Tinder in Belgium: The Ultimate Guide For Belgian Dating App Success

You live in Belgium, or you’re passing through, and you want to live the wild bachelor lifestyle?

Say no more.

Here’s your personal Tinder in Belgium guide.

I’m born in this country, and am the #1 Tinder expert in the world (in my humble opinion).

So I made sure to create the ultimate guide here for you.

Read on and you’ll get:

  • The answer: Does Tinder work in Belgium?
  • All the Tinder data you need about this country
  • The 4 best dating apps to use in Belgium
  • 2 Openers that are extra effective here (because 2 different languages are spoken here!)
  • Chat hacks that always get her to reply
  • Best date ideas for Belgian cities
  • How I took a woman home in under 30 minutes in broad daylight
  • My special secret to impress your date
  • More…

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Crack open a cold kriek, sit back, and enjoy the video I created for you:

Belgium’s most used dating app

Some countries like Germany have unique dating apps.

Special secret apps, that give you that extra edge online.

What dating app is best in Belgium?

Well, Belgian women also use Bumble, Badoo and Happn, but the undisputed champion is Tinder.

To give you a quick idea about the demography per dating app:

  • Bumble – More educated women from 25-40. Often more focus on relationships in this app.
  • Badoo – Less educated women from 18 – 25. More focus on hookups.
  • Tinder – Anything you wish, I’d say. More about this app in a second.
  • Happn – Mostly the same users as Tinder, just less of them.

As with any dating app, you get the most matches in the most populated cities:

Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and Leuven.

(Later in the article I will share some of the best date locations for these cities.)

Do they speak English?

The cities named above will be the places you’re most likely to visit.

These places also have the most expats and foreign students. Which means English is no issue for cityfolk.

In terms of language, Belgium is split in two:

The southern half speaks French, and the northern half speaks Flemish (this language is 99% like Dutch, but for cool people).

Both the Flemish, and the French (who are actually called Walloons) can speak English, although the Walloons typically don’t speak it as well. 

Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven are populated mostly by Flemish, while Brussels is populated by more Walloons.

But thanks to the city’s international character, you won’t have much trouble matching with English speaking people.

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Belgian Tinder Population

Are you worried Belgian Tinder doesn’t have enough hotties?

You’ll be surprised.

Your journey to getting more dates than you can handle starts here.

In September 2012 the heavens rewarded us with the holy grail of dating apps, Tinder.

Unlike Indiana Jones, we don’t have to risk our lives to find the sacred treasure. With a simple press of a button, the dating gem comes right to our smartphone.

Now over 50 million people use Tinder for their digital dating adventures.

Together scoring a total of 26 million matches per day.

Do you prefer pictures? Here’s a pie chart.

This chart shows the distribution per age group.

Let’s say you belong to the 13% slice. That would place you in between 35 and 44 years old.

That small grey wedge is big enough to fit 6.5 million users inside of it.

Chances are there’s at least one person in there you want to date.

But that Tinder segment is all countries combined.

You don’t want to leave Belgium to find that special lady?

I get it, it’s beautiful. And no problem.

Of the entire Tinder population, more than 1 million users are in Belgium.

That’s plenty of ladies looking for a good time.

But most men run into trouble: setting up dates with gorgeous women isn’t as easy as they hoped.

It’s actually tough.

Unless you know the tricks of the trade.

I have a bag full of tricks. And a couple of stunts and gags for good measure.

Today we’re going to turn you into a Tinder boss. God might take a few days more. 😉 

Dating app data you must know

The average bro spends a whopping 35 hours on Tinder to set up a single date.

That’s a lot of time! Much more than needed.

It can also be done in as little as half an hour.

Which raises the question: why do most males fail so hard at Tinder?

There’s several reasons, but the big one is this:

Bro’s be basic.

  • His pictures have no zing.
  • His bio has no pizzazz.
  • And his messages have no oomph.

Everything about the Basic Bro screams “mediocre”.

Don’t take my word for it.

Let’s look at Basic Bro’s most groundbreaking openers.

I hope you’re ready, here they come:


Hi [her name], how are you?

You’re cuttteeee 🙂

Men tend to send the first thing that bubbles up out of their imagination.

Not only are you boring her to death, but you’re also sub communicating that you have no shred of creativity.

(I’ll reveal what good opening lines are later. Including some ready to use examples.)

And down below you’ll see the Basic Bro’s bio.

(It took me two swipes on my girl’s Tinder to find.)

Can you figure out why this profile is bad?

Because it describes most of the male population.

The only way he could make it more generic is by sharing how much he likes to travel and breathe.

Holy Tip:

By making your profile more SPECIFIC. You’ll improve it a ton.

Don’t make lists. But if you DO write a list, it would be better like this:

‘Dark humor, outdoor sports, adventurous relationships, practical jokes, Italian food, VR games.’

See how much more you communicate by adding some details?

Still, don’t write a list.

Will your love for pranks and video games make her panties wet?

“I’ve always dreamed of finding a man who has Ninja Gaiden 2’s platinum trophy… Hnnng please take me now!”
— Your futuristic sex doll

Do you want to know how to write a bio that does arouse a Belgian woman’s fantasy?

Watch this video:

Now I’ll reveal some witty lines for you to text to Belgian girls…

#1: Tinder openers

Time to send your Belgian match a message that will sweep her off her feet.

But first a word of caution.

The biggest Tinder no-no is being generic.

In a bar, it’s totally fine to open a conversation with “hi, how are you”.

But texting this to a girl, it probably doesn’t make her text you back.


In a bar you already stand out because many men are afraid to approach someone.

Online this is quite different.

So how do you stand out here?


Luckily your Tinder rivals are doing a great job at being corny. Which makes it easier for you to be refreshing.

Here’s a line which is so overused it should be forbidden.

How’s your day? 🙂

She has replied “Fine. You?” so many times that the keys on her touchscreen have worn out.

By this point, being predictable is like feeding her a xanax. And that’s not going to help you get a date (unless you’re Bill Cosby).

Using a drop of creativity, we can create something much more exciting.

Like the principle of clickbait.

Hey [her name], do you know what’s interesting about your photos?

You don’t need to be a psychology major to know that this question is a 1337 times more appealing than the boring “how are you?”.

Mentioning her photos tickles her curiosity. It’s about HER… and something is weird, of beautiful, or in some way interesting.

What could it be?

“What’s so interesting about my photos?”, she wonders.

“O, no… It’s my third photo, isn’t it? I knew it made me look like a beached whale.”

By the way. Did you know I finished profiling the visitors of my website? I now know you better than you know yourself. Don’t believe me? Check out >YOUR PROFILE<.

My apologies for the clickbait. But now you understand why the pull of the photo opener is so strong.

Here’s a Tinder example:

I made a free video for you that teaches you the ins and outs of the above openers, and the next two messages you want to send her for a perfect start.

In the video you get 7 case studies, so you always know how to handle any beginning of the conversation.

That way you’ll hit the ground running.

Holy Tip:

Are you traveling through Europe or Belgium?

Want to amp up your dating app success?

Then I recommend you get Tinder Plus.

Even if it’s just for a month.

Some features make online dating much easier.

I review them in my Tinder Plus review.

In my review, I pay special attention to the functions that are extra valuable for travelers.

Even better, I also wrote a guide on how to use Tinder when traveling!

Bonus: Opener to hook your Flemish match

What’s better than 1 strong opening line?

2 Strong opening lines.

I hope you’re ready, because the next opener oozes $w@g.

And perhaps a little bit of crazy.

Another perk is that it doesn’t require you to skim through her bio or pictures.

It’s a perfect fit for any match.

But enough dilly dallying.

Once you match with a cutie you send her the next message:

“If I was a T-rex, I’d try to hold you in my tiny arms. And then I’d cry because I couldn’t resist the yummy smell of human and ate you.”

No, I’m not drunk.

I stand behind that line a full 69%.

I’ve tested it outside of Belgium too. Look:

See? I’m not cray cray.

It did its job even though I flubbed the text a little. She said so herself, “Infinitely better than ‘hi’”

Do you want more swagalicious and nutty openers? Be sure to check my Tinder openers article. I wrote 17 in a row for you.

#2: From Tinder match to date

Keeping the Tinder convo going until D-Day (date-day) is a long and tough road, unless you use the method I’m about to give you.

Let’s consider all the hurdles you need to cross.

  • Get her excited enough to exchange numbers.
  • Continue chatting over text.
  • Make her thrilled to meet you.
  • And set a date.

(More on the date and Tinder date ideas later.)

Before I hand you the goods, we have to understand what our Basic Bro is doing wrong.

The average dude’s conversation fizzles out quicker than Vanilla Ice’s career.

There’s a lesson here. And it’s not dickpics.

Whatever brilliant line Basic Bros use to start the conversation on Tinder, they can’t keep it up.

Once the opener is fired, he falls back to his usual middle of the road self and sends the stalest texts.

Texts staler than the crumbs in the back of your bread bin.

And so with every word bubble he sends, he hammers another nail into his coffin. Until the conversation inevitably dies out.

I recently read in Cosmo that Belgian women use Tinder most right before bedtime.

It sounds weird, but it actually makes perfect sense: Tinder makes women fall asleep faster than downing a bottle of horse tranquilizers.

Belgian women on Tinder

What actually knocks them out, you ask?

A screen filled with the next messages:

  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What are you studying?
  • Where do you live?

Basic Bro treating his Tinder convos like a job interview.

While such questions are essential for finding new staff, it’s not how you set a woman’s heart on fire.

The TextGod motto is:

Fire up all her emotions, except boredom.

Instead of putting her to sleep, the remaining rainbow of emotions spur her into replying.

So how do we pump some stimulating juice into your messages?

Let’s begin with what we have: Basic Bro’s questions.

How about we translate his questions into assumptions.

Instead of asking her about her hobbies, you take a guess.

“You really seem like a cat lady. If you could you’d probably adopt all the cats from the shelter.”

Any dull question can be turned into a hunch.

“You’re definitely a farm girl. Milking cows, chasing chickens… totally you.”

“I get a strong feeling you’re a banker… a banker who launders money for crooks.”

You probably noticed these statements share a special je ne sais quoi (I don’t know what).

They all have a teasing tone.

“Tease hoes and she takes off her clothes”
— Minnie Mouse

Teasing is essential for seducing women.

But teasing is only a part of the big seduction picture.

You have to keep her on her toes or she’ll grow bored with you.

Keep it fresh by transforming your statements using the TLC formula:

  • Tease
  • Laugh
  • Challenge

If your Tinder texts have at least one of the above, and you keep mixing up the dose, she’ll hang on every word.

And if I didn’t already make flirting easy enough for you, I also have a video on how to keep your convos going:

#3: Truth your way into her panties

The biggest turn off for a woman is a man who’s a brown noser.

And it’s just as it sounds. The man of her nightmares sticks his face where the sun doesn’t shine.

Figuratively of course.

She probably finds the real thing very enjoyable.

Point is, she doesn’t like it when you suck up to her.

Women love men who have the guts to speak their mind.

This means you sometimes have to tell her a very scary word.

(I have no doubt you’re a fearless warrior named Kraang who wrestles bears for fun. But just humor me for a second.)

I’ll give you a chance to snuggle up with your favorite stuffed toy.

The scary word is:


  • No more prettying up your job.
  • No more boasting about how you won a chess tournament (as a child).
  • No more pretending to like her stories about her best friend who got a bad manicure the other day.

Be honest. Be yourself.

And you want to hear something crazy?

She wants you to be yourself too!

She’s tired of gutless men lying and bragging their way into her panties.

And I understand the desire to lie, bro. I really do.

Sometimes I also catch myself sprucing up the truth. Like when I tell her I’ve only slept with about 10 women and don’t fuck around.

Rejection is scary. I get it.

But tell her the truth. Even if that means saying you only want to bang her.

Some women will be grossed out and end the conversation.

But, speaking from personal experience, a lot of women love it when you’re open about sleeping with them.

Truthfully, every girl I get laid with knows I have no intention of being her boyfriend.

You want to know why being honest works?

It’s almost too simple to believe: women hate fakers.

I once took a woman home in broad daylight by saying this:

“I know this is going to sound crazy. We only met just 20 minutes ago. But I can’t stop getting distracted by your lips”

She set my loins on fire and I simply repeated to her what every fiber of my body was screaming at me.

A word of caution before you start hurling this line at every woman.

This spicy line only worked because I was 100% honest.

Women have a radar for bullshit.

If there was any hesitation in my eyes, voice or body language, my line would have blown up in my face. Instead of me later blowing my load in her face.

Women can tell when you’re a fraud.

The takeaway?

Stop bullshitting when you seduce women. Be honest. And be smart about it.

#4: The ABCs of Tinder dating in Belgium

A part of you loves dating, you just want to slam that sexy woman into your mattress.

But another part of you is terrified! “Gee, I hope she likes me…”

I’m going to run you through the ABCs of dating.

Essentials you must know if you want to see her again, or if you want a new “spooning” partner.

You can actually make your date mad about you with just one date.

It’s quite simple when you know what you’re doing.

Let’s first learn the DON’Ts from Basic Bro.

Do you have an idea of what our generic buddy does?

He makes plans to go have a bite or a drink. Probably at a venue slightly fancier than usual. And he’s sweating to make a good impression.

So our nervous bro meets up with his date in front of the café and takes her inside.

Chances are the duo will spend the next two hours in awkward conversation. Lots of interview questions, clumsy silences, and one too many drinks.

When the date runs its course, our bro takes her home where he gets a peck on the cheek.

Or if he really messed up, a handshake.

Even though the whole date was fueled with the desire to kiss her, Basic Bro never saw the time to strike and goes home to squeeze one out.

Another one of Basic Bro’s favorites is the movie date.

You talk to her for a couple of minutes while you buy popcorn and walk her to your seats. But as soon as the big curtains open and the picture starts rolling, you’re forced to shut your mouth.

The next 90 minutes are spent in silence.

Do you see the problem?

When you take her to the cinema, you’re not getting to know her. You can’t even see her.

In other words: not a good idea for a date.

Dates are supposed to be lively

Have you ever gone on a date and received a text like this the day after:

It was fun yesterday. But let’s just be friends.


It’s okay. We all know that feel bro.

A moment of silence for all our fallen comrades.

Okay. Enough self pity!

Time to get lucky on Tinder.

The first cornerstone of any good date is adventure.

Toss any ideas about dinner and the movies into the trash. That’s Dullsville.

The best dates are stimulating. And making your dates stimulating is surprisingly easy to do.

The easiest way to add pep to your date is to visit multiple venues.

Have a mojito there, eat some ice cream here and study your bed at home.

Keep the locations within walking distance.

By changing scenes you literally walk off the nerves and you get to know each other more naturally. Sitting in a little room and firing questions at each other is weird.

More importantly, motion creates emotion. You know, the stuff that decides if she’s getting turned on or turned off.

Talking triggers our emotions too, but parachuting out of an airplane does it much better.

Keep your date on the move and kissing will feel natural to both of you.

Are you planning a date?

Make sure to meet about 5 – 10 minutes away from your first venue.

Bonus points if you keep the rest of the date a secret. It adds to the excitement.

Don’t sit across from her

Almost every guy does this wrong. But you’re in luck.

You’ll get it right, because you’re reading this article.

When you sit in a bar, or put down your ass in some other place, you don’t want to sit in front of her.

Not only does this mimic the job interview, but it forces you into giving a performance.

Suddenly a casual date turns into a high stakes situation.

But if you sit next to her, the date becomes much more friendly. You’re just two pals getting ready for some bedtime athletics.

Now you can have moments of silence without it feeling awkward.

What’s more, you’re seeing exactly what she’s seeing. Which always provides lots of topics for conversation.

“You see that goofball in the corner? He’s totally your type.”

People watching is very entertaining.

You want to know what the best part is about people watching? It gives you a great excuse to get close and put your arm around her.

Or at least tap her on the shoulder before pointing out the super cute dog that’s walking by.

How are you going to get physical from across the other side of the table?

#5: Belgium’s best locations for a Tinder date

Treating your date to a happy meal is like flipping her the bird.

Flying her to the Bahamas is like begging her to like you.

So what is a good first date?

And how do you impress her without making it rain?

Excellent questions.

Firstly, any venue or activity that helps show your personality is good.

Don’t know any places that match your personality?

Pick a location that’s warm, inviting and cozy.

One of my favorite cafés is basically a big living room with cheap coffee.

What makes it special is that it has dozens of couches and bean bags where you can curl up with your date.

Another bar I like has a live band, an open fire, and a gorgeous view over a lake.

Which brings me to my second point.

Taking her out for drinks isn’t exactly an adventure that makes her jump for joy.

If you’re planning on grabbing a beer with her, take her to some place unique. (That doesn’t mean expensive.)

An easy way to score cool points is to bring her somewhere with a stunning view.

But that view can also be replaced by: a fiery cocktail, live DJ, ping pong table, a jacuzzi, or amazing architecture.

Fun Belgian Tinder date ideas

If you want to be her Prince Charming, plan a date that fits her like a glove.

Imagine you matched on Tinder with a biologist. How much fun would she have if you took her on a date to a zoo?

By tailoring the date to her personality, you stand out above every man she’s ever dated.

When she talks to her girlfriends about you.

You don’t have a good read on her likes and dislikes?

No problem. I’ve got plenty of exciting Tinder date activities for you.

  • Hollering in a karaoke bar
  • Air hockey at the arcade
  • Seeing the Belgian sights
  • Slapping your knees in a comedy cafe
  • Shooting pool
  • Pondering art in a museum
  • Picnicking in the park
  • Baking homemade Belgian waffles

And now I’ll give you some specific ideas per city.

So you’ll always know how to impress your Tinder date, even if she’s a local.

Original date locations in Antwerp

Antwerp is stuffed with great date spots.

If you’re meeting in Antwerp, pick her up at Central Station. Take in the gorgeous architecture and walk her to your first café.

My personal favorite is Jazz Café de Muze.

It’s cozy, plays live jazz and the upstairs has sofas you can sink into.

What’s more, if you leave from Central Station, you can walk her through the Meir. Antwerp’s biggest shopping district.

Go window shopping, watch street performers or get harassed by street vendors.

Now for your second venue.

If you’re not a pu$$yboi and like to move your feet, there’s Café Barbarossa.

The café hires a DJ on the weekend which makes it perfect for a date later in the evening.

Original date locations in Ghent

Afraid you’re going to run out of things to say and bore her?

Take her to O’Learys!

It’s a venue with a thousand and one games. Not only can you drink a delicious cocktail, but you also can:

Play mini-golf, shuffleboard, pool, darts, air hockey, basket hoops. You can even go curling on artificial ice!

Do you prefer to do something more chill?

Take her to café ‘t Spijker.

The ground floor is your typical tavern. Old, smelly, and full of character.

Walk up a flight of steps and you find an atmospheric lounge.

And when the weather is nice you can sit on the terrace overlooking the river Lys. Very romantic.

Looking for a date spot in Brussels?

Check out the video where I discuss the Harry Potter style bar, plus give you some useful tips for dating in my home country.

#6: Making a killer first impression

Don’t underestimate the power of a first impression.

Research says an impression is made within 1/10th of a second.

Impressions last!

I’ll assume you already take good care of yourself.

You regularly get your hair styled, you wear fitting clothes, you brush your teeth, and so on.

If not, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

What’s at least as important as your looks is your body language.

There are two non-verbals I want you to knock out the park.

The first is your laugh.

Not a half-hearted smirk. A laugh that shows how happy you are to see your date.

Why? (Hopefully a redundant question.) Because you ought to want to spend time with her.

What’s more, a laugh shows confidence and is attractive.

Two, give her a hug. Not an awkward, stick-your-butt-out-while-you-lean-in-hug. But an I-want-to-invite-you-into-my-life-hug.


It’s not a business meeting and you don’t want to be her friend. You want to potentially be her lover.

Don’t kill the attraction with a handshake.

If you’re not much of a hugger, here are some tips.

A greeting hug is a gift. Not an excuse to feel her tits pressing up against you, or a technique to squeeze the life out of her.

See her, walk toward her, show off your pearly whites, swing open your arms when close.

THIS is what you should look like during the first encounter.

She’ll recognize your giving attitude and gladly fall into your arms.

Finish your hug with a sincere compliment.

Honesty lasts longest and all that jazz.

Is she wearing sexy heels? Tell her:

“Hey, awesome heels!”

Can’t keep your eyes off her necklace?

“I love your necklace!”

Holy Tip:

Are you a boss? Tease her right from the start. “I love your necklace! And I love how much effort you put into impressing me. ;)”

Let’s get native now.

Bonus: The native opener

As promised, an opener to impress your French and Flemish Tinder match.

But you’re not trying to impress her with your sick French skills. (Dey be mad good, brah.)

You want to blow her away with your bad boy charm. And you will.

The cocky French opener:

“Salut petit voyou! Je suis actuellement un touriste en train d’envahir votre pays.”


“Hi my little thug! I’m a tourist invading your country.”

(It’s obviously funnier in French than in English.)

What is special about this opener?

One, you’re teasing her. You’re not only calling her a crook, but a man. (You’re using the male version of the word).

A woman likes being teased because most men go through the dirt to kiss her feet.

Two, you’re playfully confident. You’re not just visiting, you’re attacking.

This requires no explanation, women love confident men.

I have two other playful nicknames you can call her:

  • Mon petit prince (you read that right, not princess)
  • Chenapan (means scoundrel and is also the male version)

Switch it round however you like.

By now I’m sure you have an attractive Tinder profile that collects more matches than a vacuum cleaner gathers dust.

And if you don’t, check out this article to get you to a higher level of dating app success:

This means you will have girls opening the conversation in Flemish or French.

I have two cheeky responses for you that say you don’t speak their language.

In Flemish:

Sorry kapoentje, ik spreek geen Vlaams.


“Sorry rascal, I don’t speak Flemish.”

In French:

Excusez moi, ma petit chenapan, je ne parle pas le Francais.


“Excuse me, my little scoundrel, I don’t speak French.”

Enjoy Tinder in Belgium!

Enjoy your waffles, chocolates, beers, and lyfe!

Louis Farfields

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