Using Tinder While Traveling: 10 Tips to Get Exotic Dates

You frequently cross the borders of your hometown for business or pleasure.

And you want to use Tinder while traveling, to arrange some dates before you even arrive.

Read on and you’ll get all the tips you’re looking for.

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Is Tinder the best dating app for traveling?

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the sunbleached beaches of Panama, the fallout bunkers in Germany, or the sweaty jungles of Laos. Behind foreign lines, Tinder is your best ally.

Each day, 20 million matches are made across 196 countries. Three out of five Tinder users live outside North America.

Ignoring the US, Tinder is especially popular in India, Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and northern and Western Europe.

Swiping your way to love is not just an American trend.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

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Three reasons to use Tinder while traveling

Here are three big reasons to use Tinder for your travels.

  • An easy way to connect with the locals. Although you can meet up with tourists in your hotel or hostel, these people will quickly zip off to their next destination. But the locals? They’re there to stay.
  • You have an interpreter. Yes, many people in the world speak English. But once you travel outside of Europe and visit the poorer nations of the world, you’ll often run into a language barrier. Tinder to the rescue! Swipe away and find yourself someone who can text in English. There’s your interpreter.
  • You’ll have a better time. As you know from your own experience in your hometown or city, tourists spend their days doing pretty lame stuff. Stuff that you’d never do. That’s why it’s so much more fun to date a local. Then you’ll see the local hangouts, go out with her friends, and maybe even go on a road trip through the country.

8 Tips to make your Tinder travels a success

1. Update your profile before you leave on your trip

You obviously want to have the strongest profile possible. But here’s one tip that’ll get you that extra bit of success.

Be a tourist in your own country.

I know it’s cringe to see people doing all the standard tourist stuff in your area. Like touching the Wall Street Bull, pushing over the Washington Monument and 8+ cuties posing in front of my bedroom (just go with it, maybe it’ll start a trend).

But when you travel abroad, those same cliched photos will be exotic and welcomed.

A person from Iceland is probably embarrassed by posing underneath the Northern Lights. But if you’ve never seen that pretty green sky, you’ll be in awe.

Use that to your advantage.

2.  Adapt your bio for travel

If you want as many Tinder matches as possible, your bio must be…

…adapted to your situation and region.

Every region has its specific turn-ons and turn-offs.

Let me explain using my experiences in Kiev.  Normally, my Tinder bio is playfully cocky and that gets me lots of matches.

But in Kiev, it got me almost NO matches.


Kiev gets many sex tourists who look similar to me: dark hair and tan skin. The problem is that the locals hate sex tourists.

So when women see my profile, they tend to swipe me left or interrogate me after matching.

Not exactly my favorite.

To get more matches and better conversations, I had to make myself more trustworthy via my Tinder bio.

How did I do that?

I changed my about me and wrote that I was staying in Kiev for work (instead of a vacation) and wrote something a little more sincere and playful.

The result?

I got more matches and the girls stopped grilling me.

Tldr; if the locals are suspicious of you, write a more trustworthy bio. If the locals find your type attractive, write a more confident bio.

Holy Tip:

No matter what you’re looking for, a relationship or a fling, keep your profile playful.

3. Swipe before you reach your destination

If this is the ONLY tip you follow from this entire article, you’ll already get far more success using Tinder abroad.

Get Tinder Plus.

Look, endorsing Tinder gives me zero smackaroos. I only recommend Tinder Plus for your own interest.

What makes it so interesting? The Tinder Passport function.

That feature puts you in the location of your choice so you can like and be liked by girls from that area.

This means you can set up dates at your holiday location before you even get there!

Imagine flying all the way to Tokyo, Japan. Dropping off your luggage at your hostel or Airbnb. And then walking down the street to meet your date.

Talk about efficiency.

Without the Passport feature, you have to swipe and plan the date at your international destination. Wasting precious time.

Holy Tip:

If you do use the Tinder Passport feature, be sure to conceal your distance. Women aren’t as likely to swipe someone who is 7,000 miles away.

4. Start off strong

You can woo a woman in many ways, but few are better than…

…a personalized opener.

Girls like it when you put in effort. So when you send them a unique line that won’t make sense to send to anyone else, they’ll almost certainly love it.

Sadly, my spycam is broken, so I can’t check out the profiles of your latest Tinder matches. So here come some copy-pastable lines that feel personal.

Use these for inspiration:

  • [If she’s very adventurous] “Dang, [her name]. You’re like the female James Bond. Can’t wait to live out my dream of being a Bond Girl.”
  • “Your photos make you seem really open and outgoing. But I bet that you also have moments where you’re a shy little nerd. 😉”
  • [If she has a dog] “You’re so cute I just want to cuddle you all day! And I guess your 2-legged owner could get a hug too. ;)”

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5. Make yourself stand out from everyone else

The typical guy almost instantly gets himself rejected by being predictable.

He asks boring questions, he tries to be likable, and he’s stupidly excited just to be chatting with her.

These are all turnoffs. To get her attracted, you want to do the opposite:

Be a playful rebel who knows he’s as much of a catch as she is.

Once you take on that role, she’ll realize you’re different and fun! Someone that she’d like to meet.

Here are some texts that an attractive man would send his Tinder match:

  • “What’s the last dream you can remember? For me, I dreamt that I needed a butthole replacement lmao.”
  • “The ice cream truck just drove into your street. What do you get?”
  • “Tell me why you’re qualified to be my criminal sidekick.”

Here’s an example from coach Dan texting a Lithuanian girl and blowing her mind.


6. Be honest about your length of stay

For you, Tinder may be a way to get laid during a vacation or business trip.

But your Tinder match may not be up for a fling with someone who she’ll never see again.

Now, you may want to keep your temporary stay a secret.

But that might be heartbreaking for when you eventually leave. Both for you and her.

And as long as you explain the situation and lay down the ground rules—like keeping in touch—there’s no harm in it.

So disclose your tourist status in your bio or communicate it via text.

And don’t be afraid that your honesty will scare off the locals.

The attractiveness of honestly never goes bad.

7. Focus on creating your own fun

We all love the idea of meeting a beautiful, exotic girl and fireworks going off. But that’s not inside your control.

And if it doesn’t happen, your expectations may set you up for disappointment.

So even though using Tinder while traveling will likely give you a great time, it shouldn’t be the focus of your trip. Instead, prepare plans that’ll make your time abroad amazing, regardless of who you end up seeing from Tinder.

8. Be aware of scammers

Many people fall victim to online dating scams. A rich and lonely man got duped out of $100.000.

Luckily, the pattern is almost always the same:

“I love you, there’s an emergency, please send me money.”

Now, you may think to yourself, “I won’t fall for that. It’s too obvious.”

But the scam can also be subtle:

“I think you’re super cute and really want to meet you, but I don’t have enough money to pay the cab fare. Please send me money.”

And it happens more often than you think.

Here’s a screenshot of a scammer in Ukraine:

The trip from her Google location to the cafe didn’t nearly cost as much as money as she asked.

9. Adopt a local texting app

What’s normal to you, may not be normal to the locals.

Even though they are popular in the West, not everybody will have Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, or Whatsapp.

So depending on where you go, expect to download some obscure apps.

10. Use Traveler Alert if you’re part LGBTQ+

About 70 countries criminalize LGBTQ+ status. So if you are not hetero in public, you can LEGALLY get put behind bars.

Punishment varies from country to country, but in some regions, you may get sentenced to death.


To keep you safe, Tinder gives us the Traveler Alert.

So when you open Tinder in an unsafe location, you first see this:

In short, Tinder automatically hides LGBTQ Tinder profiles from the public.

Only when you specifically choose to be shown, can other users see you on Tinder.

Good guy Tinder.

And if you do decide to go public, Tinder will hide your non-straight sexual orientation, or non-binary gender until you leave the country.

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