Tinder in Thailand: Best Dating Apps & Cities to Meet Girls

You’re in Thailand for a trip or holiday.

Or perhaps you’re an expat already living in the land of Thai.

Whatever your situation, you want tips on Tinder in Thailand.

In this article:More...

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Is Tinder popular in Thailand?

The latest news on Tinder’s popularity in Sagat’s hometown.


Historically, Badoo was the most used dating app.

But in recent years, Tinder’s popularity has been steadily growing.

By now Tinder is one of the three leading apps of the country when it comes to meeting Thai singles.

If you believe analytics company App Annie, Tinder is now the most downloaded dating app of the nation.

But all this says nothing about the users.

Young or old? Local or foreign? Ladies or ladyboys?

Depending on what you want, you may need a different app.

Let’s discuss demographics and more in the next tip.

Best dating apps in Thailand

Discover the best dating app for finding your dream girl.

Whether you want something casual or a relationship, the Thais have got the app for you.

Although the dating landscape changes over the years, the next set of apps will definitely connect you with the ladies you like.

In no specific order:

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1.   Find expats on Bumble

Bumble is by no means the most popular app in Thailand, BUT it is the default for foreign females traveling through the Land of Smiles (does anyone actually ever refer to Thailand this way???).

Besides backpackers, you’ll also find exchange students, corporate expats, and yoga teachers.

But because the Thai see Westerners as exotic, many locals are now also trying Bumble.

  • Highly educated
  • Mainly foreigners who speak good English
  • Live in nice neighborhoods
  • Many foreigners. Why travel half the globe to date the girls from your hometown?
  • Not hugely popular

2.   Find locals on ThaiFriendly

A free to use dating app with a high response rate.

ThaiFriendly is especially popular with the locals and has over 750,000 active users.

The biggest drawback, however, is that a free membership only lets you send one text every 10 minutes.

So if you want an experience that doesn’t drive you insane, you want to go premium.

Another con is that the app is riddled with bugs. Many people complain about account suspensions, random logouts and error messages.

  • Huge local community
  • Easy to get attention as a caucasian.
  • Unless they’re young, the Thai don’t speak great English.
  • Decent amount of scammers and sex workers.
  • Buggy and not the easiest to use.
  • Useless unless you have premium.

3.   Find everything on Badoo

Badoo is American, but it was one of the first dating apps to break through onto the Thai market.

Thanks to its age, it’s popular among both Thai women and foreigners.


In case you’re new to Badoo, the app connects you with other users in a radius around your current location. And is free.

Although free users only get 50 swipes per day.

  • One of the biggest user-bases
  • Many Thai women looking for foreigners
  • Set up your account in minutes
  • Only 50 swipes with a free account
  • Not great for relationships

4.   Find the most on Tinder

As said earlier, Tinder is the most downloaded dating app in Thailand.

And because it’s popular with Thai and foreigners, you get the best of both worlds.

  • The biggest active audience
  • Many Thai women looking for foreigners
  • Women of all age groups and backgrounds
  • Great for both flings and relationships
  • None

Now you know what app to use, let me help you get the most matches.

Optimize your Tinder success in Thailand

There are some specific do’s and don’ts to be successful on dating apps in Thailand.

So follow the next tips to get as many Tinder likes as humanly possible.

1.   Upload your cliché holiday photos

To my loyal readers:

Before you close the page and rip all my posters off your wall, give me a chance to defend myself.

Yes, standard holiday photos are embarrassing.

And I know you can’t stand tourists who hold up the Hollywood sign, who pinch the top of the Washington Monument, and who step on Stonehenge.

But hear me out.

I’m positive there are certain holiday pics that DO impress you.

Like the Northern Lights in Norway, the festival of colors in India, or the canals of Amsterdam.

Ever considered why?

Because to you, the lantern festival in Thailand is special and, thus, gorgeous.

Do you know what the Thai find special and exotic?

The Grand Canyon, the Lincoln Memorial, or the Statue of Liberty.

That’s why you want to shoot photos in front of your local monument and upload them to Tinder.

2.   Listen to the wisdom of my Tinder Smart photo feature

Last time coach Dan was in Thailand, Tinder Smart Photo gave him the best advice.

Smart Photo taught Dan that Thai girls appreciate other features than Western women.

At home, Smart Photo made Dan’s travel photo #1. But in Thailand, a shot of Dan in a formal suit did best.

Curious, Coach Dan asked his Thai girlfriends for their opinion.

The answer was unanimous:

Thai girls love men in suits!

So be sure to bring one, or at the very least upload a photo of you wearing a tux.

3.   The Thai fascination for foreigners has a limit

Thai women really do love foreigners, but even love isn’t blind.

So when the locals see you carrying a bucket on your shoulders, expect nothing but cringe.

When it’s your first year of high school.

Unless you’re into dating foreign hippies, I recommend you remove your backpack photos from your Tinder profile.

4.   Keep your English simple

The Thai aren’t as fluent in English as the Europeans.

So when you chat with your Thai match, keep your English simple.

Not only so she can understand better, but also so that Google can translate your messages without misinterpretation.

Your match may not tell you, but many locals will run your texts through a translator.

And unless you want to keep explaining yourself, keep your English plain.

5.   Learn Thai dating etiquette

See the next tip for more.

Thai Tinder dating etiquette must-knows

If you want any success with the locals, you must know Thai etiquette.

Obviously, women from Thailand aren’t wildly different from the ladies back home.

But every culture has different ideas about what’s attractive and what isn’t.

To swipe a Thai cutie off her feet, here’s what you do:

1.   Respect tradition

On the whole, Thailand is still a country of tradition.

And so most locals prefer the old fashioned way of dating and courtship:

  • Open doors for her. Pull out her chair.
  • Dress nicely for the date. You won’t need a suit or petticoat, but at least wear a pair of clean shoes and well-fitting clothes.
  • No playing with your phone on the date.
  • Look her in the eye.
  • Pay for the drinks.

2.   Be honest

Although Thai women really love dating foreigners, there is one thing that grinds their gears…


Many foreigners lie.

Whether it’s about their age, career or relationship status.

And whether you’re Thai or not, that’s a turnoff.

So be honest, put your cards on the table, and let her decide whether she wants to date you or not.

3.   Make your intentions known

Women like to know if you’re looking for a relationship or a hookup.

On the one hand, she doesn’t want to get feelings for someone who won’t return the favor.

And on the other hand, she doesn’t want to have a one-night stand with a guy who will blow up her phone with sweet nothings.

So make your intentions known.

Hint: that doesn’t mean you have to state your intentions directly.

You can also be subtle. Trust me, women understand subtle.

Here are the flags you can raise.

Signs you don’t want a relationship:

  • Sex is not a big deal.
  • You keep the conversation light. Nothing meaningful.
  • You make a lot of jokes.
  • You playfully challenge her. “Oof. That just cost you 2 sexy points.”
  • You playfully accuse her of seducing you. “Ah.. so THAT’s how you’re planning to seduce me.”

Signs you want a relationship:

  • Sex is special to you.
  • You want to know a lot about her.
  • You talk about her dreams and aspirations.
  • You share a lot about yourself.
  • You never date more than one person at a time.

4.   Pay for the drinks

Although I’m repeating myself, it must not be forgotten:

Pay for the drinks.

It doesn’t cost you much and it makes her feel special.


5.   Do not assume she owes you anything

No matter how many times you made her laugh, no matter how many drinks you paid…

She doesn’t owe you sex, a kiss, or even a handshake.

That being said, hookups in Bangkok and other major cities aren’t strange.

So if you show her a good time, you may get lucky.

Regardless of what’s normal:

Never pressure her / give her the idea that she MUST put out.

Even when she’s about to step over your doorstep, assure her that nothing has to happen.

Best cities for Tinder in Thailand

Not all places in Thailand are equal, find out which cities are best for lots of Tinder matches.

Let’s start with the most obvious city and work our way down:

1.   Bangkok

Most people start their travels in Bangkok, but quickly leave to the islands or the jungle.

Bangkok is an enormous metropolis that’s plagued by tuk-tuks, ping pong shows, and smog.

And surprisingly, the city doesn’t have much going on for tourists.

After wandering through the temple grounds, markets and concrete streets, the city has little to offer travelers.

Except, of course, for the ladies.

With over 8 million citizens, you’ll have no shortage of Tinder matches.

Especially if you swipe near Koh San Road.

Just be careful of matches who are too busy to meet up anywhere else but at Koh San Road.

These girls are simply bartenders who use Tinder to attract customers to their bar.

2.   Phuket

After Bangkok, most travelers go straight to the island of Phuket.

Allured by seaside resorts, white beaches and clear sea, tourists can’t resist.

So expect a fair amount of foreigners.

Despite that Phuket is an island, it has close to 400.000 inhabitants.

Nothing to scoff at.

More importantly, Phuket is the home of almost all Thai modeling agencies.

So of all of Thailand, Phuket probably has the highest ratio of bombshells.

And is a great place to meet singles.

3.   Pattaya

Pattaya is another tourist hotspot and lies on the east coast, about 100 kilometers (62 mi) southeast of Bangkok.

Pattya is known for its beaches and sex industry. And is often called the modern Sodom and Gomorrah, the biblical kingdom infested with vice and sin.

The city has hundreds of strip bars, go-go clubs and brothels.

The kicker?

Prostitution in Thailand is illegal.

Anyway, Pattaya has over 320,000 inhabitants and is good for a fair amount of matches. Especially if you’re caucasian.

But because the city is in a state of extreme poverty, many girls on Tinder are sex workers.

Pattaya connects you with plenty of normal locals, but you’ll have to cross a sea of money-hungry prostitutes to find them.

4.   Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city of the north and lies about 700 kilometers (435 mi) north of Bangkok.

But unlike Bangkok, the Rose of the North is much less modern and much more history.

And is above all, much easier to navigate than the capital.

Lots of canals, greenery and wildlife give Chiang Mai a laid back feel.

But what about Tinder?

Despite its size, the city only has 1 million citizens.

Considering Chiang Mai is relatively low on tourists, you are a valued commodity.

If you want to date locals and prefer the quiet, Chiang Mai is for you.

5.   Koh Pha-ngan and other Thai islands

Koh Pha-ngan is an island located in the southeast.

And it has two sister islands: Koh Samui to the south and Koh Tao to the north.

Koh Phangan is extremely touristy and known for the Full Moon parties.

The parties are known across the world and are the #1 reason why people choose to visit the island.

Every month thousands of people visit to dance and drink on the shores of Haad Rin beach.

Koh Phangan and its two sister islands have a population of a few thousand.

So while dating apps like Tinder can get you some matches, you won’t get many.

If you choose to go to Koh Phangan, go for the culture and activities.

Swiping on the islands is an afterthought.

Tips to lead your favorite Thai Tinder match to the date

The next pointers will triple your chances of meeting your Thai match.

A match is never a guarantee for a first Tinder date.

And if you don’t know what Thai women like, getting her onto the date can be a struggle.

Let me help you.

1.  Be long for her

No, not your donger, you animal! She already has plenty of wood to spare.

When golfing, she never needs a caddy to bring her 9-iron.

Thai ladies LOVE tall men who have lots of chest hair.

Three guesses why.

Thai men are short and hairless.

JACKPOT! We always want what’s rare.

If you are blessed with height and hair like a gorilla, be sure to show it off on your Tinder profile.

A coach from our team had an average photo album, with a sub par bio “Exploring Thailand for 2 weeks”, but struck gold with the fur carpet that sat on his pecs.

2. Deal with ladyboys like a gentleman

I’m no sexual snob, if you like ladyboys, that’s beautiful.

We can use more love in the world.

But not everyone feels the same way about gender benders.

If you already have enough sausage in your diet, here’s what you want to know.

  1. It’s okay to ask your match if she has a banana in her pocket, but only after you break the ice with a good joke. Girls are tired of answering questions about her womanhood.
  2. Most ladyboys on Tinder don’t keep the contents of their panties a secret. For that matter, neither do the women. Most bios include ‘ladyboy’ or ‘not ladyboy’.

Ielll… What creep goes to a unicorn cafe??

Which brings me to…

3.   Find out if they’re a sex worker

Most sex workers share their intentions by writing ‘freelance’ in their Tinder bio.

Just because she’s a lady of the night, however, doesn’t mean she wants you as a client.

She may legitimately be interested in you.

If you want to meet up with a freelancer, always ask if the rendezvous is professional or casual.

4.   Don’t be a sex tourist

If there’s one thing Thai women hate, it’s sex tourists.

They don’t mind if you want to have sex with locals, but Thai girls do hate it when your #1 reason for visiting Thailand is getting laid.

Nobody likes a creep.

If you keep yourself busy with more than banging the locals, you’ll be fine.

Tinder date ideas in Thailand

Follow the advice in this tip and you’ll definitely make a great first impression.

Before we continue, a question:

Have you ever visited your hometown’s museums and monuments since you graduated high school?

My spycam tells me no.

For some reason, we never visit the sights that make our cities beautiful.

We even call them ‘tourist attractions’.

Why is any of this relevant?

Because locals never go, tourist attractions make for a great date!

Keep that in mind as I only give you a few tips for each major Thai city.

1.   Bangkok’s Lumpini Park

Bangkok truly is a sprawling metropolis, within its center a green oasis.

It’s the largest park in all of Bangkok and spans over 500,000 square meters (124 acres).

And is a great place to exercise, relax or enjoy a picnic.

Raise the excitement by renting a swan boat and paddle around the lake.

If you prefer to keep the sweat to a minimum, visit one of the open-air auditoriums for a free musical performance.

2.   Bangkok’s most gorgeous views

With its countless skyscrapers, Bangkok has a splendid skyline.

The trick is finding a rooftop from where you can soak in the view.

A Hollywood favorite is the 64th floor of the State Tower, made famous in The Hangover II.

The rooftop is part of the Lebua Sky Bar and has no entrance fee.

Although coming up only for the view and not buying drinks will make you look bad.

If you’re willing to pay a small fee, you can go even higher.

You can visit Baiyoke Tower II and stand inside a revolving room at 84 floors high.

3.   Bangkok’s most silly date

Do you love fairy tales, rainbows and unicorns?

Visit the colorful world of the Unicorn Café.

Caution: everything on the menu will instantly give you diabeetus.

TextGod coach Dan and his date.

Now onto the island of Phuket.

4.   Phuket’s nightlife

After sundown Soi Bangla Road comes to life.

It’s a half-mile neon-lit road with go-go bars, restaurants, discos, pubs and all sorts of nightlife amusements.

Most notably, street performers.

Whether it’s samba dancers, fire-sitters or magicians, Soi Bangla Road seems to have it all.

If you want to dance, I recommend you follow your ears.

But if you want a unique experience, I recommend Phuket Fantasea.

It’s a show with elephants, trapeze artists and other performers, all working together to tell a story.

5.   Drink espresso in Chiang Mai’s best coffee house

If you want a unique twist to a date classic, visit Art Roastery Coffee & Eatery.

It’s a luxurious cafe with three different seating areas: a greenhouse, outdoor garden, and two-story glass house on top of a private lake.

It also has an on-site aviary (birdhouse).

A definite must-see.

6.   Koh Pha-ngan

While Koh Phangan may not be great for swiping, it’s still great for meeting women.

Even though the island is tiny, thanks to its moon parties it’s one of the most visited places in all of Thailand.

So the chances of meeting a cute girl are definitely in your favor.

And when you do meet a cutie, you want to know where to bring her.

Coach Dan is a BIG fan of the Three Sixty Bar.

The bar rests on top of a hill and gives you a view you’ll never forget.

Nothing beats watching the sun sink into the ocean with a mimosa and a beautiful woman.

Shoutouts to coach Dan who shoots a photo on the one day the weather sucks.

With plenty of date locations, this almost marks the end of Tinder in Thailand.

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