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Using Tinder While Traveling: 10 Tips to Get Exotic Dates

You frequently fly abroad on the holidays.

Or perhaps you go on lots of business trips.

And you want to use Tinder while traveling.

Your questions will soon be answered…

Read on and get:

  • Use my Tinder strategy while traveling
  • The one activity that can boost your fun abroad INSTANTLY
  • 3 Reasons why you should Tinder abroad
  • A crucial mistake that sabotages your odds of getting lucky
  • The simplest tip for getting more matches abroad
  • #1 Icebreaker for Tinder in another country
  • How to avoid getting scammed for thousands of dollars
  • 9 Tinder travel guides
  • Me playfully bashing nice guys, neckbeards, and anything fedora-related
  • Much more…

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

#1: Does Tinder work abroad or are there better dating apps?

There is ONE dating app you can use to get matches in ALL countries of the world.

Whether you’re in:

  • Central America’s Panama.
  • Europe’s Germany.
  • Africa’s Angola.
  • Or Asia’s Laos.

No country can close its borders to the phenomenal dating app called…


Behind foreign lines, Tinder is your best ally.

Each day, 20 million matches are made across 196 countries.

Three out of five Tinder users live outside North America.

Ignoring the US, Tinder is especially popular in India, Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and northern and western Europe.

Swiping your way to love is not just an American trend.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

#2: Three reasons to use Tinder while traveling

There’s one simple activity that can boost your fun abroad in an INSTANT.

Growing a neckbeard!


Just kidding.

I’m of course talking about Tinder.

Here’s three reasons to use Tinder for travel:

1. You meet the locals

When you stay in hotels and hostels, you meet lots of people looking to socialize.

So there’s no reason to fire up Tinder, right?


People staying in hostels are travelers. And after a couple of nights, they zip off to their next destination.


Plus, hostel guests are tourists. They know as little about the local culture as you.

If you visit exotic countries, you want to soak up as many new experiences as possible. And get a real taste for local life.

What better way to taste the culture than dating a native?

She can tell you about the customs, show you the best sights and give you a glimpse of the day-to-day life.

What brings me to the next point…

2. You get an interpreter

If you travel to the modern world, most people speak English.

But once you travel outside of Europe and visit the poorer nations of the world, you run into a language barrier.

Suddenly not everybody understands English, let alone speaks it.

So you may want someone to help you out.


Tinder to the rescue.

Swipe away and find yourself someone who can text in English.

You just found yourself an interpreter.

3. Adventures

Your expat friends or hostel buddies are fun. But odds are they’ll do the tourist routine.

Which isn’t necessarily bad.

But it’s hardly exciting.

Imagine being huddled together with:

  • The selfie-stick wielding Instagram addict.
  • The fanny-pack wearing guidebook hugger.
  • And the BO-stinking backpacker.

If you see tourists like these in your hometown, you probably avoid them like the plague.

So why be one?

Instead, date a native.

See the local hangouts.

Go out with her friends.

Perhaps rent a car and go on a road trip together.


But before you go on an international adventure, something IMPORTANT.

Read it in the next tip.

#3: Crucial Tinder tip before you leave on your trip

Don’t make the next mistake, because it will sabotage your chances of getting lucky:

Forget to pack your fedora.

I kid.

You’d never forget your fedora, because if you’re a true tipper like me, you’ve stapled it to your skull.

Seriously though, before you travel, you want to sort your Tinder profile.

Specifically your Tinder photos.

Bear with me, because what I’m about to say may sound controversial.

Do you know the default photos every sightseer makes?

You know, the kind that makes you want to RKO a tourist outta nowhere?

  • Holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Touching the Wall Street Bull
  • Pushing over the Washington Monument
  • 8+ cuties posing in front of my bedroom (just go with it, maybe it’ll start a trend)

The photos are played out, cliched and exactly what I want to see in your Tinder album.

Although, I suppose you can get creative.

Before you slam that X in the top right corner, give me one moment to explain myself.

Even though your friends wouldn’t be caught dead posing in front of the historical landmarks of your hometown.

When you travel abroad, those same cliched photos will be exotic and welcomed.

Think about it.

Posing underneath the Northern Lights, or on a camel in front of the Pyramid of Giza, or next to charming snakes in Morocco…

…all probably sounds HELLA COOL to you.

Because it’s something you never see.

But what do you think the locals think of those photos?


In exactly the same way that a New Yorker won’t be found dead shooting a selfie in front of the Statue Of Liberty…

…A person from Iceland is embarrassed by posing underneath the Northern Lights.

What does that mean for you?

When you go abroad, your hometown tourist photos make you seem well-traveled and exotic.

And they’ll help you hook up.

So go to your local tourist hotspots and do a shoot.

If you’re reading this while already abroad, no problem.

Here’s 7 Tinder Profile Tips that get you MORE matches, that you can do right NOW.

Just click the above link.

A great Tinder profile isn’t complete with a good bio.

So how do you…

#4: Write a good bio for traveling

The advice you’re about to get may be the difference between 100 and ZERO matches.

If you want as many matches as possible, your bio must be…

Adapted to your situation and region.

Every region has its own turn-ons and turn-offs.

If you use the same bio everywhere you go, you risk scaring off lots of women.

Let me tell you a story.

Normally, my Tinder bio is cocky.

And in many countries, that gets me my favorite type of girl.

But in Kiev, it got me almost NO matches.

Kiev has lots of sex tourists who look very similar to me: dark hair and tan skin.

But the local girls hate sex tourists.

So when women see I’m foreign and have dark hair and tan skin, they swipe me left or interrogate me.

To get more matches and better conversations, I had to change my bio so that I was more likeable:

Less fuckboi and more good guy.

How did I do that?

I wrote that I was staying in Kiev for work (instead of a vacation) and removed the arrogance from my bio.

The result?

I got more matches and the girls stopped grilling me.

The takeaway:

Adapt your bio to your situation.

Holy Tip:

No matter what you’re looking for:

a relationship or a fling, keep your profile funny.

Funny bios always beat boring.

Attracting boring girls? Have more of a challenging bio.

Do girls not trust you? Write a nicer bio.

Now onto the easiest tip with the most results.

#5 Tinder travel features

If this is the ONLY tip you follow from this entire article, you’ll already get way more matches.

Get Tinder Plus.

Look, endorsing Tinder gives me zero smackaroos.

I only recommend Tinder Plus for your own interest.

Here are the main reasons why Tinder Plus (or Gold) is a MUST when traveling.

(And no, we’re not sponsored by Tinder, although we would love that.)

1. Location Change

Tinder Plus gives you Tinder Passport.

A feature that lets you swipe in Burkina Faso from your apartment in New York.

Why should you be interested in faking your location?

Because it lets you set up matches at your holiday location before you even get there!

Holy Tip:

You’re only visible to the people in your selected location.

Nobody in your actual area can see you.

Imagine flying all the way to Tokyo, Japan. Dropping off your luggage at your hostel or Airbnb. And then walking down the street to meet your date.

Talk about efficiency.

Without the Passport feature, you have to swipe and plan the date at your international destination.

Wasting precious time.

2. Control your distance

Tinder Plus lets you limit the information other Tinder users can see.

Though feeling the urge to hide is not an attractive quality, concealing your distance perfectly complements the Passport feature.

Continuing our previous example, imagine you’re about to go to Tokyo, Japan.

Next, you fire up Tinder from your NYC apartment and set your location to Tokyo.

Then you swipe for half an hour and go to bed.

As you wake up, you eagerly check Tinder for new matches.


Want to know why?

Every girl in Japan sees you’re almost 7.000 miles away.

Swiping you right feels pointless.

If only she knew you’d be in her hometown next week…

Swiping from abroad? Hide your distance.

3. Boost

“Skip the line with Tinder Boost”

Put simply, Boost moves your profile to the top of the Tinder stack for 30 minutes, to all the girls in your neighborhood.

Tinder claims it gets you 10x more views than normal.

I’d say 5 times more than usual is closer to the truth.

That’s still a crazy increase in views. And well worth it.

Tinder Plus gives you one Tinder Boost for free.

Click the purple button at the top of your swipe screen to activate it.

With the benefits of Tinder Plus out of the way, we can move onto conversational tips.

#6: Best Tinder line to use when traveling

You can woo a woman in many ways, but few are better than…

Showing that you GET her.

While you can’t understand your new match on a personal level, you can on a cultural level.

Here’s an example from coach Dan texting a Lithuanian girl.

Focus most of your attention on Dan’s third text and her reaction.

Historical references…


What does that mean for you, m’gentleman?

Do your homework about the country you’re about to visit.

Figure out the adversities the locals have faced.

And show off your big brain.

Callback humor. Hueh, hueh.

And if you want more lines, check out my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Not only will you get lines to tease her.

But also:

  • Several openers
  • Funny answers to standard questions
  • Lines to tease her
  • And more…

Plus, it’s FREE!

Get your 10 Texts That Always Work here.

Here’s a text that didn’t make the cut:

Sadly, few women understood that I was a man of culture.

*wipes Dorito fingers clean on sweatpants*

Now you’re almost ready to steal the hearts of cute foreigners.

But you want to be careful and…

#7: Don’t make these 3 mistakes when using Tinder on your travels

Make the next mistakes and you won’t just go home alone, you may get scammed out of a million HK dollars.

If you want your foreign Tinder trip to go well, follow the next steps.

 1. Be honest about being a tourist

For you, Tinder may be a way to get laid during a vacation or business trip.

But your Tinder match may not be up for a fling with someone who she’ll never see again.

Now, you may want to keep your temporary stay a secret.

But that might be heartbreaking for when you eventually leave. Both for you and her.

And as long as you explain the situation and lay down the ground rules—like keeping in touch—there’s no harm in it.

So disclose your tourist status in your bio or communicate it via text.

And don’t be afraid that your honesty will scare off the locals.

The attractiveness of honestly never goes bad.

2. Be aware of scammers

Many people fall victim to online dating scams.

A rich and lonely man got duped out of $100.000.

Luckily, the pattern is almost always the same:

“I love you, there’s an emergency, please send me money.”

Now, you may think to yourself, “I won’t fall for that. It’s too obvious.”

But the scam can also be subtle:

“I think you’re super cute and really want to meet you, but I don’t have enough money to pay the cab fare. Please send me money.”

And it happens more often than you think.

Here’s a screenshot of a scammer in Ukraine:

The trip from her Google location to the cafe didn’t nearly cost as much as money as she asked.

3. Don’t expect the locals to use the same texting apps

What’s normal to you, may not be normal to the locals.

Even though they are popular in the West, not everybody will have Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, or Whatsapp.

So expect to download some obscure apps.

With the mistakes wrapped up, let’s get onto getting lucky!

#8: Tinder travel hookup

Get ladies into your bed with my S-L-U-T method.

(The accidental acronym referring to myself, of course.)

The most effective way to get laid via Tinder.

If you’re not already having bedroom adventures from Tinder, you’re probably:

  • Boring.
  • Hiding your desire for sweet monkey sex.

My method will fix that.

Let’s get down to business.

The S stands for Sexualize.

The L stands for Lead.

The U for Understand.

And the T for Tease.

To get laid, you want to move through all these steps.

And whether you use Tinder at home or Tinder for travel, they always work.

Figure out how to apply the S-L-U-T method in my 4-minute video.

Next up, a tip to keep you safe.

Don’t take your safety lightly.

#9: Tinder Traveler Alert

In most of the Western world, you’re free to be your genuine self. But in other countries that can get you hurt or thrown in jail.

About 70 countries criminalize LGBTQ status.

In those countries, same-sex relationships are illegal.

So if you are not hetero in public, you can LEGALLY get put behind bars.

Punishment varies from country to country, but in some regions, you may get sentenced to death.


To keep you safe, Tinder gives us the Traveler Alert.

So when you open Tinder in an unsafe location, you first see this:

In short, Tinder automatically hides LGBTQ Tinder profiles from the public.

Only when you specifically choose to be shown, can other users see you on Tinder.

Good guy Tinder.

And if you do decide to go public, Tinder will hide your non-straight sexual orientation, or non-binary gender until you leave the country.

Which reminds me.

Every country has its own quirks and oddities when it comes to online dating.

Let’s give you a quick rundown of some common travel destinations.

#10: Tinder travel guides per country

Go from zero to 3+ dates a week with my Tinder travel guides.

A travel guide is like a map.

You don’t NEED directions to get to India.

But without directions, you may pull a Columbus.

Columbus arrives in India using Apple maps.

Guides give you the results you want, QUICKLY.

Going traveling soon?

Here’s a list of Tinder guides I already made, plus a short summary:

1. Tinder in The Netherlands

  • The truth about ganja that every foreigner gets wrong
  • 2 Icebreakers that get a reply
  • The #1 Dutch city to meet and date locals

2. Tinder in Belgium

  • How I took a woman home in under 30 minutes in broad daylight
  • 2 Extra effective openers
  • Beste date ideas for Belgian cities

3. Tinder in Ukraine

  • My 3 favorite date locations in Kiev
  • Why Ukrainian women did NOT like me, and how I changed that
  • 11 Copypasta texts + stealable Tinder bio

4. Tinder in London

  • 2 Major turn offs for British women
  • #1 Thing to do to get lucky with girls from London
  • My personal favorite date locations

5. Tinder in Chicago

  • A secret Chicago swiping spot to double your matches
  • The most important principle to keep her interested via text
  • A dating tip that will change your sex life for the better

6. Tinder in Perth

  • Ozzie slang that melts her heart
  • The date that gets her thirsting for your attention
  • 8 Date ideas that will set you apart from the rest

7. Tinder in Sydney

  • 3 Original pick up lines that get her smiling and get you a reply
  • The date idea that was good enough for Justin Timberlake
  • Sydney’s ABCs on not being an a-hole

8. Tinder in Toronto

  • The battle of the century: Tinder vs. Bumble
  • 5 Date locations to woo and impress your date
  • Must-know dating rules if you don’t want to embarrass yourself

9. Tinder in Vilnius

  • The #1 favorite date as voted by team TextGod
  • A screenshot of her favorite Tinder text (“total turn on”)
  • An app that gets you almost as many matches as Tinder

Which city or country do you think is missing?

Let me know in the comments.

Before we say our goodbyes, one last thing.

A gift.

Do you ever:

  • Not know what to tell your Tinder match?
  • Feel like you’re carrying the conversation?
  • Think the conversation is too boring?
  • Not know how to ask your match out on a date?

Then I’ve got just what you need.

The 10 Texts That Always Worked.

Follow the link and get 10 tried-and-tested texts that work like magic.

Enjoy, buddy.

Louis Farfields

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