10 Ways to Deal With One-Word-Texts From Girls

Whether she’s your Tinder match, real life crush, platonic friend, or girlfriend…

…I’m going to give you 10 ways to deal with her one word texts.

So by the end of today’s article, you’ll know:

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What do one-word text messages mean?




Honestly, it can mean many things.

She could be too busy to tell you more. It could be that your last text was difficult to answer. And it could mean she’s done with your shit.

Yup. More often than not, a one-word text is a negative sign.

But it doesn’t have to be.

So don’t jump to conclusions. It’s not good for your back or your relationship with that girl.

The only time you need to be worried is if you get one-word replies a lot.

Then the odds are that you’re doing something wrong.

Find out what you’re doing wrong in the next tips.

Why am I getting one-word texts from my girlfriend?

If one-word texts might be common for you lately, here’s what might be going on.

You like her and the relationship a lot more than she currently likes you and the relationship.

Because you like her so much, you’re likely showering her with texts and affection.

And because she’s in need of some space, she’s being curt over text in the hope that you’ll take the hint.

Does that mean the relationship is over?


Just that you and your crush or partner CURRENTLY have different needs.

So slow down.

If she’s suffering from a you-overdose, it’s probably smart to give her a little space so she has the opportunity to miss you again.

Once your loving stranglehold loosens, she’ll likely start typing in full sentences again.

WARNING: Don’t just assume she wants time away from you. Check in and see what’s going on with her.

Here’s a script you can use:

“Hey, I really like you. But lately, you’ve been sending me quite a bunch of one-word texts and they’re making me feel a little confused about how you feel about me. Am I seeing things or is something actually going on? I’d love to know.”

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1. Take a breath

One of the most important things to do after you get a one-word text is to relax.

Take a chill pill, dude.

Because if you grab your phone with a heart full of rage, you’ll probably say something you’ll regret.

Something you can’t undo.

So don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Instead, feel better about her one-word text by following these 3 steps:

  1. Assume the best.
  2. Put the phone away and take 5 slow, deep breaths to calm your nerves.
  3. Do something fun, meaningful, or productive.

Go for a walk, hit the gym, or hang out with a friend. And if that’s too difficult for some reason, give yourself a small victory by crossing off a chore off your to-do list. Getting ahead always cheers me up a little.

Remember: her one-word reply may not mean anything.

2. Take note of the time she texted you

Sometimes one word replies make a lot of sense.

You just caught her at the wrong time.

She’s working. Hanging out with friends. Or she’s done talking with you after you blew up her phone with text messages.

So timing is of the essence.

In this next 2-minute video, I tell you exactly what the best time is to text a girl.

3. Assume she likes you

One-word texts usually rattle us for two reasons.

  • We’re so desperate for their attention that a brief response feels like she’s pulling away.
  • We have a negative mindset.

So let me make you feel a little better about your situation with a story of a client.

One of the students from my TextGod Mentoring Program was at a girl’s house on a date when he saw something bad.

A trash can with two empty pizza boxes.

“Oh no…” he thought “she probably had a date yesterday and had sex with some random guy!”

*Cue feelings of betrayal.*

He now felt like a cheap manwhore and was emotionally broken. He then lost the ability to be his usual charismatic self and the date was ruined.

Let’s hit rewind.

Do you think the two empty pizza boxes mean she had a date?

The empty containers could mean many things, right?


  • She had pizza with a girlfriend or relative.
  • She ordered pizza for herself twice this week.
  • She’s into modern art and this is her latest art installation (probably not).

In short: there are plenty of innocent reasons why she has a trash can with two empty pizza boxes sticking out of it!

But because my student was a Debbie Downer, he assumed the worst and couldn’t have fun anymore.

By the time my student eventually found out the truth about the pizza boxes, it was too late. She was weirded out by his behavior and lost all her attraction for him.

She actually liked him. And the pizzas? Those were eaten by her and her friend during movie night.

So be careful, my friend.

Don’t assume the worst. Instead, assume she likes you until you see a CLEAR sign that she’s not.

4. Figure out if it’s a pattern

Don’t worry if you get a brief reply every now and then.

That’s normal.

And more importantly, it’s almost never a bad sign if it happens occasionally.

Does it happen more often?

Then it’s time to put on your thinking cap, Sherlock, because we may have found a pattern.

Check your convo. Do the one-word texts have anything in common?

Were they perhaps sent at the same time of day (work hours) or after you said something with a unique flavor (something she didn’t like)?

Look carefully.

Because if you’re the cause of her short replies, you have the power to stop them.

You just need to find out what you’re doing wrong.

Here are some questions to help you identify the problem:

  • Was your text easy to reply to?
  • Were you talking about the same subject for too long?
  • Was the vibe of your text very different from the texts that came before?
  • Did you ask a question out of necessity rather than curiosity?
  • Were you guys chatting for so long that she might have finally gotten distracted?

All valuable questions to ask yourself.

Want to know how to get her more engaged? Check out this article:

5. Ask more open-ended questions

A HUGE reason why people suffer from bad conversations is this.

They ask bad questions.

Closed questions.

Do you like dogs?

Did you have a good weekend?

And, of course, this zinger of a question.

Do you like to travel?

What’s the trouble with asking these types of questions?

They lead to one-word answers.

Yes and no.

Sure, she could reply more.

But if you want fun and flirty conversations that lead to exciting dates, you need to take responsibility and be proactive.

In other words: it’s on you to keep her as engaged as best you can. As long as she’s putting in enough effort, of course.

How do you keep her interested?

Create texts that lead to long and fun answers.

An easy way is to start asking open-ended questions.

Here are two articles to give you some inspiration:

6. Be clear in your tone of voice

If you don’t take care of your tone of voice, you’re torpedoing your love life.

Even the most innocent texts can turn off Tinder matches or start fights with your significant other.


Because unless you clarify the vibe of your text, she’ll interpret the text based on her mood and what she knows of you.

If she barely knows you and she’s in a foul mood, you can guarantee an ambiguous text will go down badly.

So don’t just type up a joke and think she’ll laugh.

Read your text out loud to yourself and ask yourself: “Can I interpret the text in any other way?”

If so, delete that mothatrucka and send it to hell.

Or rewrite the text in a way that it only has one clear meaning. Sometimes the answer is as simple as adding an emoji.

So drop the linguistic puzzles and be clear.

7. Don’t be too hard-to-get

Playing hard-to-get definitely has its place in seduction.

But it usually backfires harder than a sumo wrestler’s backside on enchilada night.


Because most people do it wrong.

They’re not hard-to-get. They’re cold.

  • They wait forever to text back.
  • They never ask questions.
  • And they never show excitement.

What type of reaction do you think that type of behavior promotes?

MORE cold behavior in the shape of one-word answers.

Yes, it can sometimes propel her to chase you. But only if she’s already decided that you’re too valuable to lose. And that generally only happens after you’ve been on 2 – 3 fun dates.

So don’t be hard-to-get.

Be warm.

Which starts with smiling in your online dating photos. Click this link for 11 Tinder profile photo tips on how to triple your matches.

Anyway, being warm also means being friendly, genuine, and curious in your text conversations.

  • If someone actually says or does something you like, tell them.
  • Don’t constantly hide behind jokes and witty remarks, be your relaxed self.
  • Lastly, be interested in their opinions and who they are.

But be careful you don’t simp for her.

That’s a big turn-off.

Check my next article for what I mean:

8. Stop selling yourself

If you’re a guy, you’re in trouble.

You see, when it comes to dating guys are born with a handicap.

A donger.

I’m joking, but only slightly.

Men are genetically wired to procreate and shoot babies into our better halves.

Although we can override that instinct, most dudes don’t even bother.

So the instant they see a pretty lady, they think: “I must have her!”

And all standards fly out the window.

The problem?

Thev’re already decided they want her and will do and say everything to get her.

Which often turns guys into a pushy car salesman.

Like so.

One simple text turned this guy into doggy listening to its master.

Which communicates to her:

“Man, I really like you. Here’s what I can do for you. Please say it’s enough and like me back.”

Not all girls will be turned off by this behavior.

But for many, it’s a major buzzkill.

Which they’ll show you by sending you one-word texts.

9. Stop typing like your uneducated

If this title didn’t trigger you, then you need to read this tip.

Did the title make you cringe? Great.

Now you know how she’s feeling.

Anyway, the title has a big grammar mistake that will shrivel up a girl’s eggs. (It’s supposed to be you’re not your.)

Not all girls will have such a strong reaction. But many of the good ones will.

You know, the girls with diplomas, big ambitions and next level tongue and throat skills. (The last point is made up, but I feel like it makes my point more convincing.)

So while you may scoff at grammar mistakes, others react as if they’re hearing the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

And it makes sense.

Proper grammar communicates that you’ve got a brain and probably live the life of a smart dude.

Nice place. Decent job. And a big d—-oggo for her to cuddle.

So get your grammar right.

It doesn’t cost much effort and the rewards are big.

The best thing to send after a one-word text

One of the most effective ways to get a woman to open up to you over text is this.


If you get it right, clickbait is irresistible.

As long as you choose the right topic to get the clicks.

Your safest bet is talking about her.


Because it’s her absolute favorite subject in the world.

So to get a good answer, hit her with some questions like this:

You know what I find so interesting about you?


I never thought about it until now, but you know I really like about you?


She won’t be able to stop herself from replying.

For more clickbait questions and good follow-up questions, check my clickbait video where I tell you exactly what to do using actual text conversations.

You can find my clickbait video here.

Plus, while you’re at it, be sure to check out my strongest texting technique, the Personality Slice.

Find out what it is and thank me later.


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