Tinder in Ukraine: The Ultimate Guide to Ukrainian Dating App Success

You lucky bastard!

In the present, near future, or your dreams… you will be in Ukraine.

So obviously, you’re going to be on Tinder in Ukraine and probably Kiev.

I’m not sure if you’ve been a good boy but soon you’ll be walking through the gates of heaven.

In this article I shall bestow upon thou:

  • Best dating apps to use to maximize your dates in Ukraine
  • My survival tips to separate the horny hotties from the Ukrainian scammers (be careful here!)
  • Why Ukrainian women didn’t want ANYTHING to do with me (and what I did to change that)
  • My 3 favorite date locations in Kiev (1 casual, 1 nerdy, and 1 forbidden)
  • 11 Texts +1 Tinder bio that you can copy paste to get her juices flowing
  • Much more…

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#1 Ukrainian women (on Tinder in Kiev)

I’m going to make two assumptions about you.

Get ready for some insane cold reads, okay?

Here goes…

  • You like women
  • You like hotter women even more

Correct, and correct again?

*contemplates career switch to clairvoyant*

Well good news for you then. You’ll feel right at home in Kiev.

Or wherever in Ukraine you’re going.

Other large cities are equally great for using Tinder to meet girls:

Kharkiv, the second biggest city (very industrial, not as beautiful as Kiev).

Odessa, third biggest city that is mainly full of tourists during summer due to the nice beaches.

Lviv, a large gorgeous city with equally beautiful Ukrainian girls.

Everywhere you go…



Insanely beautiful.

I’ve been to a couple places and I’ve seen some stunners from around the globe. But let me tell you, Ukrainian women are definitely up there around the top ranks.

So there’s that. The women are stunning.

Let’s see what apps we best use to meet these m’ladies.

#2 Best dating apps in Ukraine

This one’s easy. There’s two things you need to know and you’ll be ready to start your journey meeting gorgeous Eastern European women.

Let’s start off with local dating apps.

You know, those apps you’ve never heard about where you are from but for some reason EVERYONE at location X is on it.

They’re not here.

Tinder is here.

Tinder is love, Tinder is lyfe. All hail the true king.

That was what my 2-minute-research taught me. But just to be sure, I double checked with the local ladies:

For those with a sharp eye, you saw it correctly: these girls are named Ana and Anna.

And if you’re planning a trip to Eastern Europe, get used to plenty more Anas, Annas, Anastasiyas, and so on.

The dating apps demographics seem the same here as elsewhere:

Tinder: Everyone is on there. Short term pleasure & serious relationships.

Badoo: Slightly younger people, slightly less educated, less focused on long relationships.

Bumble: Average age around 30, more educated people, more relationship focused vibe (although one night stand don’t seem to be a problem).

What I like about Bumble while traveling in Ukraine, is that the app always has less locals and more tourists. It’s an easy tool to scope out expats as well for times you just want to speak English (or perhaps your other native language).

#3 Best dating sites in Ukraine

Are you kidding me? You’re going to be in Ukraine and you’re going to use dating websites that drain your time?

Were you born yesterday? Install Tinder and do your dating while taking a dump, in bed before dozing off, or wherever and whenever you want.

It’s all you need to meet amazing, fun women! No matter your age or what you’re looking for online!

#4 Dating culture

This is the part where most men royally screw up.

Blowing their chances with girl after girl…

…to then join the horde of frustrated men in Ukraine that get to SEE all the gorgeous girls every day, but don’t get to date any …

You can prevent this from happening to you, by understanding the Ukrainian dating culture. Which is very likely to be different from the culture you are used to.

If you’re American or Western European, then you’re used to something else.

We’re used to more of a hook-up culture.

Kissing in a club, taking someone home for a steamy one night stand, multiple friends with benefits… It’s nothing really shocking…

…but in Ukraine, it’s slightly different.

One thing that I quickly noticed, is that kissing on a first date isn’t very common here.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. Because it does. But when it does, it’s more subtle. More private.


If you’re going to Ukraine for a couple days and expect a bang of a vacation, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment

Sex does happen, don’t worry about that. But bending each other backwards on the first date… not as often..

Here in Ukraine, it’s important that you bring out your inner gentleman. I know you’ve got one somewhere in there.

Traditional values carry much more weight here. Think of classics like keeping the door open for m’lady, getting m’lady some flowers, going out for dinner with m’lady, and so on… Just keep it balanced and make sure you don’t turn into a mega niceguy that friendzones himself.

When it comes to getting numbers…

While you’re in Ukraine, it’s best to download the texting app Telegram. It’s the WhatsApp of Eastern Europe. And it’s BETTER.

Get it, because everyone there uses it, and you won’t be very successful getting girls to WhatsApp you (or whatever app you use). Here they don’t use it. They use Telegram.

So, download it and as soon as you have it, start collecting stickers.

Two examples of rather normal stickers. Most of the ones I collected aren’t very suitable for this article.

You’ll come across them soon enough if you talk to enough girls with a naughty side 😉

What you need to know about Language in Kiev and Ukraine

Women in Ukraine don’t only speak in stickers.

There’s also Ukrainian… (no shit, Sherlock)

…and Russian.

Not gonna lie, to me they sound very similar. But don’t tell them that.

Most girls will speak both Ukrainian AND Russian.

Holy Tip:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Ukrainian and Russian are ‘like the same language’.

They’re not. And expressing this thought will make you look like a typical tourist.

If you’re into older women, then you better whip out Google Translate. Most of them aren’t fluent in English.

Younger people however usually speak English. Every now and then you’ll run into a girl that doesn’t.

I’ve had students who keep the conversation going with Google Translate, and I’ve had students who unmatch those girls and move on to the next one.

It’s up to you how much time you want to invest in those girls and the local language.

When traveling outside the major cities… don’t expect too much first class English.

Tinder scams in Kiev, Ukraine 🚨

Be CAREFUL for online dating scams in Ukraine.

There are three categories of scammers and they are hiding in between normal profiles everywhere.

If you value your money and time, then read this chapter and guard yourself with scammer repelling info from yours Unruly.

Wee woo wee woo wee woo!

Out of the way, Cyber Police Officer Farfields coming through!

🚨 Let’s start with the most obvious of scammers:

These profiles of usually cute girls with a WhatsApp number copy pasted over the photo…

I mean you have to be quite gullible to think this is an actual girl waiting for you to text her on Tinder… but these profiles work. That’s why there’s plenty of these floating around Tinder in Ukraine.

These girls are usually masseuses, escorts, or prostitutes.

Nice try, ladies. You’re under arrest!

🚨 The second category of scammers are a bit more subtle.

Their profile will look like any other Tinder profile. But once you match them, things gets fishy real quick.

Seems legit. Sign me up!

These profiles are bots on a mission to lure lonely men to their dating agencies.

Stay away from any profile that hits you up with walls of text like this. Should you encounter any, report them to Tinder so we can keep those scumbags out of our dating pool.

Nice try again, but you’re under arrest!

🚨 The third category are the most difficult to spot. They go undercover, deep in the ranks of normal girls.

You’ve got a match, you start talking, you hit it off well, and then, just as you thought your game was ON POINT… you start noticing one too many red flags…

Here’s a list of red flags to be aware of:

🚩She has vague photos

🚩She’s very eager to meet up

🚩She deletes you from Tinder after you’ve exchanged numbers. (So you can’t report her profile.)

🚩She chooses the date location instead of you. (Which is a no-go anyway, bro! You should always propose a date location.)

🚩She asks for money before the date

🚩She is uninterested during the date

🚩The date seems too good to be true

🚩She orders drinks like she hasn’t been hydrated in 69 years

🚩She’s not the same person as on the photos #CaptainObvious

Look at this screenshot example of a scam attempt:

This guy number closed a girl after some Tinder texting.

When they were deciding the date location, a couple red flags popped up.

Most people aren’t loaded in Kiev, so this guy assumed the taxi ride was a big cost for her.

He doesn’t mind covering it… until she says it’s about 800 hryvnia (pronounced as grivna). To give you an idea, that’s about $30.

Which doesn’t make sense if you know that:

  • Your average short Uber ride in Kiev is between 50 and 100 hryvnia
  • A ride from the airport to the city center (45 minutes) is 300 hryvnia
  • The location she sends is way closer than any 800 hryvnia ride (or a 400 hryvnia single ride)

So instead of filling the scammer’s money pouch, he blocked her and continued his Ukrainian dating journey.

Unfortunately, she already unmatched him on Tinder by then, so the culprit could not be arrested by Tinder.

Texting Tips for Ukraine (Tinder and Telegram)

Language barriers, scammers, and mostly tons of gorgeous ladies…

Whatever happens, you’ll need to text these girls to set up your dates.

I have 3 tips for you today that will help turning your Ukrainian matches into dates.

And as you’ve already noticed… girls won’t start conversations with you. So what you need is an opener. Preferably one that actually gets a response. And if we could just… a response full of intrigue.

Wait what?

That opener exists? It’s the TextGod’s Clickbait Opener and you can get it here for free? Amazing. Besides, if you click the link, you also get a video that shows how I use the opener. Some of the examples are even on Ukrainian stunners, how convenient! Click the link and check it out!

Once you’ve downloaded the Clickbait Opener and you’ve seen me win over Ukrainian girls with it, you’ll be able to do the same.

Next thing you need to do, is oh-so important…

Because you’re facing a problem you probably weren’t even aware about.

Ukrainian women are known all over the world for their killer looks and fiery, yet feminine character.

Everyone wants to date one… and as a result, boatloads of people are traveling to Kiev to try their luck.

And this is where a problem arises.

Local girls are TIRED of foreign men coming here just to hit them up. At least they’re tired of the styleless hordes of men who don’t really see the Ukrainian women as people anymore.

There’s a plague of sex tourists that blatantly offer women money for sex.

Some men tend to forget to respect women, or people in general.

This little issue was extra relevant to me… not because I like offering women money, but because I have dark hair and a bit of a beard going on. Not a big viking style beard. Just little over a heavy stubble.

This combined with my rather tan skin, makes me look like I’m Spanish. When women guess my nationality, Spanish is the #1 guess.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

Well, from what the local ladies told me, many of the sex tourists in Ukraine, are Turkish. If I would tell anyone I’m Turkish they’d buy it.

So… where usually my looks seem to do me a favor with the suave Spanish vibes, now people assumed I was a sex tourist.

Combined with my usual challenging Tinder ‘about me’ texts, this wasn’t working wonders for me.

So, I went against my own rules and guidelines and wrote this semi-cringey profile text:

This bio is NOT something I’d usually go for AT ALL.

I hate it.

But for my experiment in Kiev, it worked better than my usual type of bio.

Because the sub text shouted: I AM NOT A SEX TOURIST.

Without having to actually say those words. Which easily makes you sound like you’re qualifying yourself to her.

So, should you be in Ukraine now or in the future, remember the sex tourists are real. And indirectly make it clear through your Tinder bio, your texts, or real life conversations… that you are not there to treat women as prostitutes.

11 Texts to charm Ukrainian girls

Quick riddle:

It requires two fingers, a bit of pressure, and it makes girls. What is it?


…It’s the TextGod’s 10 copy pastable texts that always work.

They have a street value of $69 but now you can get them for the grand total of $0 by just clicking here.

And, because this post is about Ukrainian women, I’ll throw in a little bonus line from my coach Dan.

Context: A beautiful Ukrainian woman mentions in her Tinder bio that she’s learning German.

He used it as an opener here, and got quite the lengthy response with it.

But you can use this to tease her at pretty much any time in your conversation. You’ll notice that in Ukraine, women are even more invested in their social media pictures. On every street corner and in front of every fancy shop or monument, girls are doing extensive photo shoots. Everything for the ‘gram.

On top of that, there’s about 1337 hookah bars. And, as Dan said in his text, it seems like most girls want to leave the country and build a future elsewhere.

By exaggerating these things and calling them the three national hobbies, coach Dan teases this girl, and makes her qualify herself.

So, use this information to your advantage.

It’s time to look at some of my favorite date location Kiev has to offer.

Going on Tinder dates with Ukrainian girls

If you don’t feel like taking her to a random restaurant to then feel like you’re a job interview, before getting friendzoned…

…try my three date locations instead.

#1 Milk Bar (casual)

Any girl in Kiev knows Milk Bar. And every seasoned employee there knows my face.

Whether it is because I met 69 girls there or I ate the Oreo Cheesecake every evening, doesn’t matter.

What does matter, is that the drinks are good, the food is even better, and the vibe is the right combination of busy and cozy.

Here’s a poverty photo, shot with my phone at MilkBar. These deserts are at least as delicious as the local women.

Should your date be a catfish or a total bore, then at least you’ll be able to stare at the cute girls visiting Milk Bar.

Grab a spot on the terrace if the weather is nice, or sit next to each other or get comfy next to each other in the booths with leather couches inside.

Is the place swarmed? Just do a take-away drink or cake and walk to the Shevchenko park just 5 minutes from Milk Bar.

#2 VR Motion (nerdy & exciting)

Ever tried Virtual Reality? Your date probably hasn’t.

I hadn’t before I tried it in Kiev.

Was it nice? For a nerd like me it was so nice that I went back there every couple days.

Shoot orcs, zombies, or other creatures together with your girl.

Not into that kind of stuff? Then you can play some music game similar to Guiter Hero.

Or, try the “Elevator game”. Which will guarantee to raise your date’s heart rate.

And if you’ve read more of my articles, then you might be aware of psychology’s misattribution of arousal. A glorious ‘big’ in our minds that makes us link excitement caused by external factors, to the person we’re with.

That’s right. Her heart will be racing and she’ll think you are the cause.

That’s pretty much cheating your way into her heart.

And should you doubt the power of this Elevator game, then just watch this short video of me LOSING MY SHIT while trying the game. Even just thinking back to it is making me type this with sweaty hands.

#3 Gulliver rooftop (adventurous and forbidden)

Last but not least, I have a quick stop for during your date.

In the city center is a fancy mall named Gulliver. If you take the elevator to the top floor, you’ll find locked doors.

Only people working out in the penthouse gym named Sky Fitness, can open these doors.

So how do you open them?

By praying someone comes in or out, and then you go with.

Thanks, I forgot my Sky Fitness card.

Now you can walk around on the rooftop, enjoying a gorgeous view over the Kiev skyline. Just perfect around sunset.

Warning: guards will see you on their cameras and come find you. This gives you just a few minutes to enjoy the scene and maybe sneak in a little rooftop kiss.

Then they’ll kindly ask you to leave.

Now you have two options:

Brawl the guy and show your date your are the one true Alpha

Kindly tell him you’re just leaving, while smiling.

A quick stop making every date just a little more exciting.

Aaaaaaand just like that, you’re 69% wiser about Tinder in Kiev, Ukraine.

Enjoy your stay there, and don’t forget to pick up your free TextGod Toolkit down below.

Louis Farfields

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  • Jack says:

    Honestly tinder isn’t a very good app because most girls there are 5’s or 6’s, it’s better just to meet them on the street or at the gym because you can see how attractive they really are and not be tricked by photos angles or photo shops/edits. I’ve met 5 girls from tinder and they were all very average. But the 4 girls I met out in real world, that I had the balls to approach, were legit 8’s or 9’s.

    Even now when I scan the girls photos on tinder only maybe 1 in 20 are 8’s are better, or the street or at the gym it’s closer to 1 in 10 are 8’s or better. (Yes I have very high standards).

    And yes, stay the fuck away from Badoo its total shit.

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