Facebook Dating Review: More Dates Than Tinder?

Depending on where you live, Facebook launched a dating app!

Which is VERY exciting, considering it has 1.62 billion active users every day.

But at the same… can you trust a company stuck in a tangle of privacy scandals to help us find love?

You’ll know by the end of this article.

You get:

  • A breakdown of Facebook Dating in 122 words
  • The verdict of an experienced dating coach with over 10 years in the business
  • How to build the most attractive Facebook Dating profile
  • The bio that gets people to message you (SCREENSHOTS!)
  • How to write a personalized opener that always gets replies (+EXAMPLE)

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Facebook Dating has the potential to be the BEST dating app yet. It’s free, easy to use, and has the ability to filter out the people you want to meet.  But the app currently has one major problem: it doesn’t have enough users.

Facebook Dating in 122 words

Facebook Dating is Zuckerberg’s attempt to zuck his way into the online dating market and make a big fat buck.

While I can’t tell you if he’ll succeed, I can tell you if you should bother.

So what is Facebook Dating?

It’s a classic swipe-based dating app, similar to Tinder and hordes of other copycats.

What makes Facebook Dating different?

  • It’s probably already installed on your phone (it works via the Facebook app)
  • It seems to emphasize long-term relationships (although you can also ‘look for something casual’)
  • It has a never before seen feature called secret crush (more on that later)
  • It’s the ONLY dating app that’s ENTIRELY free (for now)
  • And it has the biggest potential user base in the business

Read on to find out who you’re likely to match.

Who is on Facebook Dating?

The question you’re most likely asking yourself about the app is:

“Will Facebook Dating show me my friends?”

To which the good news is…. NO!

It’s impossible for you to bump into your friends on Facebook Dating app (unless you use a feature designed specifically for that). Plus, your friends won’t know you’re looking for love on Facebook either.

Everything that happens on Facebook Dating is kept a secret from your friends.

So who will you bump into on your quest for romance?

According to Facebook Dating’s product manager, “People are suggested based on your preferences, interests and other things you do on Facebook.”

And he continues, “Facebook Dating allows you to match with friends of friends and/or people not in your friend circle.”

So if you’re bisexual, Facebook is connecting you with 2.7 billion potential lovers.

If you’re straight or gay, you’ll have to be okay with a ‘mere’ 1.3 billion.

Aren’t you willing to chat with one billion people to find your true love?

No worries. Facebook allows you to filter out users based on interests and other criteria. (I’ll tell you more about that later in this article.)

So you can make your dating pool as large as you like.

How easy is it to create a Facebook Dating account?

Pretty gosh darn easy.

Let me show you the step-by-step.

Firstly, open your Facebook app and click on the three bars at the bottom right, as seen below.

Next, scroll down and click on the box that’s labeled ‘dating’.

Voila, you’ve found Facebook Dating.

Once you click past the rules, you can start building your profile. As you can see here from the screenshot from fellow coach, Jay.

From here, you’ll be asked to tell what you’re looking for; where you’re located; your height; and various facts about your life like: job title, if you have children, education, whether you smoke or drink, and so on.

Once all that’s out of the way, you can start with the meat and potatoes of your profile.

Your bio, photos, and prompts.

When it comes to photos, the app offers to select a bunch of images based on an algorithm. I strongly advise that you curate the photos yourself, so you have the strongest possible profile.

A profile which attracts the most beautiful women. More on how to do that later.

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Once you have 4 to 5 photos, you can select a few prompts. Like so.

A prompt that works wonders for skinny coach Jay.

And perhaps add your Instagram.

How long will it take you to set up your profile?

I did it in under five minutes. And I must say, it was one of the easiest experiences I’ve had with a dating app.

What made the account creation so painless?

Facebook Dating lets you pull photos directly from your Facebook or Instagram. So if you already know what photos work best for you, it’s easy peasy.

Not sure what photos will work best for online dating?

No worries. I’ll cover that soon.

But first, I’m going to show you what it’s like to use Zuckerberg’s dating app.

What does swiping on Facebook Dating look like?

Facebook Dating is your stereotypical Tinder copycat with a twist.

After you set up your profile, you’re greeted with an endless stack of pretty faces.

And attached to those faces are a bio, a list of interests and hobbies, and the prompts she filled in.

So what’s different about Facebook Dating?

Firstly, you technically can’t swipe.

You have to choose between ‘I’m not interested’ or ‘I like you’ by hitting the X or the heart.

Why did team Facebook remove swiping and add buttons?

So you have to put a teensy bit of effort into hitting the right part of your screen, rather than swiping like a madman.

Anyway, the much more important difference about Facebook Dating is that you can text someone before matching.


If you click on somebody’s photo or prompt, a new window pops up where you’re invited to leave a message for your crush.

Which acts like another kind of ‘like’.

So, instead of a generic like, you can send her a beautifully, personalized opener.

The beauty of this messaging system?

It increases the odds of matching by 690%. A number I got from a stranger in a lab coat, so it must be true.

Really though, this method of reaching out to someone is amazeballs.

Because not only can you use your photos and profile to excite her, but your humorous wit too.

And women LOVE a humorous wit. I mean, don’t we all?

I give facebook’s feature to send texts before matching a big fat thumbs up.

Is there anything else you should know about how to swipe on Facebook Dating?

Not really. It’s pretty intuitive.

And if you’ve ever used Tinder, or any other online dating app, you should feel very comfortable.

Although I will point out another feature that deserves some praise.

You can see who liked you.

Too busy to swipe? No sweat.

Just open up the app when you have a moment, look at the top of the screen (see below), and see if there’s anyone you like.

The one thing I dislike about this system, is that you can’t scroll through everyone who likes you.

So if you have over a dozen likes, you have to manually work your way down to the bottom.

Which is a bummer for the genetically gifted: you may have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of profiles.

If you’re the type of person to turn heads, you’re probably just better off ‘swiping’ the traditional way until you get a match.

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Texting is so different from real life that you often feel lost.

That’s because regular chit-chat doesn’t work over text. It’s too boring and turns her off.

What turns her on?

The tips in my next video.

So sit back and level up your texting skills in only a few minutes:

Enjoy, brochacho.

Facebook Dating’s unique ‘Secret Crush’ feature

The one true unique dating feature that Facebook offers is called Secret Crush.

And it’s tied to your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How does it work?

If you have a Facebook friend or Instagram follower you like, you can pick that person as your secret crush.

He or she won’t get notified by your crush, but… if that person is secretly crushing on you too, you’ll get an alert.

I found this feature super exciting and instantly put down a secret crush, in hopes of getting one in return.

But after I realized two things, my excitement soon dwindled.

Firstly, the odds that my crush is using Facebook Dating is pretty small. Whenever I ask people in my social circle if they’re using the app, I’m usually met with, “Does Facebook have its own dating app??”

The second reason I lost my excitement about the secret crush feature is this:

Women love men who put their necks on the line and take initiative.

What do I mean by that?

If a woman likes you, she wants you to show your interest.

She doesn’t want to find out you like her by a ‘secret crush’ notification from a dating app.

Even if she likes you back, a Facebook notice on her phone is a disappointing way to find out because you were too chicken to tell her yourself.

What would your secret crush love to see you do?

To tell her in person. Write her a love letter. Or to see you slide into her DMs.

In sum, secret crush sounds good but is lackluster.

If you do have a secret crush, she’ll like it way more if you make it clear via flirting.

How much it costs to use Facebook Dating

I’ll keep it short and simple.

The Facebook Dating app costs zero dollars to download. And it costs you zero dollars to use.

In fact,it’s impossible to give Facebook as little as a penny, because it has NO additional ‘premium’ features.

Which raises the question:

Is Facebook Dating worth using?

Find out in the next tip.

The final verdict on Facebook Dating

Having used Zuckerberg’s dating app daily for the past month, I’ve got a good idea of what it has to offer.

The question is… will you like what it has to offer?

Let me tell you by making a list of pros and cons.

  • The potentially largest dating pool on earth
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to filter based on interests, hobbies, education, and so on
  • Lets you send your 1 message to your romantic interest before matching
  • You can see who liked you
  • 100% free
  • You can’t scroll through your entire ‘see who liked you’ list, it has to be done 1 at a time
  • The app doesn’t allow you to change your location at will
  • Few people are using it, so you have to be in a large city to make the app work

Facebook Dating has the potential to be one of the best dating apps (if not the very best).

It’s only major drawback is the current size of its user pool: tiny.

Yes, while Facebook has over a billion of active users, few have found their way to the dating app.

Although tiny user pool is an exaggeration, other dating apps such as Tinder give you a much better chance of matching with your type of person.

The verdict?

Give Facebook Dating a try without getting your hopes up.

Maybe it’s super popular in your region and you can easily find what you’re looking for. Fantastic.

Or maybe it’s pretty lackluster. In which case, no worries, you didn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Holy Tip:

Keep in mind I’m only looking at the app from a dating perspective.

I did very little research into matters like data protection.

Whatever you choose to do, you won’t chat with attractive people unless you have an attractive profile.

You’ll find out how to build one in the next tip.

The most important aspect of your Facebook Dating profile

Most people greatly underestimate what I’m about to tell you.

Your first photo is your most important photo.

That nugget of advice often gets me the response, “Okay, Got it. What else?”

And yet, these same people fail to use a good first photo.

So let me be absolutely clear on this:

If you use the wrong first photo, it doesn’t matter how hot you are in the rest of your photos, because she’ll already have thrown your profile into the trash.

The truth hurts.

So what are the leading photo don’ts?

  • Don’t wear sunglasses or any kind of headwear
  • Don’t be an obscured extra in the background
  • Don’t have more than one person in the photo
  • Don’t use an experimental camera angle
  • Don’t try to fit more than your upper body into the shot

What are the leading photo dos?

  • Do get close enough to the camera so we see your chest and head
  • Do look into the camera
  • Do give (at least) a hint of a smile so you look approachable rather than aggressive

What would that look like?

Behold my most successful first photo:

Excuse the watermark. People have been using my photos to catfish. 🙁

As some of you likely recognized, I’m barely smirking. But if you’re observant, you can see that I’m also smiling with my eyes.

I’m not shooting out a death stare, but am instead looking firmly but tender at the camera.

To keep it plain: this is NOT the look of someone who is about to throw you through a window in a fit of roid rage.

What’s the reward for getting your first photo right?

She’ll look at your next photo.

We’ll discuss how to get her to look at the rest of your profile in the next tip.

How to build an ATTRACTIVE Facebook Dating profile

Not ‘gonna lie, by this point I have online dating photos down to a science.

I’ve taken average looking clients’s profiles and turned their profiles into a raging success. My students were suddenly penciling in 3+ dates a week.

What’s my secret?

Maybe I’m born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

*whips hair back*

Nah, just kidding. I’ll tell you the real secret.

Which goes by many names:

Personality. Soul. Vibe.

What the heck does that mean in regards to dating profiles?

That you use photos that create the right mood.

And whatever ‘right’ means is up for discussion, but it generally means that your photo looks awesome.

It could be you chilling in your living room hammock reading a book.

It could be you boogying in the middle of a festival wearing a dope outfit.

Or it could be you spray painting a giant dong on the wall of a rundown building.

Whatever you’re showing, almost every onlooker should agree it looks good.

Similar to this photo of my own:

A photo of me about to catch a wave.

Does it properly show off my face? Not really. It’s definitely not the best photo to show off my looks.

But looks isn’t the point here, it’s VIBE.

And you can’t deny that the vibe in that surfing photo is bitchin’.

Is there any rhyme or reason as to what should be in your ‘vibey’ photos?


But it’s hugely important to the success of your dating profile, because…

It gives a better insight into your life and personality. If you DON’T have the vibey photos, she’ll have NO clue what you’re like.

At best you’d look like an attractive mannequin.

The ‘vibey’ photo’s role is to bring that mannequin to life!

One last question remains: how many vibey photos do you need?

A minimum of 2 to get a total of 5 photos.

What are the other 3 photos?

The first is your leading photo and the other two are photos designed to make you look as good as possible.

In sum, the best dating profile has:

  • Great leading photo
  • Two additional photos that highlight your best features
  • Two vibey photos

Now, we left out one important aspect of the profile, the bio.

Read on to find out what it should roughly look like.

How to get the best Facebook Dating bio

I’ll be honest with you, bios rarely make or break your profile.

You want to see your bio as the final piece of the dating puzzle that’ll really make you stand out from all the others.

While the next screenshot is from Tinder, it still beautifully illustrates my point. Context: my bio says, “Olives taste like trash.”

See how powerful someone can react if you have the right bio?

Let’s give you the power to do the same.

Where do you start?

By thinking of a personal opinion or fact that goes against the mainstream.

“Isn’t that antagonizing people?”

No. Not as long as you stay away from heavy topics like politics, philosophy and religion.

To get the best response, you want to keep your opinions lighthearted.

Let me give you an example:

Cats > dogs

Short and sweet. But enough to trigger dog lovers. Do note, the dog obsessed will probably ignore you.

Here’s a bio coach Jay has been using recently with lots of success:

Queen’s Gambit is overrated.

For those that don’t know, Queen’s Gambit is currently in the top trending shows on Netflix. And Jay isn’t impressed.

Before you simply steal this bio, keep in mind that it has a ‘best by’ date. Queen’s Gambit will likely be trending for a couple of months. And soon everyone will forget.

So keep it current.

Lastly, a bio that I recommended to one of my students after picking his brain:

I’ve never seen titanic.

While a teensy detail, notice how he doesn’t capitalize Titanic. While barely noticeable, it quietly communicates the contempt he has for the movie.

And it does such a great job at baiting out replies.

Here, the bio even earned him an opener from his Tinder match.

In short, keep your bios short and opinionated.

The best opener for Facebook Dating

Ah, the topic that I see go wrong all over the internet. And one of the top three topics that does the most damage to the online dater’s sex life.

The opener.

Considering this astronomical chance you may know nothing about breaking the ice over text, I’ll give you a brief rundown of the basics:

  • Don’t ever say a variation of “Hey” or “How are you?
  • Don’t send her a generic pick up line
  • Don’t be insulting

With the basics out of the way, we can move onto the BEST opener for Facebook Dating.

The personalized opener.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve already seen one in this article. If that’s you, know that I like you better.

No, just kidding. I like all my readers equally.

Anyway, in case you don’t remember the opener I’m referring, here’s what I mean:

Doesn’t sound particularly exciting, right?

But it still got me a reply.

Can you figure out why?


  • It’s different. I’m very likely to be the first guy to say it
  • It’s tailor made. This opener is very clearly something I made just for her.
  • It’s emotionally stimulating. She was really feeling herself and replied:

That’s what happens when you’re a badass

I’ve sent dozens of openers that were much better than the one above. The reason I showed you this one, is to demonstrate that you don’t have to be a lyrical wordsmith to get a reply.

You can keep it relatively simple.

That’s not to say that being clever or funny HURTS you. Of course not.

I just want to warn you against trying to come up with the perfect line.

You’ll never find it. Plus, it’s unnecessary.

You’re not writing a symphony, you’re writing an icebreaker for a cute stranger.

For a better guide on how to create personalized openers, check out my FREE article here.

And because you’ve made it so far, I have a special gift for you.

The best copy-pastable opener of the galaxy.

Yes, it’s so good that Malcolm Gladwell even wrote a book about it. Don’t fact-check that.

Anyway, while personalized is obviously better, sometimes you’re just not able to come up with something good.

Does that mean you should give up on texting your newest match?

Heck no! Because that’ll make the odds of a reply much lower.

Instead, I recommend you use my stealable opener which you can find below FOR FREE by hitting the gold button.

Enjoy, m’bro.

Louis Farfields

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