12 Cheaters on Tinder Who Got Publicly EXPOSED

Do you like Tinder?

Do you like to laugh?

Then you’ll love today’s article.

Since the dawn of time, finding a faithful partner has been difficult.

Then Tinder cranked up the difficulty.

Your girl could be talking with men on Tinder while sitting right next to you.

What would you do if you found out your partner cheated on you via Tinder?


Full-on exposure.

No mercy.

At least, mercy is what the next twelve people lacked as their partners publicly shamed them.


What can you expect from this article?

A rebroadcast of public shame.

But more importantly, ex-partner savagery.

And a brief intro to finding your (potentially cheating) partner on Tinder.

Let’s start with the savagery.

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#1: Gary from Sydney

Word of caution: his new roughed up Tinder bio is a bit difficult to read. So you may want to skip to my revised version.

“Hey, my name’s Jess and this page belongs to my ex-boyfriend.”

“While we were together, he thought it was funny to cheat on me.”

“I forgave him and a while later he proposed.”

“Then he cheated again. Then he spat in my sister’s face. But then I found some dirt on him.”

“Now I’m blackmailing him. 🙂 So now he’s my little bitch and he’s doing whatever I tell him, lol.”

“So the point of this page is, since he shit on me… I’ll let any girl to shit on him! He’s now a public human toilet, lol.”

“Have fun. ;)”

You cheated after you proposed and chose her to be the last woman you’d ever be with?

Damn, Gary.

#2: Nathan the Chipmunk

Here is a screenshot where Nathan is apologizing to his Tinder match for being unattentive.

Nathan was probably spending time with his girlfriend.

How annoying to spend time with a woman who cares about you, if you can also chat with a total stranger. #sarcasm

Here’s Nathan after his girlfriend finds out about his Tinder antics.

Nathan may not be a nice guy, but his ex-girlfriend sure seems like a nice gal.

Even when she’s upset, she’s attentive and uses proper punctuation.

The meanest thing she says is that he isn’t “the nice guy he seems”.


Because her act of vengeance is lacking bile and hate, let me say what she really wanted to say:

Nathan, you’re a dick.

#3: Pants pooper Michael

Michael’s ex throws politeness in the wind.

Check it out:

She first calls him a “basic awful person”.

Then amplifies his douchebaggery, by explaining the seriousness of the relationship.

“We’ve lived together for a year.”

“She trusts me. I tell her she’s beautiful… I’ll probably tell you the same thing.”

And finally drops a truth bomb that Michael would never tell a soul:

“I am totally full of shit, but would love to get in your pants.”

Good on you, girl.

And if it’s any consolation, based on his first Tinder photo, Michael most likely didn’t get a lot of action.

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That’s no joke.

Just look at the inbox of a student I helped:

#4: Anon gets his cheat on

I feel bad for the next lady.

She’s in her early 30s with two kids and she caught her husband cheating.


“I’m a cheating asshole with a girlfriend who takes care of our 2 kids while I’m on Tinder cheating. :)”


That’s putting it mildly.

If our lady friend wasn’t as cultured, I’d like to think she would have called her ex-hubby a…

Shitlicking thundercunt.

That has more oomph.

#5: Kevin be sweatin’

Kevin’s girl dodged a bullet.

“I’m supposed to get married in two months, but instead I threw it all away to have meaningless convos with ugly, lonely whores.”

That must sting, Kev.

You lost your girl because you texted with ‘ugly lonely whores’?

That’s embarrassing.

If he read and watched TextGod content, he could have at least texted with gorgeous lonely whores.

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#6: Brittany loves gettin’ the D

So far this article is making us men look bad.

It’s like we’re wild dogs who have to doink everything with a pulse.

That is obviously not true.

We also like to shove our dongers into lifeless objects like fleshlights and pies.

Anyway, could use a break from all this Tinder savagery.

So here’s Brittany.

According to her bio, she’s:

“Sweet and southern.”

“A HOE that is unfaithful.”

“She loves to f*ck black, white and Mexican people.”

Sidenote: Today I learned Mexicans are a race. The more you know. #Notserious

“And if she’s in a relationship, she lies and cheats because she’s afraid to talk about her feelings.”

Lastly, she is a firm believer of “Keep trying, holding on, and always, always, always believes in the DICKS SHE SUCKS.”

What a strange woman.

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I can’t believe she thinks men are attracted to girls who give it away so easily.

Clearly she has no standards.

She just wants to suck on every penor she sees!

How shameful!

*sets Tinder location to Texas*

#7: Roxanne likes more than one man

Roxanne is a dame with no shame.

So far, most people who caught their partner cheating changed their bio and exposed the truth.

And in two cases, the partner also changed the first photo.

One got turned into a toilet. And another got a family photo.

Both photos were carefully picked to add insult to injury.

Roxanne’s photo also shows she has a family, but only because she made a selfie in front of her family photo wall.

Roxanne clearly doesn’t give a damn.

So you can’t blame her husband for saying the following:

“I am a fucking whore, who cheated on my marriage and 5 kids, who knows what STDs I have.”

Tough break, bro.

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#8: Maddie is into calling you ‘daddy’

Up next is my least favorite public display of humiliation.

Not because it shows the worst cheater of the bunch.

But because it seems like this partner isn’t all that upset with his (ex?) girlfriend.

In fact, I’m not even sure if he broke up with her.

Judging from the Tinder screenshot, he is upset with the dudes who talked to her.

Check it out for yourself:

“Maddie has a boyfriend everyone! Fuck all of you!! I hope you burn in a pit.”

Firstly, ouch!

There’s no need for you to wish harm upon me, just because your girlfriend can’t keep her pants on.

But I do understand the need to lash out at others.

Anyone would feel upset if they found out their girlfriend cheated on them.

And rather than get angry with his bae, he got angry with the men she tried to date.

Fair enough.

#9: Mikey lives like Nike, just do it

Before we get into the swearfest that is Mike’s new bio, something else.

Mike’s first photo.

Ignore the bio for now.


We can hopefully all agree that it’s a terrible first photo.

If not, check out my Selfies On Tinder article for more.

But doesn’t he also look like Stan Smith from American Dad?

It’s like he jumped right out of the cartoon and is doing a Tinder reality tv show.

Anyway, let’s get back to the verbal cruelty.

Whoever Mike’s wife was, she is giving him the business.

“Hey, my name is Mike. I’m married with two kids and have a tiny dick that’s STI infested.”

“My wife found my profile, if you can’t already tell, and I don’t know yet that she’s currently talking on the phone with one of my kids and is leaving me.”

“I’m a piece of shit who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but myself. I’ve been talking and cheating for so long.”

“Don’t be sad if I don’t remember your name, because I send the same generic shit to all you girls.”

“Feel free to blow me up with hate mail.”

*drops mic*

Excellent execution.

Her burn gets a solid 10/10.

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#10: Father gets cockblocked by baby

The next partner likes to keep it simple and effective

She uploaded a photo of herself holding her newborn baby with the caption:

“This is my wife and son, who I’m cheating on using this app.”

Short and simple.

The only times this profile will be swiped right now, is when ladies want to toss digital drinks in this two-timer’s face.


#11: Justin likes to keep thrustin’

Justin’s ex lives by the words of William Shakespeare:

“Goest and fucketh thyself.”

As well as, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

All she writes is:

“I’m a married man with 3 daughters that likes to cheat on his wife habitually.”

I can only dream of the shade she threw at him in person.

When she tells Justin she “just wants to talk.”

#12: Diego is dead, yo

I saved my favorite for last.

The next scorned woman is clearly Latina because she spits straight fire.

She also uses the word ‘sancha’ which means “the woman that your man is cheating on you with” in español.

Ignoring the heat of her words, she actually sounds very mature and like she has her act together.

Let me show you what I mean:

“Hi, my name is Diego and I’m a cheating husband/first time dad, who’s looking for a sancha.”

“My wife found out I had a Tinder while she was 37 weeks pregnant and I cried because I felt embarrassed. But here I am again!”

“My baby is now 4 months old and I’m on Tinder again. And my wife doesn’t know. 😭 I just can’t help but look at other women!”

“Also, if you see me out in public, slap me or punch me for being a dumbass and ruining my marriage and little family, all because I want another female’s vagina. 😀”

She’s probably hiding her pain behind a wall of emojis.

But still, I get the idea she can bounce back from this nasty experience.

Anyhoo, this marks the end of Cheaters on Tinder.

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Enjoy, amigo.

Louis Farfields

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