Looking at your phone and seeing an old flame calling you leads to a bunch of reactions. Some better than others.

In the worst case, the reaction will be fear. Fear of drama. That’s why you want to show you’re not bringing any.

In comes the time constraint.

One of the first things you say is, “I only have a minute because I have to go soon.”

Plus, you’re giving NOTHING but positivity:

  • So good to hear your voice
  • I’m with friends in a park (could be some other place)
  • That memory of you brought a smile to my face

From here on, you ask, “How’ve you been?”

Whatever she says back, you go, “Cool. I’m sure there are so many amazing things happening in your life. Maybe you can tell me about it soon.”

More positive vibes AND you left the door open so she can reach out to you. From here you wrap things up:

“Anyway, I have to go. I hope you’re great. Have an amazing day.”

After you’ve given so many good vibes, how can she NOT want to see you again?

This technique is a great way to connect with someone you used to be intimate with.

Holy Tip:

For some of you, this phone call may be a little too daring, and you want something easier to start with.

We’ll get to that in a moment. But I do have something you can use right now: The 10 Texts That Always Work.

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Reconnecting with an old hookup through social media (without texting)

A text message says: “I’m thinking about you.” Which isn’t bad. In fact, it’s very flattering.

But it may not be what you want to communicate if you weren’t particularly close to the person you’re thinking of.

If you’ve only hooked up once or twice on a holiday, but know little else about her, another approach may be better.

Like following her on Instagram. “Really, Louis? THAT is your method to make her reach out to you?”

Be patient, my friend. The Insta follow is only part of the plan. The bigger part of the plan is having an AWESOME Instagram.

Relax, you don’t need to be super attractive, go on lavish holidays, or even have an expensive camera. You just need to communicate that you’re someone who she’d like to hang out with.

And if she’s already jumped into bed with you, that’s not very difficult to express.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Follow her
  2. Engage her profile by leaving likes or comments
  3. Create short but fun stories

Because you already share a fun past, she’ll likely slide into your DMs at some point.

If she doesn’t, you can always slide into her DMs later. Click the link to find out the best way to do that.

Want more tips on how to build an Instagram that gets girls? Check out this article:

She needs to feel like she’s winning you over

People value what they earn. If you’re reaching out to your old hookup and trying to convince them to hang out with you, you’re not very valuable. In fact, you’re easy to come by. Cheap.

Even if she’s single and looking for love, she may not like you offering yourself to her on a silver platter.

It’s simple: the more effort you need to do for something (or someone), the more you value it. The more she has to win you over, the more you seem like a catch.

So what do you do? After you reach out to her, don’t give away everything for free.

If she asks you a question, be coy. Perhaps answer:

My lawyer said I don’t need to answer that question

If she says something silly, go:

Is there an unmatch button on this thing?

(Which is great if you’re on WhatsApp or iMessage.)

Being a challenge doesn’t mean you have to put up hoops for her to jump through. You can also do it more naturally and turn down the first date idea:

I can’t meet up that soon

Or switching up the plans:

I don’t have 2 hours to meet up at (BLANK), but I can give you 1 hour if you come to my part of town

Show her you’re someone she has to earn and she’ll love chasing you. Then you’ll be together in no time.

Now, I don’t want you to think of this as some trick. Ideally, I want you to get your life together and actually care slightly less about the outcome.

It shouldn’t be easy to get you. You should have cool things to do and not always be available. Then this behavior comes naturally.

The best way to get a date after reconnecting

After you’ve shown her you’re still alive and doing well, it’s time to go for the date.

How do you do that? I made a special video to tell you how to do this.

Check it out here:


Before you even try to text an old hookup, get your act together. Make sure you’re texting her from a healthy place. Not from a needy or depressed place.

Then when you text her or call her, be positive. Refer to some a great memory you two share. Don’t give away all your cards right away, and don’t ask her out straight away.

Rather, try to show her how awesome you are and what she’s missing (through text or social media for example). Only then ask her out.

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