Is Tinder / Bumble Still A Popular Thing in 2023?


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The United States is Tinder obsessed.

Since 2019, over 8.5 million Americans are swiping for romance. Making Tinder the most popular dating app for the land of Stars and Stripes.

Is Tinder also as popular in other countries?

Does the rest of the world even use dating apps as often as Uncle Sam?

And is Tinder still free?

That and more is answered here.

Tinder Goes International

Even though Tinder’s first home lies in California, the dating app has spread across the globe.

With over 50 million globally active users, Tinder connects people from over 190 countries.

Three out of five Tinder users live outside North America. You can use Tinder for free, or use a premium service like Tinder Plus or Gold.

But how successful is Tinder abroad?

In the US, Tinder is the undisputed champion.

The second most used dating app is Plenty Of Fish with roughly 4.8 million users. That’s almost half the user count of Big T.

So what’s the deal with Tinder outside of the States?

Has Tinder climbed its way to the top in all countries? Or is it losing out to other dating companies?

Companies like Badoo. OkCupid. Hinge. Coffee Meets bagel. Happn. Her. Match. Hily. And many more.

That’s a lot of competition. And they’re all gunning for #1.

Although the app who has the biggest chance of knocking Tinder of the throne…

Is Bumble.


Bumble was started by the female co-founder of Tinder.

And although it’s only 5 years young, Bumble is already the 8th most popular dating app. And is valued at over $1 billion.

That high estimation is largely due to the support of dating app Badoo, who owns 79% of Bumble.

Plus, Bumble is the 2nd most popular lifestyle app on the iOS store.

Let’s return to the Tinder popularity contest.

Tinder in the Americas

Unsurprisingly, Tinder also claimed first place in America’s northern neighbor, Canada.

America’s southern ese, however, prefers to meet people through Badoo. Although Tinder is still very popular.

The Badoo favoring trend continues throughout South America.

In Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, Badoo is on top. But just barely beats Tinder to the punch.

Although Tinder is second place in Latin America, its user base is huge. Even larger than some countries where Tinder owns most of the market.

In America, for example, Tinder isn’t even in the top 20 most downloaded apps. But Tinder does sneak into the top 20 apps in South America.

Tinder in Europe

In Europe wages a war between dating apps.

And although many apps are fighting for market share, only two have a shot at seizing the biggest slice:

Tinder and Badoo.

Although the others are slowly catching up.

To simplify, Tinder is most popular in the northern and western parts of Europe. Whereas Badoo dominates in the east and south of Europe.

Tinder in Africa

Most of Africa lacks proper mobile internet. So online dating is largely unpopular.

But if South Africa is an indication of where the rest of the continent is headed, the future is clear.

The most downloaded lifestyle app in South Africa on iOS and android is Tinder. With Bumble coming in second on iOS.

Tinder in Asia

Asia clearly has a very different culture than Europe and the Americas.

Because neither Tinder or Badoo have the upper hand in the East.

Every East Asian country seems to have its own specific taste in dating apps.

Although Tinder is the most popular in some countries, it usually loses out to regional apps in others.

Let’s start with the good.

Tinder is dominating the markets of Southeast Asia.

The champ is so dominant in Singapore, Hongkong and the Philippines, that its download rankings are 100+ places ahead of its closest Asian rivals.

Holy Tip:

Asian dating rituals are very different from those in the West.

Sex before marriage is a big no-no in the Philippines.

Arranged marriage is still normal in India.

And in South Korea, it’s typical to go on blind dates set up by your friends.

So even though Tinder may be the country’s #1 dating app, its users may have different expectations than you.

In South Korea, for example, Tinder is mainly used to find new friends.

And if you start swiping in Asia, you’ll also see the cultural differences.

South Koreans replace selfies and bikini shots with photos of their favorite food, pets and hobbies.

And the Japanese often list their blood type to give an idea of their personality.

So just because Tinder is still a thing abroad, doesn’t mean it works the same.

Tinder faces stronger competition in India and Indonesia. But still manages to claim a spot at the top. Albeit it barely.

Competitor Beetalk is right on Tinder’s trail. And already kicked Tinder off its pedestal in Taiwan and Thailand.

Overall, Tinder still reigns as the supreme dating king of SouthEast Asia.

But in Korea, Japan and China, the local apps are winning.

Probably because those markets have always pushed out Western companies and services.

In Korea, Tinder is eating the dust of the leading dating app, Charmy.

Tinder is doing slightly better in Japan, but the app Taple Birth has far more downloads.

China is a different story altogether. Tinder can’t get a foothold in China, because users need Facebook. And Facebook has been blocked in the entire country.

All in all, only losing first place in Korea, Japan and China is not bad.

Actually, that’s amazing.

Almost all across the globe, Tinder is ranked the number one dating app.

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