Sydney’s Unofficial Tinder Guide (Best apps, lines, date ideas)

Local, expat or traveler.

You all have the same in mind.

How do I successfully Tinder in Sydney?

I gotchu, mate.

Read on and get:

  • 4 Tinder alternatives (including pros and cons per app)
  • The numbers that show that Tinder in Sydney works
  • 2 Original pick up lines designed to get a reply
  • A rundown on Sydney’s dating etiquette to not be an a-hole
  •  6 Tinder date locations to impress your date
  • More…

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#1: Sydney by the numbers

Here’s all the need to know stats about Sydney.

Read to educate yourself, or pretend to be extra smart in your Tinder convos.

Tourists love Sydney. And they’re not afraid to show it.

  • In 2019, Sydney entertained more than 15 million tourists. Of which 4.1 million were foreigners and 11.4 million were Australians

New South Wales, the state that houses Sydney, is over 800,000 square kilometers. (That’s larger than Texas or two Germanys put together).

  • And ignoring Sydney, New South Wales only has 2.75 million residents.

Australians are all about the city life. Which is clear when you look at the NSW capital.

  • With 5.48 million people, Sydney is the most populated city in Australia.

What about the male to female ratio?

  • About 50/50. Sydney has about 98.9 guys for every 100 women. So one lucky lady has a lover on the side with a blessed third leg.

The median age (the age that neatly divides a population in two) is pretty important too.

  • In Sydney, you’re riding the middle between young and old at age 35.8. Making Sydney one of the youngest cities in Australia.

It never hurts to know the cost of living.

  • With great popularity, come high prices. Sydney costs about 5-15% more than Melbourne (the second biggest city). Rent in the NSW capital is even 20% higher than its runner up.

As for the most represented age groups…

  • Expect most people to be between 20 to 39 years old.

Now you know the stats, we can move onto dating apps.

#2: Tinder alternatives in Sydney

Dating is hard. But the right apps make it easier.

1. Hinge

Hinge is inspired by Tinder.

And to make itself stand out, the dating clone had to be more than about swiping.

Instead of focusing on photos, Hinge is about connecting you with like-minded people.

The app finds you similar people by pairing you with friends of friends on Facebook.

So with Hinge, the odds are you already know your match.

You just never got around to exchanging numbers.

Well now is your time.

  • Free
  • Made to get dates fast
  • Friendly interface
  • Matches are high quality
  • You often get recommended the same faces
  • Small user base
  • You can only swipe 1x per day
  • There are also bots

2. Happn

Happn is another Tinder clone.

But it tries to solve a very different issue than Tinder.

Ever saw someone in real life who was EXACTLY your type?

But were too shy to make a move?

Happn gives you a stress-free opportunity to get in touch.

You see, Happn shows you profiles of people who you physically crossed paths with.

Although Happn is pretty generous about its definition of ‘crossing paths’.

Happn lets you ‘bump into’ people from hundreds of meters away.

  • Free
  • Users tend to be highly educated
  • Easy opener, “I was the guy across the street with the binoculars”
  • Bigger chance of your match living nearby
  • About the same user base as Tinder
  • Promotes poor behaviour. If you see someone you like, don’t open Happn, say hi!
  • Works well in big cities like Sydney. But not in the rest of NS (New South Wales)

3. Bumble

Bumble is another Tinder carbon copy. (SHOCKER!)

The creator of Bumble tried Tinder and got sick of dudes and their lame and rude openers.

If only there was a way to date guys without being bombarded with emoti-penises.

A quick pow-wow later and voilà:

Empower women to send the first message.

Even if it’s a match, men can’t start the convo.

And if she doesn’t hit you up within 24 hours, the match expires.

  • Free
  • More ways to filter than Tinder
  • More relationshippy than Tinder
  • Perfect if you want to date people aged 26+
  • Women don’t like to start conversations, so expect to lose lots of matches
  • And when she does say Hi, you have to reply within 24 hours or the match expires
  • Less users than Tinder

4. Tinder

There are lots of dating apps.

But there’s only one Tinder.

And it has successfully squashed its rivals and defended the title.

King T is still numero uno when it comes to online dating.


  • Free
  • It has more users than Australia and the Netherlands have residents
  • People of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and education
  • No limitations on matches or how to start a conversation
  • Because it has a larger audience, it costs more time to filter out the people you like

5. OkCupid

OkCupid is for the serious dater.

The person who’s ready for monogamy and who’s tired of ‘mindless’ swiping apps.

Originally a dating site, OkCupid is now available as an app.

And finds your romantic partner using a mix of original questions and math.

  • Gender inclusive. It has 13 gender identities and 22 sexual orientations.
  • Original and fun questionnaires
  • Clean minimalistic design
  • You can pick a badge to show on your profile, like ‘nerd’
  • Cities have a big enough dating pool.
  • Lots of social justice warriors
  • Not for the close minded
  • Many people use fake names like “SassyWoman”

If you’re going to Tinder in Sydney, and don’t want to look like a fool, you want to tighten up your etiquette.

#3: Sydney dating etiquette

Sydney is a pretty progressive and laid back city. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something wrong and be an a-hole.

Let’s start with the most dangerous rule to break.

1. To the left, to the left, all your driving on the road to the left

Driving on the left should come as no surprise.

But what many foreigners and travelers forget is that you also want to stay left when walking.

Climbing up the stairs? Do it on the left.

Standing on an escalator. Again, left.

There’s little that irritates an Aussie more than tourists walking on the right side of the sidewalk during rush hour.

2. If I can see your eye color, you’re too close

Australia is one of the most quiet places in the world.

There are about 24 million Aussies spread over 7.7 million square kilometers of island.

That’s an average of roughly 3 people per square kilometer.

For reference, a square kilometer is large enough to fit 64 Californian city blocks.

Even though Sydney is densely populated cities, Aussies like room.

So when there is space available, be careful to get too close to strangers.

An arm’s length away is a good rule of thumb.

And unless a metro is filled up, sit a couple seats away from your fellow travelers.

3. Aussies don’t need tips

Australia has a solid minimum wage.

Outside the big cities, you can live very well.

I’m talking 5 kids, a 4-bedroom house, plus large garden and garage, two cars, and eating out. All on one income.

So hotel staff and cab drivers don’t need to get tipped like in the US.

Sure, you can tip if the service is great.

But nobody will get upset if you don’t.

4. Aussie modesty

Aussies are the salt of the earth.

They’re simple and straightforward and hate pretentiousness.

Put simply, they like authenticity.

And they love people who can downplay their success and make fun of themselves.

That means no drawing attention to your bursting wallet or your three PhDs.

5. “Guh-day, mate”

Saying G’day and mate is so normal to Australians it’s like breathing.

But just because Aussies say it all the time, doesn’t mean you need to too.

That can feel a little try-hard.

And although Australians have thick skin, can also feel insulting.

Just look your greeter in the eye and say hi like you normally would.

And if it’s a fellow student or colleague, a handshake is appropriate too.

This next bit of advice is really meant for Americans.

Please remove the sirs and ma’ams from your vocabulary. Aussies like to use first names.

Even at the initial meeting.

6. Boarding trains the Aussie way

Sydney is large. So you usually get around by car or train.

And if it’s morning on a weekday, public transport is working at full capacity.

Everyone has somewhere to be, and they want to get there fast.

So if you’re at the station and see your train open its doors, you just want to get in and claim a seat.


Wait for everyone to exit before you get on.

Or else a trained Kangaroo will punch you in the throat.

Okay, maybe not.

But you will probably get some cuss words thrown at you.

7. A major turn-off when you get this wrong

Australia takes littering super seriously.

When a space station crashed into the Australian outback in the ‘70s, the town of Esperance fined NASA $400 for littering.

Almost 40 years later, cleaning up after yourself is the norm.

Even spitting your gum out onto the sidewalk is seen by locals as a serious offense.

The Australian war on trash can actually work in your favor

If you’re in a cafe where people are paid to clean up after you, and you bring your empty coffee mug to the work station, your date will surely be impressed.

8. Dating culture

Steak ‘n Kidney (slang for Sydney, more on that later) is cherished, because it’s buzzing with activity.

Festivals, openings, sporting events. You name it, Sydney’s got it.

With so much to choose from, locals developed high standards.

Which is perhaps why some Sydneysiders like to keep relationships casual and go slow.

Don’t worry.

Slow doesn’t mean holding hands is already a big deal.

It means certain people from Sydney like to feel each other out before they make it official.

Depending on the person, the dating phase can take a while.

And until two people turn monogamous, they may be open for an adventure on the side.

That goes double for those who aren’t dating at all.

One night stands are pretty standard.

Especially for millennials between 20 to 25.


Are you visiting Perth soon?

Check out our dating app guide to Tinder in Perth, Australia.

Happy Tinder travels!

#4: Are you a few stubbies short of a six-pack?

Don’t be fooled by the Aussie language.

Although it may not sound anything like it, it IS English.

The reason it’s so tough for Poms (Brits) and Yanks (Americans) to understand is because of pidgin.

Local lingo.

Said simply, slang.

If you want to date an Aussie, you better have a Captain Cook (read: a look) at my list of must-know slang.

  1. “Fair dinkum” means true or genuine. And is used when an Ozzie wants to emphasize the next word. “This guy is fair dinkum unbelievable.”
  2. “No worries” has several meanings. It’s like saying “don’t worry about it”, “no problem” and “you’re welcome” all at the same time
  3. “Heaps” means lots.
  4. “Oz” means Australia.
  5. “Steak ‘n Kidney” means Sydney.
  6. A “Westie” is someone from Western Sydney.
  7. “Ta” means thank you.
  8. “Maccas” means McDonalds.
  9. “Stoked” means thrilled or very happy.
  10. “Goon” is cheap boxed wine. And is often mixed with Sprite or Fanta to make it more tasty. If you check the carton, it reads “Produced with the aid of milk, eggs, nuts, and fish. Traces may remain. Contains added sugar.” So yeah… at least you know you’re on a balanced diet.

Bonus: “Are you a few stubbies short of a six-pack?” translates to, “Are you dumb?”

To help you use Tinder in Sydney, you’re about to get some juicy openers.

#5: 2 legit Aussie pick up lines (WARNING: contains strong language)

Fuck in’ ‘ell, these next lines will fair dinkum get you rooted.

Translation: Holy sh*t, these next pick up lines will definitely get you laid.

That’s maybe a bit exaggerated.

But the upcoming openers will definitely get her to reply.

Which is really all you can ask from an opener.

Before we get into how to open girls on Tinder in Sydney, something important.

Australians use certain words with love, that other people may use with hate.

Take the word…


If an Aussie thinks of you as a friend, he’ll lovingly call you a sick-cunt.

It’s no wonder people say Australia is upside down.

And the complexities of the word ‘cunt’ don’t end there.

Cunt also happens to be Australia’s favorite suffix.

Let me show you an example.

Oi, mate. You going to Liz’s party?


For the non-Aussies:

Hi, buddy. Are you going to Elizabeth’s party

No, thank you, babe

What does this mean for you?

When you use Tinder in Sydney, expect swearing.

So don’t get offended.

Now for my all original Tinder icebreakers.

Serious question, [name]. Why are there always butter flecks in the Vegemite jar?

It’s regional, relevant and funny (because it’s true).

If you’re out of the know, Vegemite is a salty spread that’s only eaten in Australia. (The Brits have a similar spread called Marmite.)

And you typically eat it on buttered toast.

I guarantee a 69%+ response rate.

Now a classic pick up line with a twist.

Do you know why I’m like a boomerang?

Because you’ll just keep coming back to me…

No. Because you’ll only like me if you have no friends

*badum tss*

You may think to yourself, “How is bashing myself attractive to her?”

Because only confident people rag on themselves.

What’s more, Australians (yes I’m stereotyping, call the PC police) love self-deprecating humor.

There you have it.

Two lines that get a reply.

Now, if you use Tinder in Sydney, the idea is to go on a Tinder date.

That’s why you’re about to get Sydney’s most original date ideas.

#7: Sydney date locations

1. Old Mate’s Place

Take her to Old Mate’s place.

But don’t let the name fool you.

Old Mate’s Place is not for the elderly.

In fact, with 102 steps, I’m not sure if it’s for the young either.

But one thing I do know.

Your stair climbing leg workout is worth it.

Your reward?

A 5-story-high lush oasis in the middle of the Australian urban jungle.

2. Climb the Coathanger

If you’re a local, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But for you new expats and travelers, let me explain.

The Coathanger is Sydney’s most iconic landmark and it’s more commonly known as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Its arch-based design no doubt led to its nickname the Coathanger.

Not only is the bridge gorgeous to look at, it’s a thrill to climb.

Although you can climb the steel giant by yourself, and risk getting a fine or going SPLAT, you can also buy a guided tour.

Three actually.

They’re pricey. And they put you inside an ugly grey jumpsuit.

But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that your date is never going to forget.

Of the three climbs, I recommend doing the express route.

It goes to the tippity-top and is a bit over 2 hours long. 1 Hour shorter than the longest.

If you’re a student who can’t afford to break the bank, I have another memorable date for you…

3. Picnicking in the great outdoors

It doesn’t get much more romantic than a picnic for two and a sweeping Sydney harbour view.

When the weather’s good, cancel your dinner reservations and head to one of Sydney’s most beautiful parks or beaches.

There’s literally dozens of great picnic locations.

And I advise you to discover your favorite one.

But when in doubt, you can hardly go wrong with the Botanic Garden.

It’s just a couple of minutes away from the David Jones Food Hall and an IGA supermarket.

Which means you don’t even have to go through the hassle of preparing your basket of yummy treats at home.

Meet up near the Food Hall or supermarket and turn grocery shopping into part of the date.

Another bonus of the Botanic Garden are its toilets.

While us dudes may not care about where we do our business. Your female friend does.

And she’ll definitely appreciate you being so attentive.

4. Eat brekky at Carriageworks Farmers Market

If putting together your own meals isn’t you, visit the Carriageworks Farmers Market.

But before you do, you want to prepare like you’re fasting for enlightenment.

Because with so many different and delicious stalls, you want an empty stomach.

Also, it’s best not to take a car.

With Sydney University being around the corner, parking is nearly impossible.

So take the train to Redfern and walk the last few hundred meters.

Important: the market is only open on Saturday morning and closes around 2 PM.

Just as its opening times hint, you only want to hang around for about an hour.

After your belly is full of high quality local produce, you may want to sweat it off.

An idea could be to…

5. Walk along Sydney’s striking beaches

There are so many beaches in Sydney, that if you were to visit a new beach every day, it would take you over three months to see them all.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) aside, that means you don’t have to go far to find a gorgeous beach.

The most troubling part is finding the right one.

If you don’t like crowds, I recommend Palm Beach. Which is about one hour drive away from Sydney center.

But if you like quick and fun, go to Collins Flat Beach.

A 6 minute car ride (or slightly longer bike ride) away from the crowded Manly Beach are the calm waters of Collins Flat Beach.

What makes Flat Beach so special is its gushing waterfall.

And if that wasn’t romantic enough.

How about…

6. Watching the Sydney sunset

There’s no better way than to end your day enjoying a beautiful sunset with a beautiful girl.

Which sunset you watch is up to you.

A classic view that also doesn’t take you too far from civilisation is north of Bondi Beach.

Watching the sun go down doesn’t mean you have to end your date.

While I recommend you go home, you can also…

7. Get spooked on one of Sydney’s ghost tours

The temperature drops, you feel a chill down your spine and your heart is pounding like a jackhammer.

If that sounds appealing, Sydney’s ghost tours are for you.

While I’m not sure if you believe in ghosts, Sydney supposedly has it all.

Poltergeists, spectres, rattling chains. The whole shebang.

If you live by the Go big, or go home-motto, go to Sydney’s Quarantine Station.

That’s supposed to be Australia’s most haunted site.

Book online or at the Visitor Centre.

If you don’t have nerves of steel, don’t fret.

And certainly don’t write off the ghost tours.

Because you also get a free wingman.

And he goes by the name of Misattribution of Arousal.

As your date gets scared, your buddy makes it so she mislabels her fear for romantic arousal.

Helping her fall in love with you.

Not even kidding. Just check out the results from the Love Bridge study.

What’s more, Sydney also offers tours for kids.

So if you can stand PG-13 movies, you can deal with a Ghost tour for minors.

That almost brings how to Tinder in Sydney to a close.

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