Tinder in Melbourne: Complete Beginner’s Guide to 10+ Dates

Maybe you’re a local.

Perhaps you’re a tourist passing through.

Whatever your situation, you’re going to stay in Melbourne for a while.

And you want a guide for Tinder in Melbourne.


Here’s what you get:

  • A detailed review of the best dating apps for you
  • 4 Dating insights that’ll make your first date a flying success
  • 5 Stealable lines from opener to close (these raise your attraction)
  • 5 Unforgettable Melbourne dating ideas
  • A dating strategy that’ll change your dating life FOREVER

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Melbourne demographics

With about 5 million inhabitants, Melbourne is the second biggest city of Australia.

And is projected to steal Sydney’s title for biggest city by 2030 thanks to its high migration and birth rates.

As you can guess, more people means more Tinder matches.

At least… if the people are of the right age.

The largest chunk of the Melbourne population, 38% (almost 2 million people), is aged between 20 to 44 years old.

With a median age of 35.6 years old, Melbourne has a relatively young population. In fact, when compared to the state of Victoria, Melbourne has the lowest median age.

And if we look at the neighborhoods inside Melbourne, we find an even lower median in the areas surrounding the local universities.

Carlton, Parkville and Clayton all have a median age close to 25.

What about the male to female ratio?

Close to 50/50.

As of 2018, Melbourne houses about 100 females for every 97.9 guys.

Now, these are just the locals.

Melbourne also entertains about 14 million tourists every year. Who stay for an average of 22 nights.

Which significantly bumps up the average population ratio.

Ignoring the tourists and travelers, Melbourne has a culturally diverse population.

58% have either one or both parents born overseas. And roughly of all households speak two or more languages. The top languages (outside of English) are: Greek, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

Lastly, about a third of the locals enjoy an education of the bachelor degree level or higher.

In short:

  • Melbourne has a population of 5 million
  • Over half the locals are younger than 36 and the areas around the universities are jam-packed with 20 year olds
  • Male to female ratio is almost equal
  • Melbourne has a steady influx of tourists, travelers and expats
  • The locals have a diverse cultural and ethnic background
  • Many people are highly educated

Tinder alternatives

Online dating has been popular in Australia for almost a decade.

A 2010 survey of 54,000 Australians showed that 35% of people in a relationship met their partners online.

So telling your mates you have a Tinder date is far from unusual.

And yes, as of now Tinder is the most popular dating app in Australia.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s the best dating app.

Especially not in Melbourne, where the population is so large that you’re guaranteed to find people on alternative dating apps.

So what other dating apps can you use to find your next casual fling, hookup, or relationship?

Better yet, what is the top dating app?

The first that comes to my mind is:


Bumble is essentially Tinder with a twist.

The twist being, women text first.

So once you get a match, the chat does NOT open until she sends you the first message.

Which gets rid of the biggest complaint women have about Tinder:

Having their inbox blown up by sex hungry duderinos.

As of 2019, Bumble has over 1 million active Australian users.

Of which many live in Melbourne.

“So women on Bumble text first. Cool, I guess. But why would I choose Bumble over Tinder?”

Good question.

For one, Bumble offers lets you screen out girls that you have no interest in using filters.

By selecting a filter, such as ‘no smoking’, you remove all the smokers from your swipe stack.

You can also filter out girls based on: relationship desires, fitness level, drinking habits, religion, and so on.

Tinder only gives you the option to screen on age and distance. Making finding the right woman for more difficult and time consuming.

Besides that, Bumble tends to attract higher quality women.

And also gives you a better insight of what someone is actually like, by giving users ‘prompts’.

A short sentence that encourages users to reveal something more personal about themselves.

Which is then shown on your profile. Making it much easier for girls to send you that first text.

That said, Bumble does have a drawback.

The women text first thing I mentioned?

She has to send you that text within 24 hours after matching (although you can extend the window with another 24 hours once a day to a total of 48.)

Does she not text you within that time frame?

You lose the match forever.

So, in sum:

  • Popular in Melbourne
  • Higher quality women than Tinder
  • More screening options than Tinder
  • You will lose matches, because women will be distracted by real life stuff and forget to text you on time

Now for my new favorite dating app. And possibly the best dating app of the future:


Hinge is dope as hell.

But before we get to that, let me tell you what makes Hinge unique.

Hinge calls itself the relationship app that’s “designed to be deleted.”

A bold claim.

But they can back it up.

Every day, Hinge shows you a profile of someone that the app thinks is a perfect fit for you.

That curated profile is usually pretty good.

But as with anything in the hands of a highly sophisticated algorithm nobody truly understands, that curated’ lady is sometimes far from a fit.

Feedback from my dedicated Mentoring Program bros.

So what else does Hinge offer?

A far more personal swiping experience.

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, you don’t swipe a photo to like someone.

Although you can, Hinge invites you to like someone by commenting on a specific photo or prompt.

Here I reply to one of her prompts.

Which pretty much replaces the standard Tinder opener.

And makes coming up with something original and exciting far easier.

Plus, if you write a good comment, she’s MUCH more likely to match you than if you just liked one of her photos.

What are some of Hinge’s drawbacks?

Firstly, you only get 10 likes or comments per day.

Which is more than enough if you have a solid profile that almost always lands you the match.

Holy Tip:

Everyone wants to look their best and have an irresistible dating profile

But most guys have no idea what ‘best’ looks like.

Just the other day a client from my Mentoring Program showed me an AWESOME photo that he didn’t want to use, because he thought he looked ugly.

So I told him to put it on photofeeler (a website where women rate your photos), where the photo got rated an…


If you want to find out what your best photo is, you can do one of 2 things:

– Pay for votes on photofeeler
– Download my free profile checklist

That profile checklist shows you exactly where the weaknesses are in your profile.

And what a good photo looks like.

Grab the checklist here.

One other possible Hinge drawback is…

Women’s expectations.

Although some are open to casual dating, most women are looking for something more serious.

So if you have NO intention of getting into a relationship, Hinge won’t be ideal.

  • Reasonably popular in Melbourne
  • Higher quality women than Tinder
  • More screening options than Tinder
  • Ability to see who liked you (Tinder asks money for this feature)
  • You can place your location anywhere in the world (Tinder asks money for this feature)
  • Old conversations disappear into a ‘hidden’ folder, cleaning up your inbox
  • Only 10 likes per day
  • Not great for hookups

Melbourne dating etiquette

Dating in Melbourne is similar to traveling through the outback.

There’s almost nothing to give you a sense of direction and you feel like you’re in a lawless no man’s land.

Why is that?

Because Australian dating culture doesn’t really exist.

Probably not what you hoped to hear.

But it probably gives some of you more experienced readers an ‘aha’ moment.

With so little to go on, let’s breakdown the most important aspects of dating in Melbourne.

Where do you take someone on a first date?

Any place and/or activity that’s public and casual.

Drinks at a bar is a popular date across the world for a reason.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call it the best.

What’s best depends mostly on you, and your ability to shoot the shit.

Holy Tip:

You may be wondering, “How do I ask her out?”

And if you weren’t, you should be.

Because despite that it sounds easy on paper.

Many dudes screw it up by seeming desperate or pushovers.

If you want to ask her out in a way that she can’t resist…

Check out The 10 Texts That Always Work.

It’ll show you the best way to ask her out, plus:

– Fun answers to boring questions
– How to tease her and raise attraction
– What to do when you don’t know what to say

Grab ‘em here.

Have you been blessed with a golden mouthpiece?

Take her wherever you like, as long as it’s busy so she feels safe.

Don’t you have the gift of the gab?

Take her somewhere with lots to look at, so you’re not the one source of entertainment.


  • A walk through the park
  • A trip to the bazaar
  • A video arcade
  • A cycling trip
  • A ride on your motorcycle

So pretty straight forward.

But then you run into the next issue…

Who picks up the tab?

Because there’s no fixed rule, we have to use our grey matter.

And that hunk of junk that’s sloshing in my skull tells me that…

You want to pay for the first round.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do two rounds in a bar.

Perhaps you took her to the park where you passed a food stand and bought a snack.

That snack’s on you.

And you pay it without batting an eye.

But because Australia is pretty progressive and about equal gender roles, you can tell your date,

“You can buy the ice cream.”

To which she’ll probably say, “What ice cream?”

“The one from the shop I’m taking you too.”

That way you don’t seem stingy. Plus, you don’t seem like a people pleasing pushover.

Is it normal to date several people at once?

This is a very contextual question that depends on the girl you’re with.

Girls from traditional backgrounds are likely to feel insulted when you see other girls behind their backs.

But generally speaking, Australian women are pretty open-minded.

And when you’re still in the early dating stage, where you’ve only seen each other once or twice, it feels a bit weird to demand monogamy from an almost stranger.

So yeah, when you’re still feeling each other out, exclusivity is not the norm.

And you can date several girls at once.

Until you have the first ‘talk’ where she asks you the classic question:

“So… what are we?”

Is sex OK on the first date?

I’ll get straight to the point:

Yes, according to Australian dating etiquette sex before the date is okay.

But it does have consequences.

Australian women know that men like to talk about their sexual conquests. Plus, how ‘cool’ it is for a man to sleep with a woman on the first date.

In short, she knows that most men aren’t hooking up with her to deepen the intimacy for the relationship. They do it to feel good about themselves.

That combined with her most feared thought, “He’ll think I hook up with anyone” will almost guarantee she won’t see you as relationship material.

Or that she won’t want to see you again, period.

So if you do hook up on the first date, be sure to let her know:

  • You admire how free she is with her own sexuality

That way she won’t feel ashamed and be more likely to see you again.

But bedroom calisthenics is probably not even in sight.

First you need some…

Effective Tinder lines

Up next are some Tinder lines which will make you stand out from the rest.

And make her interested in seeing you.

Let’s come up with a line for the most common situations.

Starting with…

The opener

Original, funny, and relevant.

The holy texting trinity.

Don’t know how to turn text upside down?

Just copy the text right off the screen:

ǝɹǝɥʇ oןןǝɥ

Holy Tip:

There’s thousands of lines that break the ice on Tinder.

But obviously, some are better than others.

The best copy pasta line of all time, is one I invented myself.

It’s so good, the Queen of England wanted to thank me for my contribution to mankind by turning me into a knight.

So I could be a real m’sir.

Anyway, it’s legit the highest response rate opener I’ve ever seen and used.

And I’m giving it away to you for FREE.

Check it out here.

And get 2 follow-up lines.

Plus, a video of me where I show you how I used it in my own conversations.

Raising attraction with teases

After you have her attention, it’s time to raise the attraction.

And the best way to do that is with…


So here are a couple.

Starting with one for when she says something you dislike:

That’s it, we’re breaking up

When she’s sending short texts:

Your short texts are breaking my heart

When she tells you something boring you don’t have an answer to:

I bet you tell that to all the guys, player

The close

You have convinced me of your genetic value, (name). Please hand me your phonetic digits so we may continue our blooming courtship via text message

Super over the top weird. Original. Emotionally stimulating.


Best Melbourne date ideas

Now it’s time to blow your date away with an awesome date experience.

I’m going to hook you up with a range of different activities.

One to appeal to every different type of woman.

Is your girl brainy?

Take her to…

Escape Room Melbourne

The first escape room of the city.

In case you don’t know, an Escape Room is a small room the size of a container.

And you pay a fee to be locked inside, and puzzle your way to the exit.

Usually a key, or password. Although some rooms involve solving a murder.

Yes, that means there are different rooms. And each has its own difficulty rating.

If you’re both new to Escape Rooms, do an easy one to feel good about yourself.

Because solving riddles for 60 minutes without a pay off feels a bit shitty.

Is your date more athletic?


Rock Climbing

Hard Rock offers the ultimate climbing experience.

Whether you’ve never touched a rock in your life, or if you’re a mountain goat.

Whatever course you pick, there’s always a trained instructor present to keep you safe and give you tips.

Perhaps you’re worried that rock climbing is an individual sport and that you won’t have enough interaction with your date.

That’s far from true.

Every wall climb has a specific colored route that’s similar to a puzzle. And goes up in difficulty.

So you and your date will be taking turns going up the different routes, starting at the easiest and working your way up to the next difficulty.

Where does the interaction come from?

Whoever’s on the ground is either cheering the other one on, or shouting instructions.

Because it’s the two of you battling the wall, you actually get a far deeper connection than if you were just having drinks in a pub.

Is your date more the nerdy type?

Take her…

Zombie Killing

Didn’t you know?

Melbourne has a zombie infestation.

In its Victoria Virtual Reality Center.

After you strap on your suit and headset, you’re ready to fight off the zombie horde.

Warning: Expect lots of screaming from your lady friend.

Although it’s a videogame, having zombies come at you is still a heart racing experience.

And will have you running for your life.

Which you can actually do without fear. Not only is the VR room HUGE, but whenever you get too close to a wall or other player, a siren will go off in your earphones.

Keeping you from sprinting headfirst into a wall.

Do you prefer to keep it more low key for a first date?

I gotcha covered.

How about you…

Go for a stroll through Queen Victoria Night Market

Basically a huge food bazaar with live entertainment.

It’s a fantastic way to spend your evening.

Expect endless rows of food and drink vendors, bars, but also stalls for art, fashion, and other knick-knacks.

You can explore over 100 stalls.

And if you visit in 2020, you’ll also find a Palm Springs inspired watering hole with flamingos, cacti and yummy cocktails. Plus a full-size volleyball court.

The Queen Victoria Night Market is a real treat for the senses.

And will never have you scrambling for a topic to talk about.

No awkward silences here, only fun.

Want to keep it casual in the afternoon?

No problem.

Take her…

For a walk or picnic in Melbourne’s parks

The Botanical Garden is probably the most beautiful picnic area in all of Melbourne.

And the Tan Track is an iconic horse-riding track which is ideal for a leisurely stroll through the Gardens.

Once you’re done, you can have a coffee at one of the cafes along Domain Road.

Best Melbourne date strategy

I’m about to drop some knowledge that’ll transform your dating life forever.

Making a good impression is not so much about the date location, or even the activity.

But how she felt during the peak and end of the date.

Which makes perfect sense once you think of a movie or a concert.

Every concert has boring moments.

Like when the musician plays 5 sings in a row that aren’t considered classics.

But if that same concert ends with a bang, or has an epic emotional moment somewhere in the middle, that’s what we’ll remember.

So the peak and the end of the date change her perception of the ENTIRE date.

What does that mean for you?

  • Keep the date dynamic to keep the date from getting boring (don’t stay too long at one venue, or else that’ll become the emotional low point she remembers)
  • Have a huge emotional peak moment (usually a kiss)
  • End it shortly after the kiss, so the date doesn’t end on a whimper, or do something that can top the kiss (like a ride in a roller coaster, horseback ride on the beach, haunted house, etc.)

If you follow this strategy, you’ll probably give her one of the best dates of her life.

And she’ll be thinking of you until she sees you again.

I can hear you thinking, “Again?”

Yes, because she’ll be dying to meet up with the guy who can give her so many awesome emotions.

That’s almost everything you need to know to successfully Tinder in Melbourne.

Except for one thing.


You obviously won’t get any unless you have a bulletproof dating profile.

Luckily, I have just the tool that’ll show you exactly how to maximize your dating profile results.

My Dating Profile Checklist points out all the weaknesses in your profile and how to fix them.

Which will get you all the female attention you want.

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Enjoy your time in Melbourne, bro.

Louis Farfields

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